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Foot Polishers

I love my feet and used to spend quite a bit of time fussing over it before I had my child.  But in these few years, I’ve not really taken good care of them like I used to.  Good thing though they’re not in a bad condition because I still remember to scrub them regularly and apply foot cream on them whenever I am not lazy.

Foot scrubs slough away dead skin and soften heels
Foot scrubs are great for sloughing away the dead skin cells on our feet.  Their ingredients are also specially formulated to stimulate circulation and condition the skin by softening the hard skin on heels and hence, reducing the cracks.  What’s great is that some even incorporate pumice granules and ground volcanic rocks into their mixtures which means you won’t need that pumice stone.

Body Shop Lemongrass Deodorising Foot Polish
My favourite is Body Shop Lemongrass Deodorising Foot Polish for it’s lovely smell and smoothing texture due to the the lemongrass essential oil. It also contains walnut shell powder to cleanse and exfoliate as well as panthenol to moisturise the skin. But honestly, the texture is not very fine, so I used to have to use an additional pumice stone to rub away the dead skin on my heels. 

Crabtree & Evelyn La Source Revitalising Foot Smoother
If I want to get rid of the hard skin on my heels now, I prefer to use Crabtree & Evelyn La Source Revitalising Foot Smoother which is a gift from my friend Ashes.  While the smell isn’t as great as Body Shop’s Lemongrass, it is very refreshing.  More importantly, the texture is very fine and makes a good foot scrub because it comes with a blend of fine pumice, shea butter, peppermint oil and marine extracts. I noticed that my heels are smoother, softer and suppler after each scrub with this. In fact, you can also use this on your knees and your elbows too!  The only thing is that you might want to use a loofah instead of your bare hands to scrub the ingredients in as the fine pumice is still quite rough.

Apply foot cream to moisturize the feet
To save time, I usually scrub my feet during my shower.  If I want to pamper my feet even more, I would apply foot cream liberally, especially on the heels just before bedtime. Sometimes, I’ll put on a pair of socks to seal in the moisture.

So if you love your feet like me, or if you love to wear those open-toed shoes, then remember to keep your heels smooth by scrubbing at them regularly!


  1. nicole says:

    I always wear wrap-shoes together with sock or stocking except sandal (with cushion even). So I never have harsh heel. Sounds like one will not have UV damage if one not direct expose to sunlight. Save a lot $ …ha. But I might want to invest a foot soak or foot cream just to pamper my foot.

    nicole: Wow, envious! This means you’ve never had cracked heels!

  2. Florence says:

    Hi, Crabtree & Evelyn La Source range is very good, I myself using the body scrub. as for the feet, I am using this japanese brand call Pritty which I brought from japan,they call it peeling cream scrub type, very good for the rough area like heels, knees & elbow.

    Florence: Hey, you reminded me of this Japanese products I saw about getting rid of cracked heels. Hmmm….may like to give that a trial.

  3. ashes says:

    I am using the La Source body scrub too which I find it very good that you may want to try it out. ?

    ashes: Good eh? Maybe will check out next time… ?

  4. Teresa Stevens says:

    I tried the foot system for smoother feet by Now Care Products and it works great. It is a powdered scrub that removes rough skin, it’s fast and easy and my feet stay smooth.

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