I can’t read those tiny ingredient lists

ingredient list uses such small prints

I don’t know about you but I have a major issue when it comes to reading those ingredient lists in fine prints.  They’re all SO tiny and I can hardly see them!  I have to squint my eyes really hard.  Well, of course it doesn’t help that age is catching up and my vision has turned poorer. 

Anyway, if you have a similar problem like me and you do want to read those ingredients on your products without having to resort to using glasses or a magnifier, then a good solution is to use a magnifying sheet. 

I got this KCK Magnifying Sheet from Popular, a local bookstore and it’s just a dollar!  The best thing about it is that it’s a small pocket size card, which means I can put it in my wallet and bring it anywhere. 

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  1. parisb says:

    Hehe… that’s clever! I haven’t really gotten the hang of reading ingredient lists. Chemistry was never my forte in school ?

    paris: Hiya…I was hopeless with chemistry too! But even though I read the ingredient lists now, it doesn’t mean I understand them fully though. Still quite a lot of mumbo-jumbo to me..hee…

  2. Tine says:

    It’s fine print, y’know. Who knows what dodgy ingredients they use, eh?

    Tine: Hehe… ?

  3. Rachel says:

    In Malaysia, they stick those price tag stickers where the ingredient list is at! It’s freaking annoying and I end up not buying the products.

    Rachel: Oh geez…I hate that too!

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