How to get the last bit from your beauty tube

Beauty in a tube

When I was using Skinceuticals SPF30 Ultimate UV Defense, I had this major problem because I could never get the last bit of the cream since it was impossible to squeeze all the sunblock from the tube as the opening was too hard.  It was not until my second tube that I figured out that since the tube is made of plastic, I could just cut the tube up and dig out the cream!  I thought I was doing something abnormal until I realized recently that other gals are also doing it.  Like The Muse who recently sawed open her Urban Decay Potion Primer! 

But unlike The Muse, I’m less dramatic. I cut open my tube with a pair of clean scissors.

cutting the tube

Here’s how my Vichy Capital Soleil looks after being cut up.  As you can see, there are plenty of cream sitting at the bottom.  Cream that I can never squeeze out and hence would go to waste!  I guess I can dig out the cream to put in another container but I’m too lazy to do that.  So I just wrap the whole tube in a plastic bag until I finish up what’s left.

So have you done this before?  If not, how do you squeeze out the last bit from your tube of sunblock or any other beauty creams?


  1. Oddmelody says:

    I have not tried it out myself but I think logically it should work. Why dont you try cutting off just the corner of the top part of the tube and keep the tube standing in a ‘reverse’ position? I believe gravity will cause the cream to flow towards the corner and squeezing the balance out should be a breeze. Also, if you only snip off a corner just big enough for the cream to be squeezed out, it should not hurt to leave the cut corner open till you finish the contents. Tadah! No need to wrap with plastic bag in the interim.

    Oddmelody: I’ll need to try this out next time. Logically, it should work.

  2. nicole says:

    Hi, I usually do this to my cleanser and it can last at least another week ?

    Nicole: With cleansers, I usually add water in there to dilute. I hate to waste! ?

  3. Butterflydiary says:

    I’ve done this with my fave toothpaste all the time, and my fave primer. I cut the broadest part of the tube off and use a Q-tip to swipe anything inside it. It extends a product life by as much as month!

    Butterflydiary: Are your toothpaste in metalic tubes? I have never tried cutting up those. And yes, I agree, it extends the product life!

  4. Lisa says:

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  5. Red Scorpio says:

    I do this all the time. I use a small clean spatula (the kind they have at Sephora for sampling) to transfer the remain to a clean pot. Especially with smaller tubes (15ml or 30ml) I would have to toss out a quite large percentage of the product if not for this trick.

    Red Scorpio: Oh yeah, I don’t even want to think about how much stuff I’ve wasted in the past…. ?

  6. jamaica says:

    i have done this before with my toothpaste only but when i come to think of it, we could do this to anything in a tube. it sure would get us our money’s worth.. =)

    Jamaica: I haven’t done this to a toothpaste but like you, I think it’s possible for anything in a tube!

  7. Kai Ping says:

    yeah, i cut them halfway open like what you did, but i transferred them to a small container using toothpick to scrap them out.

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