Will facial mists set or disperse my makeup?

Facial spritz

Do you use one of these facial sprays or hydration mists as some call it?  Apart from refreshing and hydrating our faces, some gals like to use this to set their makeup.  I for one, do that everyday.  However, recently, I read in a book by Bobbi Brown that this is not such a good idea because facial mists actually disperse our makeup, rather than help to set it.  Is that true?

Squirts vs mists
I think the trick is to pick a facial spray that works well as a mist.  I’ve used a couple of brands and I find that some, while containing excellent ingredients like botannical extracts are poor performers only because their nozzles do not function properly.  As a result, the mists come out like a squirt of water and will definitely ruin makeups!

Nozzle must work well
So if you’re in the market for a facial mist, you don’t have to pick the expensive ones.  I found that after using mists from brands like Shu Uemera, Avene, Vichy, La Roche-Posay, Suisse Programme and Jurlique, the best facial mist is actually Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray, the cheapest and the most readily available.  The nozzle always work fine plus the mists that comes out are really fine and not too strong, which is excellent to set makeup, giving me a less cakey look.

Tricks to misting
When spraying, do not hold the facial mist too close to your face.  I know some ladies do this “walking in the mist” trick where they hold the facial mist at a distance, spritz generously and then walk into the mist.  In addition, it’s not a good idea to spritz facial mist all over your face too many times with makeup on.  I used to do that to soothe and keep my face refresh but at the end of the day, I found my makeup become streaky because of too much water content.  So these days, I spritz minimally, like twice a day at most.

Beauty essential vs good-to-have
And finally, besides using them to set my makeup, I find facial mists are excellent to prevent water loss when they are applied immediately prior to using a moisturizer.  So for me, they’re a beauty essential rather than a good-to-have.


  1. Kimchipartygal says:

    hmm … agree with you that the nozzle is real impt factor. Some brands literally leave droplets of water on the makeup! I like the sound of the idea of spritzing before the moisturiser – will try it !

    Kimchipartygal: It’s great before moisturizing to get the moisturizer to seal in the water. And my face dries up too quickly after a wash too…

  2. parisb says:

    I on the other hand, do not like the feel of the mist on my face after makeup. It works great for setting powder foundation but less so for liquid, I’ve found. It however is a boon on hot days on a makeup free face!

    Paris: Although I don’t use liquid makeup but I think it’s true that this wouldn’t work so well. It’s great for powder based makeup.

  3. Girl-Woman says:

    I used Model in a Bottle one time only. After I sprayed my face I couldn’t close my eyes. They were stuck open! LOL.

    I do like facial mists when I’m flying on an airplane. You are right: They add a lot of moisture.

    G-W: Gosh! Eyes stuck open? How did that happen?

  4. Civita says:

    I had tried a face mist once, I used it after I applied the make-up and to my horror, my face make up turned orange-y! LOL after which, I banned myself from using face mists. After reading this post, I am thinking that maybe I am just using the wrong brand. My face type is considered acidic, on which makes make up turn darker after few minutes being applied, thats why I always use foundations that are one shade lighter for better results. Any recommended face mists suitable to my skin type?

    Civita: I suspect it could be the combination of mists and your makeup causing it to oxidize. A bit hard to recommend. Have you tried Evian’s?

  5. jdpolson says:


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    Cheers, JD

    JD: I don’t set out to lose weight consciously. H/w I’ve been losing quite a bit these days and when pple comment that I’ve lost weight, the first question that springs to mind is: “Do I look haggard?”

  6. estranghenya says:

    Do you think it’s not advisable for me to spritz on a bit of facial mist like evian after putting matte sunscreen like diorsnow spf50? i’m worried that it might dissolve the sunscreen layer as I’m not sure whether it’s water proof.

  7. sesame says:

    It’s okay, but just use a tissue to pat dry after the spritz cos your skin can become more dehyrated if you leave the water to dry by itself. It shouldn’t dissolve the sunscreen if you’re not squirting a lot of the water.

  8. estranghenya says:

    wow! i didn’t know that! i usually just leave the water to dry, thinking that a film of h20 is gonna settle in on my skin.

    ..and this is totally off topic but i hope you can review Living Nature pdts in the future. i bought a travel set from World of Organics @ eastpoint just to sample and am very happy with it. the hydrating toning gel is a gem. ?

  9. sesame says:

    I only discovered that much later too. In fact, if you mist on and use a tissue to pat dry, your makeup also look better.

    I’ve reviewed Living Nature’s sunblock but not others. I tried the hydrating gel but the smell is quite off putting. That was the old formulation. The current one is supposed to be better but I haven’t tried.

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