Hydrosol: floral water to rebalance skin pH

Interestingly, I noted that a few ladies at a forum I lurk have been talking about ordering hydrosols to make clay mask or even for toning purposes. So what are these?

Hydrosols are also known as distillates and are byproducts from steam distilling, created while extracting essential oils. Apparently, they are also known as floral waters and the highest quality of hydrosols come from the distillers who steam the floral and plant material strictly to produce a hydrosol. Witch hazel is an example.

Hydrosols contain very small doses of the essential oil and have the appearance and consistency of water. They are also said to be extremely safe, even for babies. In fact, they’re so gentle and that’s why they are said to be an excellent ingredient to tone, hydrate, and rebalance the pH of the skin.

Pure hydrosols are said to be free of additives and preservatives, hence have limited shelf life. There are many types of hydrosols available and here, you would find a whole list of the different types and their functions for different skin types. Some of them like lavender, rose and rosemary are said to be suitable for all skin types.

I’m keen to try out this ingredient for toning purposes since I’ve been concerned with the toners in the market and the multitude of other ingredients added. If anyone has experience with hydrosols, please share.


  1. veronica says:

    Very few hydrosols could be used toners. The toner is a substance that will close pores, close gaps between cells and will strip the skin of the natural oil. Here are some examples of toners: alcohol, witch hazel and tannins (extracts from root, bark or leaves). Some herbs have a lot of tannins: black or/and green tea, for example. Chamomile and Lavender have very little tannins. But they have a lot of other active ingredients that could be beneficial to skin

    few words about toners.
    I do not recommend using alcohol based toners at all. It is very drying. Also, many people are very sensitive to witch hazel. I recommend using toner for oily skin only. The goal of using toner is to get read of oil and close the gaps between cells. Often paradoxical reaction is seen: the more you clean oil, the more you produce it. Also, by closing gaps you may reduce the penetration of active ingredients through the skin; as a result, if you apply any cream with active ingredients after, you may minimize its effect. If you are not using any active products, you can tone after cleansing by wiping the face with a chip of frozen green tea. The cold from the ice helps close th pores. Please, do not over do on ice. It will close the pores, gaps and it will also decrease blood supply to the skin and may increase the risk of developing rosacea.

    Veronica: Oh thank you for these information! They’re really helpful. In fact, I probably like to highlight this in a new post entry. I have a very oily t-zone and that’s why I tone but these days, I keep it to once a day. But after reading what you say about use of active ingredients, I now want to think twice. I’ve also heard about using ice but I don’t use it because I fear spider veins.

  2. HP says:

    Hi there, I use hydrosols to mist the face before application of moisturiser or to mix with clay for masks. If you have oily skin, some hydrosols may help to balance your skin rather than tone.

    HP: Yes, that’s what I learnt from the gals at the forums. A number of them are doing what you do. Sounds really interesting because I like the idea of something 100% natural on my skin.

  3. Alyssa says:

    Please tell us what forum you lurk at!!!

    Alyssa: Between Flowerpod and Cozycot but recently have been participating at Glowing Diva which is a brand new forum for DIY beauty started by one of our Splendicity members. It’s at http://www.glowingdiva.com if you’re interested in.

  4. Leon says:

    Hey Sesame,

    Thank you so much for mentioning our forum:)

    Hey Leon: You’re welcome! ?

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