Green Beauty: organic blush from Zuii Organic

The second batch of the VivaBella Green Beauty Box Giveaway is here and this time, we have five of the Grapefruit blush from Zuii Organic worth nearly S$200. Zuii Organic is a line of organic cosmetics certified by The Organic Food Chain that are made in Australia, produced from the petals and buds of certified organic flowers such as rose, chamomile and jasmine. In addition, the range is preservative free and contains no talc, no synthetics, no petrochemicals, no parabens, no genetically modified ingredients and are not tested on animals. The brand has also recently received their Halal certification.

Check out my past review on Zuii Organic
I like their products and ran a review of Zuii Organic Floral Makeup range in 2009. Their liquid foundation and flora foundation are my favorites. Oh, before I forget, the range of Zuii Organic cosmetics are also available from Bud Cosmetics in Singapore.

Tell me more about Zuii Organic
As mentioned, the objective of the VivaBella Green Beauty Box is to get you to be more aware of green beauty and at the same time, to introduce you to some of the cool natural/organic brands and stores. So go check out Zuii Organic and be a fan of their Facebook page too. Then come back here to let me know anything interesting you’ve found out about the company and their cosmetics. You may comment more than once but remember, it is quality and not quantity that counts – so don’t cut and paste links but write something instead.

More about VivaBella Green Beauty Box Giveaway
You might want to know that more goodies are coming and all of them will be distributed into five boxes, out of which  four of them will go to my Singapore readers while one box will go to an international reader. This will happen in December. Winners will be handpicked based on the quality of their comments and participation level throughout the period. To check out the first batch of goodies and to comment on other posts on Green Beauty, check out this section.


  1. Kathleen says:

    Thanks for introducing me to this new organic cosmetic company. I had never heard of them until today.

    I loove the fact that they make their products using flower petals, and they are infused with essential oils. Seems sooo luxurious sounding.
    The Cruelty Free aspect is also HUGE. Cannot wait to try out some of their products. The Blush looks beautiful.

  2. fwy says:

    What makes Zuii Organic different is their use of floral ingredients such as crushed organic rose petals and organic jasmine & chamomile flowers combined with other fabulous botanicals such as aloe vera powder, jojoba oil & organic herbal extracts; which make up the majority of their products.

    I had tweeted this giveaway:-
    Follow Vivawoman’s blog & stand to win lovely products from Zuii Organic.

  3. kay says:

    i haven’t tried any organic makeup before. so far, i’ve tried blushes from two mineral makeup brands but it doesn’t last long enough for me to like it. currently i prefer using cream blushes from NARS and i love the texture of using cream blush as i can tote around easily. i have two powder blushes (non-mineral) which i only use when i go for shopping or if i’m going to stay in air-conditioned indoors. i couldn’t use them frequently because i get breakouts from using them even though i double cleanse.

    this mineral blush powder intrigues me because it’s pressed in a pan, unlike other mineral blushes in powder form, and this is easier for first time users to pick up the right amount of powder with minimal wastage. the color of the blush can also double up as a eyeshadow to perk up the eyes and makes it one item lesser to bring around when traveling. the ingredients are mostly soothing, so it reduces the irritation experienced by the skin, and it also heals the skin, repairing any existing damage such as scars.

    not only restricted to their blushes, their foundations and eyeshadows are also formulated with same key ingredients. the lip gloss and tint is formulated with vitamin E & C which are essential for scar healing and lightening. however, it is best to top it off with a lip balm with spf factor to protect the lips from UV rays as vitamin C increases skin sun sensitivity. so this range of mineral make up heals the skin while concealing imperfections, making your skin better every time you use it. with better skin, the lesser you have to conceal, the more you can show your bare skin with confidence. maybe you don’t even have to use foundation anymore! just a quick tap of blush and swipe of their lip tint, you’re good to go!

  4. BT says:

    I started concerning about global warming in recent years. The effect of global warming is sensable, measurable and is going alarming. I just start with some small efforts in my daily life and hopefully I able adapt to green lifestyle gradually in future.

    I didn’t wear makeup a lot and also never tried natural organic makeup since my country have extremely limited option. I like Zuii keeps their manufacturing process within Australia hence better control of ingredient sourcing so that product integrity can be ensured. One common problem of ingredient outsourcing is that the ingredient supplier could add natural/unatural preservative just to make the raw ingredients prolong a longer period, hence sometimes even the product is natural ingredient based but it doesn’t tell the raw ingredients in the product are totally green. Therefore I think organic-certified ingredient is best to make sure the true “natural” quality but on the other hand, the product may also be very costly.

    Besides no harmful additive, it ‘s interesting to know Zuii products are based on “Certified Organic flower petals” essential oils, plant extracts, vitamins and minerals. Especially they use Aloe powder as substitution of talc in their product. I’m curious how they feel and look on my naturally sensitive skin. (“v)

  5. Isadelia Vienna says:

    Well well well… Since I’m a big fan of organic brands like Dr. Hauschka and Jurlique, I wanted to win this and try it out… and while I was doing my research, I stumbled upon this article from Fig+Sage about an ordeal they had with Zuii not so long ago. You can read it here: It is very surprising indeed… Zuii is certified organic flora make up and says that it is 95% purity rated and is certified organic by Australian Organic Food Chain, not USDA, as what they had previously. It claims all the good things you’d expect in an organic brand – no parabens/petrochemicals/talc/genetically-modified ingredients and it’s cruelty free. Besides these, they are made with certified organic floral ingredients, essential oils, vitamins and minerals without chemicals. I don’t know how to formulate make up but all of the above sounds great… and even if I am feeling a little of it to be too good to be true, I’m ready to win some Zuii! Let me get my hands on them to try and I’ll definitely blog this back on my tumblr and my youtube videos. Go Sesame ?

  6. Jellee says:

    After reading your review on their products,I went down to Bud Cosmetics and bought their foundation,I like that it’s sheer and the color is a good match for my skintone,am currently alternating it with my other foundation.I have yet to try their other colour makeup and would love to try their blusher as I read on their website,it contains organic rose petals and jasmine buds that soothe and promotes healing of scar tisuue ,sounds just right for my pimple scars ?

  7. Destiny says:

    I love the idea of makeup made of flowers! I liked their facebook page and was interested to see you can request a coupon to use on their Christmas boxes, using this email Mention you want the facebook offer.

  8. N. says:

    It’s really something to see a company that actually cares. And the idea of makeup made by flowers? Who dosen’t enjoy that? And they even add essential oils. Sounds great for the skin.
    Plus the fact that they are truly organic is wonderful, and their prices aren’t too shabby either. I think I might be a new fan of Zuii Cosmetics.

  9. sesame says:

    Their products are good. I especially love the coverage from their foundation.

  10. sesame says:

    Thanks for the tweet!

  11. sesame says:

    Yeah, their blushes are not loose…I find loose powder cause some amount of waste and this form is definitely better.

  12. sesame says:

    A little effort from everyone goes a long way to help ease some of the global warming!

  13. sesame says:

    Yes, I read that sometime ago. When I reviewed their products way earlier, I was not too familiar with the certification and hence, did not look further. But I noticed they’ve since just focus on being certified by The Australian Organic Food Chain and hence, I’m good with that. The certificate is on their site and and I know OFC is reputable.

  14. sesame says:

    I am someone who do not use blush often but when I first tried theirs, I fell in love and used it fairly frequently.

  15. sesame says:

    Oh yes, they have a Christmas offer…thanks for pointing that out!

  16. sesame says:

    The quality of the products is good…hope you’ll be able to try them. ?

  17. Viv. A says:

    Hi Sesame!
    I’m a new fan of your blog. I started to read it until just recently in my quest of natural & organic beauty products. I live in the north of Mexico, and for that reason we have very limited options in that matter. It would take a foreign trip to get this kind of beuaty goods. Not even in Mexico city we can have access to natural beauty, altough it’s one of te biggest cities in the world. Also e-commerce here is limited due to the lack of vision of some brands and the cost of importing goods from other countries. Also it seems that bussiness people here are more interested in bringing here only comercial brands only (such as loreal, mac, clinique, etc), and ladies here are not very informed that exist other good alternatives in natural & organic beauty. For that reasons my experience on using natural & organic products is very limited, but I’m starting to try and change my beuaty goods little by little. Your blog has have some kind of inspiration on me, that I’m now considering starting a blog in my language, and see if somehow I can help people here to be more informed and they could know that they are more natural options, not just big brand commercial ones.
    Thanks and keep your blog as good as it is now =)

  18. sesame says:

    That’s great! It’s a challenge to live in a place where it’s hard to access to the natural products. I feel your challenge as we do have limited range here. But you’re more fortunate than me in the sense that US is nearer to you than to me!

  19. pink_geek_elaine says:

    wow i think this is nice. i havent tried any organic make-ups but will definitely love to try one. i really like blushes and have so many but haven’t tried anything that’s organic, also it is so cool that this product was made of flowers this is so lovely.. i wonder if i can find this product here in the Philippines, gonna look for it.. i would really love to give it a try ?

  20. sesame says:

    You’ll probably like it if you give it a try.

  21. Viv. A says:

    Can you recommend some good organic makeup brands that can be bought in US?
    Waiting for the black friday!

  22. Frond says:

    I think the use of flowers in makeup formulation is really intriguing. When you first blogged about this brand, I actually popped into Buds to check it out… and liked what I tried… the prices really put me off though. On a rather tight budget. So while they are on my wish list, I doubt I’ll be able to actually try them out in person anytime soon…
    As for the whole certification issue, I think that it comes down to whether you’re informed enough about the various types of ingredients, whether you have a list in your head of ingredients you’re choosing to stay away from (for whatever reason) rather than whether a government body has deemed something safe or not. After all they’re not using the products, you are. So the onus is really on you to know what you’re putting on your skin. Know what I mean? Certification is kinda like the shortcut… and shortcuts sometimes just aren’t as safe as taking the longer safer route.

  23. sesame says:

    I read that Nvey Eco is good but I haven’t tried myself. Aubrey Organics has some nice powders too. Juice Beauty…I like their foundation and powder.

  24. sesame says:

    The certification will give peace of mind and also credibility cos some of the bodies are strict in certifying a product organic. So it is good to know which bodies do so.

  25. aibicon says:

    I have ezcema and I dont put makeup unless I have important interviews or presentation.I will just get cheap foundation for coverup but somehow they irritates my skin and eyes and I feel very uncomfortable. I dont know if its because of my skin problem.Because of irritants, it makes me dislike putting makeup on my face, but seeing women dolling themselves make me happy and envious towards them. I always wanted to find alternatives like what I have found for facial wash#k8SjZc9Dxk#k8SjZc9Dxk After knowing this, I think it will be my motivation to work hard when I graduate to get good organic cosmetics product#k8SjZc9Dxk#k8SjZc9Dxk<3

    After reading your posts, I realised there is also organic cosmetics out there#k8SjZc9Dxk#k8SjZc9DxkI would like to try this product out. From what I know, zinc oxide is good for UV protection. Zuii also contains aloe vera which is has healing effect on the skin, jojoba oil which moist the skin, vit E has anti-oxidant effects on skin, vit C encourages synthesis of collagen and reduces free radical damage.

    Its always good to have nature plants in our daily live. It makes me feels more attached to the nature and away from cancers(i think its technology and chemicals that slowly cause cancer)

  26. aibicon says:

    This is what I like about vivawoman too! The ingredients also provided.<3

  27. sesame says:

    Cheap cosmetics may contain ingredients that have irritated your skin. Organic makeup might work for you but yes, the price point is higher. Another alternative is to consider mineral makeup with fewer ingredients.

  28. Issa says:

    I haven’t tried organic makeup because my country has limited access to it. I hope I can try these. Based from your post, these products looks good…

  29. Carol says:

    I would love to try Zuii Flora Lipstick! According to an article I read, an average woman may ingest up to 7 pounds of lipstick in a lifetime! This means I need to think twice before layering on lipstick. Zuii lipstick is certified organic which is made from sunflower and jojoba oil and aloe vera to sooth and nourish the lips. Knowing that the ingredients used in Zuii’s cosmetic products are mostly plant extracts, vitamins, essential oils, and minerals, I don’t have to question what exactly is the lipstick that I will be eating so much.

  30. Pollya says:

    I don’t know much about organic/natural cosmetics so it’s interesting to learn about this line. I like that they are only focussed on makeup because I find that when brands diversify too much (e.g. to include skincare, bodycare and haircare products as well), it means they are going more for the business and this might “dilute” the attention they give to producing good-quality stuff . Of course this doesn’t apply to all brands, but essentially, I prefer brands that are more “focussed” and you don’t have to go through a whole gamut of products to find out which is the one that is really worth trying (especially if you have a tight budget).
    For Zuii, I like their idea of “wearing flowers on your face”, cos it’s literally true for their brand! But I was interested to see (or hear in this case) what they would say about their mascara, and true enough, unlike the rest of the other products like lipsticks, blushes, eye shadow etc, no flower is mentioned in the mascara video! (they say “plant extracts” instead) ?
    And even their FAQ is a video — how refreshing!!

  31. sesame says:

    Yes, their products are of good quality – love their foundation in particular.

  32. sesame says:

    They’re rather moisturizing. I tried it and liked it but I don’t wear much lipsticks anyway.

  33. Irene says:

    Amazing on how rich the colors are… I also love using organic makeup, because its good for my skin… it won’t aggravate my acne

  34. Carol says:

    I have liked their facebook page and tweeted this giveway.

    Follow Viva Woman’s link to read about Zuii Organic products and find out how to win some:

  35. sesame says:


  36. CT says:

    I’m using their lip tint now. Its very moisturising and I feel good using knowning the ingredients are all certified organic. There is a feel good factor after using that i am not in taking any toxin.

    Zuji uses flower petals without the use of chemical, talc, petrochemicals, parabens and not tested on animals.

    But i wish they have a store here which will be easier to try out their colours or sample packs.

  37. Audris says:

    Mineral makeup I have plenty, but organic makeup? Only one. The Bourjois Bio Detox Foundation, which is my to-go when I’m using avobenzone sunscreens on my face (trying to finish up the stash), as other foundations with some form of SPF might cause degradation of the SPF chemical filters in these avobenzone-based sunscreens.

    I reckon I’d like to try the Zuii Organic Flora Liquid Foundation, as a comparison and alternative to the Bourjois Bio Detox. It certainly contains a lot more antioxidant and skin soothing/nourishing ingredients than the Bourjois Bio Detox, which might be a better fit for my skin that suffers from occasional breakouts. Light Beige looks like it *might* be a possible match for me, along with the medium coverage and hygienic pump dispensing bottle.

    A good foundation provides a good foundation for a confident woman ?

  38. EcoBeauty says:

    I think I’ve said this a couple of times while commenting on your posts–and on my own posts on my blog–that I’ve never been a make-up person. I’m really more of a skincare junkie. But lately, I’ve been experimenting with mineral/organic makeup since I have to cover the scars left by my acne breakout early this year. I bought several blushes from Joppa Minerals and Silk Minerals in sample jars but they are in loose powder form so it’s quite tricky to get just the right amount of blush. I had never really tried compact blushes before so Zuii might be a good brand to begin another round of testing.
    And since most of the commenters above mentioned bits about the brand, its philosophies and formulations (organic flower petals, no talc, no parabens, previous certification issues, 100% Australian owned and whatnot) I thought of going off track just for fun. I checked their website for the first time after I reread this post today and I loved the bright green vs black theme. Haha, I know–totally OFF TOPIC. But I just have to say it. ‘Cause it’s quite rare to see organic brands use non-natural colors, usually they just stick to white, green, brown, brick red, etc…

  39. Sara Khong says:

    I read somewhere that blush is bad for the skin, so I don’t use them. I even tried making natural blush from beetroot! (But it didn’t turn out well)

    Honestly, my knowledge regarding mineral/organic makeup is quite low. I am in the process of finding out better cosmetics for my skin. For starters, I don’t use the usual red lipstick and switch to Burt’s Bee tinted lipbalm instead.

    I am very amazed with the ingredients use to make ZUII blusher: petals and buds of certified organic flowers. I can’t believe there exist a blusher made out of flowers!

    I’m also very please to find that they don’t include talc, synthetics, chemicals, parabens and other not-so-good substances. I’ll definitely look into this brand more. I’m so glad that you write about this.

  40. Tammi Cherise Tan says:

    Oh hey! Another great organic online boutique. This day just gets better and better.

    Zuii Organic looks like a fabulous AND face-friendly range of cosmetics. I keep hearing horror stories about the frightening ingredients manufacturers are nonchalantly stuffing into make-up and although I didn’t really care too much about that in the past, the realization is starting to slowly creep up on me.

    And seriously, flower-made cosmetics? From what else to get your own beauty fix than from one of the most beautiful things in nature?

  41. claire says:

    :s here I am trying once again to be in your green beauty giveaway. was too lazy before to comment!

    to be honest, I’m still quite wary of natural cosmetics due to the inclusion of iron oxides and micas. the entire formulation of most natural makeup almost and always include them as they are the ones that give that peachy tone or that lovely red blush. Such oxides and micas are now produced in labs for consistency and safety. They are all skin safe but sometimes, I doubt the effects of using such makeup in the longterm.

  42. Lil Khor says:

    Sigh! Another product which is not available in Penang. Besides the flexseed oil, the other organic products I used are Bodyshop blusher and eye shadow. I wish, I wish, I wish, I can try out Zuii this Christmas….

  43. aibicon says:

    zui blusher gives out a very unique type of colour which I think is very natural#k8SjZc9Dxk#k8SjZc9Dxk I also hope I get to try this out#k8SjZc9Dxk#k8SjZc9Dxk

  44. Lucia says:

    I love makeup, i don’t wear much, only the basics like foundation, lip and cheek tint, concealer and eyebrow pencil. I have sensitive skin and I sometimes blame the products i use whenever my skin breaks out. I can not NOT wear makeup because I need to cover up some blemishes, acne/dark spots and uneven skin tone – plus, we all look better even with just a little makeup! ? I hope I can try the Flora liquid Foundation which has anti-inflammatory properties (wow!) as well as aloe vera, vitamin C and vitamin E properties! It’s a moisturizer and foundation in one and is suitable for sensitive skin. i hope they open a store in our country!

  45. Bebe Lee says:

    Liked Zuii Organic on Facebook Bebe Lee

    I found out that the company is a certified organic by Australian Organic food chain and their cosmetics are made from organic floral ingredients, like rose, chamomile and jasmine, with essential oils, extracts, vitamins and minerals added.

    It is a natural ingredients products, without chemicals, petrochemicals, parabens, talc and GM ingredients. Best of all, it is not tested on animals.

    I am an animal lover and I can feel the pain and stress that the poor animal is going through of all the testing. Also, nature and organics products are most suitable for my pimple prone and sensitive skin.

  46. Jason says:

    nice designs

  47. aibicon says:

    hi sesame,
    I have sensitive skin so I dare not buy cosmetics carelessly.Some of my friends told me mineral can al so clog that true??

  48. sherry says:

    Like other organic companies, Zuii’s products contain beneficial ingredients and reduce their use of harmful ingredients. I like how their foundations do not have talc in them so my pores wont be clogged.

  49. Corinna Foong says:

    This is just Great! Let me start of by saying that I do not like to apply make-up, but in the course of my new career, I apply as I’m now in the service line, and it’s only polite that I put my best face (haha!) forward.
    I’ve been reading a lot from forums about mineral make up and they all come in powdered form. Loose powder. Hmmph… long ago, I used to get from Prescriptives, who have pulled out of the Asian market, as they mix the loose powder according to my skin tone.
    After reading so much about mineral make up, I decided to go ahead to get some from Silk Naturals as recommended from the experts in the forum. This foundation also come is loose form and I’ve to mix the colors to my skin tone. This gets abit tiring after some time, so with Zuii, I no longer need to mix and match the colors to my face! Yippee!
    I would definitely want to get a foundation closest to my skin tone as soon as I can. The fact that it provides broad spectrum UVA and UVB sun protection plus vitamin C properties of rose petals to reinforce the skin with a natural moisture barrier and acts to help calm damaged skin as well as protect against premature ageing has made it a must try for me.

  50. Swati says:

    I have always wondered how do they make organic blushes…I mean where do they get the tints from??? other tints are generally iron oxides but reading about rose petals and other flowers is tempting me for these products though I am not interested in makeup but the products are looking so tempting!!!

  51. fiona says:

    organic makeup seems promising too!

  52. Swati says:

    checked out their site and they do have iron oxide tints…was wrong about flowers being used as tints!!! but their ingredient list is so chemical free and natural especially considering products like mascara…I wasn’t sure if mascara was available in organic makeup as I thought it would be too runny and not water proof and not adhering to the lashes either…well, donno how it works but looks promising!!!

  53. Caitie says:

    I’ve heard of Zuii before, but I haven’t tried anything of theirs before. Honestly, the products look amazing, but their prices always seem a bit steep! I do love that their powder products are pressed, rather than loose – it would make it SO much easier to travel with. Most of my makeup is loose, just because that is all that so many natural brands make. I do miss pressed blush/eyeshadow/powder from back before I made the switch to all natural cosmetics! I would love to try their blush ?

  54. RedScorpio says:

    I have to agree with Caitie about the prices… Not easy to indulge! But it’s good to have the choice of organic makeup products – not as large variety as organic skincare brands.
    I am an eyeshadow fan and I really liked their Blackberry, Apple and Bronze colours. I think they would compliment green eyes beautifully. I wonder though how long-lasting they are.

  55. Lena says:

    I’m at a stand-still here. This brand looks fantastic. But I still am weary of purchasing make-up. I just think of trucks digging into the earth for minerals.
    Their probably not so much to blame. I used to crush rocks up when I was younger and put it on my face. ? But wow, rose petals are so soft.

  56. aibicon says:

    I went to bud cosmetics to try out the zui organic samples at Novena. I like the grapefruit blusher. It gives off a light and mild floral scent and my skin is not itchy after applying it.I think zui products are worth the investments#k8SjZc9Dxk#k8SjZc9Dxk

  57. Kim says:

    This is my first time coming across certified organic make-up. I have always wanted to find it to complement my chemical-free skincare products and now I know, Zuii is the answer to this.
    What I like best about Zuii is that its ingredients like rosebuds, chamomile flower and aloe vera are food which can be eaten, which means it’s definitely safe for my skin! I love geranium oil too for its calming smell and jasmine buds for its healing properties.

  58. DJ says:

    Zuii is definitely a very interesting brand as instead of using mineral pigments to achieve colour in their products (which is what most cosmetic products are made of), they use floral ingredients and only 5% or less of the product is made of mineral pigments. (Honestly, this is a little befuddling as I simply imagine the pink eyeshadow being made from pink roses, the purple eyeshadow from bluebells! )

    However, even though I’d imagine that due to its very natural properties, its coverage and colour pigmentation would lose to normal chemical-laden products, this blog that I came across has changed much of my perception! Sharing it here :

    Will definitely try out the foundation from this range if I get the chance as I have stopped using my usual foundations as they do irritate my skin sometimes!

  59. Diane says:

    I’m now very into eye make up so would definitely want to try their mineral eyeshadow and mascara. Though i wonder how the mascara would be like given it’s natural…I bought the 100% pure mascara and while it said it was smudgeproof, by afternoon, it will smudge already…

  60. Apple says:

    HI Viva Women,

    I didn’t know so many eco-friendly cosmetics exist till today. Very happy companies around the world are taking into account usage of GMO and environmentally friendliness in their manufacturing processes. Would love to try the flora foundation with rose ingredients and UV protection! All natural and good!


  61. beauty india says:

    thanks for introducing me a new and best organic cream……

  62. nahsiep says:

    Hi Sesame

    Have you tested/used any organic cream or gel blush?

  63. Sesame says:

    I’ve tried Zuii’s and I quite like it.

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