Review: NARS Makeup Primer With SPF

NARS Cosmetics

I was very happy to receive a package from NARS Cosmetics last week which consist of a NARS Makeup Primer With SPF, a NARS Lip Lacquer and a NARS Lipstick.  I wasn’t expecting these at all and you can imagine my excitement, especially since I’ve been hankering after the NARS Makeup Primer With SPF for quite awhile.

Lightweight and non-greasy formula
First off, I am not someone who use a primer often. Those that I’ve used tend to make my face feel heavy. So I was surprised that NARS Makeup Primer is very lightweight.  It’s translucent like a lotion but felt like nothing when applied and my face didn’t look greasy after layering this on top of my sunscreen. I was actually slightly skeptical what it can do to improve my skin’s overall texture especially since I couldn’t tell a difference after putting this on. But it did! My pores were less obvious after putting on my foundation powder. The skin texture looked somewhat smoother too.

Subtle difference, natural looking
The difference is very subtle, which is good because I like to look natural.  My face wasn’t so oily too, which it usually does by midday.  However, shine did reveal itself later and my t-zone did feel a tad greasier by the end of the day though.  I also noticed my makeup showed up quite a bit on a tissue I used to pad my skin on.  But the lovely thing I noticed about using NARS Makeup Primer is that my face had a sort of dewy glow which is very healthy looking.

NARS Makeup Primer With SPF

Combination of chemical and physical sunscreen ingredients
NARS Makeup Primer With SPF comes with 7.4% Octinoxate and 4.9% Titanium Dioxide to offer SPF protection against UVA & UVB with a combined SPF20 and PA++.  Which means you can wear it alone if you like although I still wear a sunscreen beneath this primer.  However, because this is a combination of chemical and physical sunscreen primer, I prefer not to wear it everyday except on those days I want a smoother coverage. 

I like this makeup primer and how natural my face looked with it.  I would use it on days I want a better coverage.  It’s decent enough but I’m not entirely convinced my makeup is that longer lasting with this primer though.


  1. yukifumi says:


    NARS Selling in Singapore?
    if yes, where can we find it?

    yukifumi: I believe True Colors (at Ngee Ann City B1-13A) sells NARS.

  2. yukifumi says:

    thank you!!

    yukifumi: You’re welcome! ?

  3. haven says:

    hi! i love yr blog and was wondering how u came by those samples?! i thought hey onli gave out samples if u buy or pre order in bulk? ? thanks!

    Haven: Because their PR company sent it to me for review.

  4. farah says:

    ive heard nars orgasm blusher was great..really want to buy it

  5. Janice says:

    I saw NARS products on Smart Beauty It is a Singapore website.

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