Going against gravity-induced aging

Yun Eun Hye

I was sniggering the other day when I read a tip in a book that we should try to counter the effects of aging by doing some reclining exercises. Apparently, that would help to contain aging caused by gravity. I thought it was some bullshit until I saw this:

Spending time on your back also helps counter the effects of gravity that accumulate during the day. In a recent study of 38 women and men, Japanese researchers found there was greater wrinkling in the afternoon than in the morning; they concluded that the face literally falls with gravity as the day progresses. At night, you get a chance to reverse that. (source)

Hmmm. Is this why I often look much older with some of my features looking slightly droopy if I do not have enough sleep? So going by this reasoning, can we stay more youthful looking if we rest and sleep more?

Well, apparently not entirely so.

While gravity causes extrinsic aging for us, according to The G-Connection, with the right diet, activities and exercises, we can harness gravity to its full effects to stay youthful and strong. I haven’t got to find out exactly how although from what I’ve read so far, it seems to imply that we should not allow our body to be wasted by doing things like sloughing in front of the TV. We should be in constant movement as deliberate movements that use gravity as a comprehensive stimulus bring maximum benefits.

So if I want to look younger, it is about time I move my butt away from the computer. Maybe it’s time I take another look at practising yoga after giving it up two years ago. I suspect the activity can help harness gravity because of the various inverted and balanced poses and movements.


  1. akiki says:

    great theory!

    akiki: Glad you think so! ?

  2. Elaine says:

    Makes perfect sense to me.

    Elaine: Good to know. ?

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