Are testers necessary for beauty products?

Testers for beauty products

I was at Nature’s Farm two days ago checking out a range of sunscreen but was very disappointed to learn that there was no product tester. Aren’t testers part of the retail strategy of most beauty products these days? How do they expect me to buy the sunscreen if I cannot feel if the texture is right for my skin? Or was I expecting too much? But in any case, I walked out of the store empty handed.

Makeup aside, I feel that certain personal beauty products must have a tester in order for the consumer to guage if the texture is right. Hand cream is one and sunscreen is another. Of course, not every store adhere to this policy but isn’t it part of the retail game plan? I remember Eric Chew of Bud Cosmetics told me that most of his sales come from his store rather than his website because the “touch and feel factor” is important to his customers. While I may buy products without testing online but when I walk into a store, I expect to be able to test the products. That, or I am at least free to check how the product looks or smell.

Maybe Nature’s Farm is not accustomed to having their customers touch and feel their products since they sell more of vitamins and supplements. However, I think they should learn to give us some leeway if they are to expect their beauty products to sell any better.


  1. Nikki says:

    I think they SHOULD have testers available…I hate it when I walk in a store, then they offer me products and if I ask for testers, they’ll go “sorry we don’t have any” …that case..I walk away

    Nikki: Yeah, I don’t understand why they won’t even make such an improvision to improve their sales.

  2. Florence says:

    Tester is neccessary coz I need to feel the texture of the lotion that I am buying.

    Florence: I wouldn’t buy a hand cream for example if I can’t feel how it’s like.

  3. karen says:

    i agree about the need for testers at retail shops. one thing about nature’s farm: some SAs open up the bottles (not testers) for me to smell and look … i think that’s gross and unhygienic. would have been better to have testers.

    Karen: I know exactly what you’re saying. It’s especially unhygenic for the next person who purchase that item!

  4. prettybeautiful says:

    i nv buy anything without a tester, when i am already not happy with the fact, why would i still buy their products?

    prettybeautiful: Ya, I know what you mean. I will not buy anything too. How to buy when I don’t know how it feels?

  5. ParisB says:

    I think Product testers are very important especially when we have a no-returns or exhanges policy here and I believe in Singapore too. Overseas, they have that sort of policy and if a buyer doesn’t like the product they can return it. I reckon if they don’t want to have testers, then they better have a relaxed attitude towards returns!

    ParisB: Unfortunately, we need to lobby for more consumer rights. Here, not all stores allow returns.

  6. Ms. Blacklace says:

    When I go into the store, and the sales person tries to sell me a product without letting me test it, I’ll just say:”I have sensitive skin and I’m not sure if my skin can tolerate it.”

    And then they’ll take out a small vial and squirt some of the product in. Lol…. In the end i still get rashes.

    Ms Blacklace: Oh that’s clever! But it is also true for you. However, I wonder if all stores will entertain the request though…Nature’s Farm didn’t even bother to ask me anymore after telling me there is no tester…

  7. fwy says:

    I prefer to ask for samples. If there aren’t any, I’ll usually not buy unless they are having a great discount of the products.

    fwy: Yeah…same here. I can’t be sure if the product will suit me.

  8. Tine says:

    That’s very odd to not have testers. I don’t frequent shops which don’t have ’em. Don’t know if they’re too stingy to provide one or not. I’d need to be able to test out the product, or at least give it a whiff to see if it smells good or bad :p

    Tine: Yeah, I’m like you…smell is important for me!

  9. akiki says:

    they have their concerns fo rnot showing testers. as consumers, we definitely want to try the product first before purchasing.
    perhaps, we can do someting to let them know how important testers are?

    akiki: Actually it cost them very little since they only need one tube or bottle. They should consider this when marketing the products.

  10. daphne says:

    i’m actually more for samples (for skincare) and testers (for makeup). it’s not that expensive to have testers, esp when most stores have more than 100% markup! stop being stingy, will ya? lol

    Daphne: I share your sentiments! Such a little cost and these retailers don’t know what they’re missing.

  11. NiKita W says:

    I tend to impulsively purchase products that I tested first. If I haven’t experienced it then it’s much easier for me to walk away.

    Nikita: Haha…so it’s a good thing for your pocket with stores that do not provide testers. ?

  12. Cindy says:

    Sesame, I’m a little confused by the image as it looks like bud. But from my experience, bud offers a really good service and make sure there are as many testers as possible…they would even offer samples to customers just to make sure they are ok with the products. in fact, i think other retailers should follow their example in service level. thought I clarify this with you.

    Cindy: That’s just a generic picture used for the entry. It doesn’t refer to Bud. My entry did not mention Bud if you realised. But maybe I should change the image or put a disclaimer since it has confused you. Bud offers excellent service and I don’t want others to be mistaken.

  13. Bella Zella says:

    Not only are they necessary they should be kept full,clean and fresh! I am more probable to buy a product if they have testers and samples available! Both are a must! Just plain common sense!

    Bella Zella: I wish all the retailers understand this…

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