THINgloss: lipgloss that controls your cravings


(A lip gloss that can make you thin? Yeah, how about that?)

Some of you who have participated in Part 2 of the Viva Woman Bejeweled Giveaway might already know about THINgloss, a lipgloss that contains Hoodia to suppress appetite and cravings. To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to review the product initially. First, I’ve been told very recently that I’m getting thinner and so I don’t really need anymore slimming. Second, I was slightly worried about the ingredients. However when I read that the ingredients are all natural plant extracts, botanicals and essential oils, I thought I’ll give it a try for the fun of it.

Losing food craving gradually
Although I have no intention of using THINgloss to lose weight, I used THINgloss the way it is prescribed – that is to inhale the aroma 30 minutes before and after meals – to test out if it can really help to curb my cravings. I’m not sure if the effects are supposed to be immediate but the first few times I tried, it did nothing for me. I was still getting hungry and I still wanted my food. It must have been a couple of days later when I did notice a gradual difference. I was still taking my meals regularly but strangely, I didn’t feel like eating that much. I thought it must be a result of using THINgloss and since knowing that, I immediately stop inhaling the lip gloss because I have no intention of slimming any further. But it’s really interesting to know that a lip gloss with ingredients like Hoodia, Kola Nut, Peppermint and Vanilla can be a crave controller!

Healing benefits of aromatherapy
THINgloss is also said to be infused with vibrational healing energies to help uplift spirits through the healing benefits of aromatherapy. Okay, that I’m not so certain because I didn’t feel much of a difference emotionally using this lip gloss. However, I do like using this lip gloss.


Non-sticky lip gloss that keeps lips moist for hours
Of the two colors sent to me, I picked Kiss Me, I’m Single (even though I’m not). It’s a pretty pink color and when applied, looks very natural on my lips. What I really like about this THINgloss is that it is not sticky. Not at all! Under room temperature, this lipgloss is fantastic because it kept my lips moist for hours without the need to reapply. When used under air conditioned environment though, this lip gloss dries out faster. I had to reapply about every hour or so to keep my lips moist.

Slight plumping effects due to cinnamon
It has a slight plumping effect and I quite like how my lips look with this gloss. Not a lot fuller but it’s nice enough for me. And what’s also interesting is the taste and scent of this lipgloss. It’s slightly minty and the cinnamon certainly reminded me of some sweets I’ve eaten before. But if you do not like cinnamon, then I wouldn’t recommend you to try this lip gloss at all.

Available in two pretty colors
THINgloss comes in two colors – Kiss Me, I’m Single and Whole Wheat Hottie. It retails at US$28 at Express Effects Cosmetics and the president, April Morris, was really kind to send me two additional THINgloss as giveaways. So in one of my next giveaway, someone is going to get the Whole Wheat Hottie.

Update May 2014: it looks like Thingloss is no longer sold as a search on Youtube shows April Morris announcing her decision to move on to the next stage of her life. Exactly what that means, no one knows because that announcement was made in August 2012 but her website at Express Effects is yielding just a blank page.


  1. ParisB says:

    This sure sounds interesting although it might be just a tad gimmicky? I love cinnamon so I reckon I’d be eating up the gloss instead of my food eh? ?

    Paris: I thought so too initially but after using it for awhile, I noticed my appetite sort of reduce. Actually as I’m typing this now, I feel kind of full and this is an hour I usually get hungry after having my breakfast a few hours ago. I like cinnamon so this works well for my tastebud!

  2. Tine says:

    Hee hee I agree with PB. If it tastes good, I’d eat it! Kinda defeats the purpose of not eating eh? :p

    Tine: Haha…I haven’t thought about eating it…but it taste like sweet to me!

  3. Nikki says:

    That is super interesting! I wouldn’t have thought people would be creating products like that! But of course, there’s a huge market of people who would love to lose weight out there!

    Maybe it has to do with the natural ingredients? Well in my case, I am not into Cinnamon, so smelling it would make me lose appetite ? Too bad, that you’re not into losing weight lol I wonder how it’ll go for someone who really plans to lose some weight

    Nikki: I remember coming across an almost similar product but I can’t remember the brand now or if it was even a lip gloss.

  4. nicole says:

    The ideal of the lip gloss is so innovative and creative! But I love food more than lip gloss.

    nicole: Haha…yes, how to resist food especially if they’re tasty? ?

  5. astrorainfall @ beauty box says:

    WOW, I wouldn’t mind trying this. Though I have read that that are many fake hoodia supplements or hoodia-related products, most critics of Hoodia would say take it with a pinch of salt.

    The lipgloss sounds yummy and slick, whatever the case!

    astrorainfall: I was slightly skeptical initially but it seems that with continual usage, it does something to my appetite. Now even when I don’t sniff it but still use it, I feel quite full most of the time. Hmm…if this continues, I may want to stop though cos I don’t want to lose more weight! ?

  6. Leon says:

    Wow its soemthing new and interesting and the shades look pretty:)

    Leon: Yeah, it is. ?

  7. slp says:

    Is this for real? Too good to be true….Hahaha

  8. elleve says:

    hmm any luck that they’ll give us a promo code for reading it here from you? x=

    Elleve: I can check with them and see if they’re willing but no promises though.

  9. elleve says:

    okay cool, thanks very much!

    Elleve: You’re welcome! ?

  10. jodie says:

    were can i order one from ?

    Jodie: You can order from Express Effects. I have a link to the website in the entry which is

  11. Drica says:

    I personally think that this is a other way of getting money from people who believes in anything!!!

  12. Jane says:

    I’m interested in ordering this product, but cannot find out how on your web site

  13. Sesame says:

    This product isn’t for sale anymore…I think.

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