DIY Beauty: cooking oil for dry hands


Due to changes in the domestic front, I’ve to do more household chores and as a result, my hands have become rather dry.  It’s not practical to keep putting on hand cream when I have to use my hands all the time plus I’m concerned about the hand cream getting in the way during food preparation.  As such, I’ve been thinking about what I can use on my hands from the kitchen.  Then it struck me that the extra virgin olive oil that I use for cooking is probably ideal.  And it is!

I read that organic is best because it is the least processed and retains the highest nutrient value.  However, we don’t use the organic formula for cooking and so I just make do with the normal version. 

Protect with a pair of disposable plastic gloves
Because it is oily, I decided to use this in the night at first.  I pour about a tablespoon and rub the oil liberally on both my hands, massaging into my fingertips and cuticles especially.  After which, I put on a pair of disposable plastic gloves and leave it on for half an hour.  The gloves aren’t thick and so I could continue to use my hands in performing normal tasks.


Pat off the excess oil with a paper towel
After half an hour, I removed the gloves and my hands still feel oily.  Instead of washing them, I just used a paper towel to pat off the excess oil and continue massaging my hands until they don’t feel so oily.  What’s really amazing is that after about 10 minutes or so, the olive oil absorbed into my skin and they felt so soft and smooth!  My fingertips which were the driest were evidently less so.  I also noticed that my cuticles look much better the morning after.

Perfect for moisturizing hands too
After the delightful experience, I’ve started to use the extra virgin olive oil on my hands nightly now.  In fact, I not only use it at night but during the day too to moisturize my hands.  I use about a teaspoon each time and rub the oil into my hands and then pat off the excess with a paper towel.  This is great because my hands are nourished and yet I don’t have to worry about the oil especially when I’m preparing food for the family.

Extra virgin olive oil is great for moisturizing skin
If you’re keen to try this, please make sure you’re using extra virgin olive oil and not any other normal cooking oil because the former is great for moisturizing skin.   In fact, I know many ladies use EVOO to moisturize their face.   As I’ve mentioned, organic is best but if you can’t get that, then the normal will do too.


  1. Soos says:

    I won’t be using olive oil, but I remembered I had a bottle of sweet almond oil, so I’ll try that. Thanks for the idea!

    Soos: Sweet almond oil would do too!

  2. Nikki says:

    I have super dry hands and this is another PROJECT!!!! ? yay, thanks for this!!

    Nikki: I think you’ll like this! ?

  3. Florence says:

    I use extra virgin oil as hot oil for hair mask.

    Florence: For hair too? That’s a good idea!

  4. prettybeautiful says:

    great idea. easily achievable too ? i have tasted body butter in my bread before…

    prettybeautiful: Yes it’s very simple….and I forgot to add that it doesn’t smell…

  5. sarah says:

    omg i have been doing this every night for the last month! it was so funny to this this post. i even use the plastic disposable gloves. drat. my secret’s out. ?

    Sarah: Haha…great minds think alike! ?

  6. elleve says:

    awesome! (=

    elleve: ?

  7. Leon says:

    I use EVOO on my hands and legs when they get dry:)

    Leon: I was so surprised it works so well.

  8. Tine says:

    Great idea! I’m going to try this out. Hopefully I’ll be able to get over the initial ickiness of the oil ?

    Tine: Maybe you try using about a teaspoon first and build up from there when you’re more comfortable with the feel…

  9. DK says:

    Hi,I am ur ‘quiet’ fan and visit ur blog everyday.I wonder whether I apply it on my feets before bedtime.

    DK: Thank you for visiting often! ? I’ve tried it on my feet…it’s nourishing for the skin but it doesn’t help with the hard skin around my heels…

  10. Livy says:

    Yeah my hands are definitely dry. Thanks, can’t wait to try it!

    Livy: I hope you’ll like it if you try…

  11. IY says:

    hi hi, i came across your blog by chance & saw this entry about olive oil. mm.. i wonder if it will works the same for those Eversoft Olive oil?

    IY: Eversoft Olive Oil is a cosmetic grade and if I’m not wrong, more suited for removing makeup or cleansing the skin. Not sure if it’s suitable for moisturizing. If it is, you can use it the same way. Just that Extra Virgin Olive Oil is 100% pure and well, it costs lesser.

  12. Jan says:

    I tried the oil on my hands without using the plastic gloves last night and it works wonder. I don’t see the dry and lined hands now. I shall check my hands again in air-conditioned room. Thanks for the post.

    Jan: It’s great on its own. The plastic gloves are needed if you use a lot of it as a mask… I think on the whole, EVOO performs better to nourish the hands than most of the hand creams I’ve been using…

  13. Sharon says:

    I have tried every moisturizer on the marker, nothing works, or I am allergic to it. I stopped using it for awhile, I use it on my face and hands, all over actually. I could see the difference in not applying it regularily. I started reapplying and in one weeks time, the dryness left. I also use it when my lips are chapped.
    I used it one time and I could see the difference. I am sticking to EVOO! Thanks

    Sharon: Glad it’s working for you! If you’re using on your face and kind of long term, may I suggest you try using the organic version. They cost more but is definitely better long run. For the hands, normal version will suffice.

  14. Soos says:

    Sweet almond oil – since I couldn’t bring myself to use olive oil for cooking on my hands – is now my go-to moisturizer in the kitchen. sesame, I use a dime-size amount, massage in, and blot off any excess. It’s absorbed quickly and has a pleasant scent. Thanks for the idea, I just tweaked it for myself!

    Soos: Is your sweet almond oil of cosmetic grade? I don’t find this readily available from the stores here…plus EVOO is cheaper. ?

  15. Soos says:

    Yes, sesame, it’s cosmetic grade. I had planned to use it as carrier oil with fragrance oils. So much for big plans!

  16. JazzyGirl says:

    I put the oil in a dark glass bottle with a pump (purchased at health food store) and add a stem or two of organic rosemary to give it a pleasant scent.

  17. Jack says:

    Hi. I am going to try this promising sounding remedy. How long does the result last though? I just don’t want to focus on treating my hands all day as I am sure you can relate. I have a short story: I had damp sweaty hands for about three years; very frustrating…so I got botox treatments which got my hands dry but they felt rough and dehydrated and I have even more trouble trying to perform my many daily tasks than before…eventually I got sick of this result so I tried this iontophoresis treatment that basically just zaps the sweat glands; that works, however I still have these sand paper hands. Will this one tablespoon of olive oil keep my hands hydrated for at least more than a few hours so this does not have to be my primary focus in life any more?

  18. sesame says:

    Very hard to say how long it will last but my experience is a few hours. Give it a try and see if it works well for you. ?

  19. lula says:

    will this olive oil recipe brighten dark dry rough knuckles??? I’m desperate here someone pls help and save my soul

  20. garry says:

    Hello lovely ladies, The dry skin problems affect men too at young age. I use extra virgin olive or coconut oil. Both works great. One way to make your skin lively without need of any chemicals is to use olive oil while bathing. After you are done with your bath. Fill half bucket water and put 1-2 tablespoon EV olive oil and stir it for 2-3 secs. Then -put that water all over your body and use your hand at the end to just run over all body parts. It takes less than 2 mins to do everything. Just do it every day and you would thank me for this.

  21. Sesame says:

    Oh sounds like a great idea! Thanks for the tip!

  22. Issho Genki says:

    Really? Cooking oil for dry hands, is it effective I never tried it before. Thank you for sharing this one.

  23. Sesame says:

    Try it…it works.

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