Can we use men’s skin care products?


I think it’s pretty normal that our partner or spouse share our skin care products. For example, my husband is always a prime candidate for stuff I don’t want to use anymore and these include facial cleansers, toners, moisturizers and even sunscreens. However, with the development of more skin care products targeting men specifically, is the reverse true? Can we use their products on our skin?
(Though I can’t find any reason why we would want to do that really…)

Most of us probably think that women’s skin are more delicate than men’s and that men have thicker skin. Well, you’re right! According to L’Oreal who have developed a line of skin care for the guys under Men Expert, “men have thicker and oilier skin, more prominent pores, and their faces truly suffer from regular shaving.”

Men’s skin produces more oil than women’s. This is the reason why most men’s skin are oily to very oily. This is also the reason why men’s skin is more acidic in pH. Men’s skin is also 24% to 32% thicker than women’s due to higher collagen…Men’s skin is firmer than women until around the age of 30. But men’s skin loses firmness faster than women after that age. (source)

So if you’re thinking of using your partner’s or your spouse’s skin care products, think again! You can loan them your products but you don’t really want to borrow theirs…

Anyway, we probably need to spend some time to educate our men about proper skin care if they’re serious about taking care of their skin. I was a tad concerned that my husband wanted to try the L’Oreal Men Expert serum containing vitamin C but not knowing anything with regards to sun sensitivity and sun care. It didn’t help that there are no proper warnings on the product either. Hence, in their case, I think it’s probably better for them to use the entire line of products which would compliment and enhance one another. Anyway, they don’t have as many choices as women so this really makes things a lot easier. Heh.


  1. Nikki says:

    So true, I would never touch a men’s product line especially for skincare! My brother is using this line though, the one you have on photo

    Nikki: I’ve an irrational fear that I might grow beard on my face if I use their products…hahahaha…

  2. pf1123 says:

    When I look at their packaging, I have the feel that their stuff are all of “industrial strength”. I begin to imagine the products working like workers on construction sites on men’s faces. That’s kinda scary.

    pf1123: Ya, I know exactly what you mean! I feel their products could be too harsh for our delicate skin. Hee…

  3. Soos says:

    I must say you post – and pose – the most interesting questions. I bought and used a drugstore brand men’s eye cream because: 1) It was the only thing on sale, 2) I’d already tried the women’s and it was meh. It was fine for nighttime use. There is much more choice now!

    Soos: Maybe cos where you’re based, you have more products for men. Here, we’re just seeing new introductions. But no way I wanna use their stuff on my skin. I tried my hub’s facial cleanser once and it was so drying but it was perfect for him! On the other hand, he complains that some of my stuff are too mild for his skin.

  4. Soos says:

    Another thought: how do you get your DH/SO to USE products he should. I’m talking sunscreen and moisturizer.

    Soos: Interesting q. I guess it’s quite hard if he’s stubborn. Like for mine, I have to buy him the sunscreen and nag at him to use it when he goes exercising – which is pretty frequent. He’s uses moisturizer after a swim cos his skin dries up but being lazy, I doubt it’s very frequent. Apart from sunscreen, I don’t really mind he doesn’t use other stuff cos heheh…I’m selfish. I don’t want my hub to look too good for obvious reasons. ?

  5. prettybeautiful says:

    i totally agree that we can loan them ours but not borrowing from them. i bought my dad the day moisturizer from this line, but he hasn’t started using -_- …. guys…

    Prettybeautiful: That’s so sweet of you! ? But it’ll probably take him sometime to get used to the idea of moisturizing his face.

  6. mayaari says:

    my bf uses products from that line from time to time, mostly the cleanser (in the summer, for a minty cool clean feeling) and the eye cream. I actually don’t mind using some of his products in the summer, because my skin starts producing more oil and my usual products don’t do much to really help. I actually love using the L’oreal Men’s scrub in the summer…but right now I stay away from it.

    Mayaari: That’s interesting! So their products do help with better oil control…

  7. Tine says:

    I wouldn’t touch men’s skin care products as they’re made for, err, tougher skin ?

    My husband nicks my skincare products though ?

    Tine: My thoughts too!

  8. Lily says:

    My husband decided he didn’t want to use his drug store brand men’s moisturizer anymore for some reason. I detest waste of any kind so I decided to give it a try. I’m 39 and have very oily skin. This moisturizer is one of the few I can use on my face without being an oil slick by the end of the day. I’m very pleasantly surprised.

    Lily: That’s interesting and I’m glad it works for you! It sounds like men’s skincare are suitable for women with very oily skin.

  9. judy says:

    I have extremely oily skin. Its interesting to know that some women with my skin type found a solution with the men skin care products. I might just give it a try

  10. judy says:


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  12. Just a little nudge says:

    Did anyone consider that products marketed to males and females simply use the same stuff with different perfumes and stick it in differently labelled bottles? They all contain the same stuff. Human skin can usually regulated itself and if you have super frikking dry or oily skin you’re probably eating wrong or you need to go see a doctor. Just buy whatever you want and don’t let them fool you with their ideology.

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