Drinking collagen for better skin?


You may have seen these Pokka Collagen drinks or perhaps have tried them since they’re rather affordable at less than S$2 a bottle. So since they contain collagen, they should be able to help us improve our skin from inside out isn’t it? Well, if you are thinking in that direction then don’t waste your money because collagen drinks are NOT miracles for your skin. So said Paula Begoun on drinking collagen.

When you eat or drink collagen (from meat or in supplements) it is digested and broken down into the individual amino acids it is made up of, as it would be for any animal protein you eat. But the collagen from either source would not be distributed directly to the collagen in your skin.

However, Paula adds that eating collagen does seem to be able to help the entire body’s formation of collagen. To find out more, check out her article.

She might be right as my experience with consuming collagen from taking Imedeen and Plush in the past is that they have a slight skin plumping effect but you have to keep taking it for sustained effects. Unless you can keep going at it, you are better off saving your cash.

As for this Pokka Collagen drink, you may like to try it for fun but I doubt it can do anything for your skin long term. Plus, I read that it isn’t exactly tasty.


  1. akiki says:

    what?! businessmen nowaday are really good in creating the chances to earn money~~~

    Akiki: Haha…yes, very clever of them isn’t it to capitalize on our quest for beauty?

  2. karen says:

    When I drank collagen everyday, I felt my nose looked very puffy hahaha! So I cut down to a few times a week. LOL.

    Karen: Puffy nose? That’s strange! I remember when I took Imedeen some years back, my friends said my face looked fatter. ?

  3. Leon says:

    I have never tried eating or drinking collagen, please let me know if you happen to try it:)

    Leon: I haven’t tried this but I’ve tried taking collagen before. Hmmm…the effects were not drastic for me and I prefer to take something like fish oil or maybe even EPO.

  4. Reese says:

    Actually, our bodies build collagen automatically once we have sufficient protein, vitamin c and omega 3. And all these supplements help more than just building collagen thus whenever my friends talk about taking collagen tablets I would recommend taking these natural supplements and it works and most of them end up looking younger and with more radinat skin. gosh…sounds like advertisement…lol

    Reese: Yeah, I agree about some of the supplements out there which are good for our health and our skin too. But the natural source is definitely better!

  5. peapot says:

    Hi there! I’m taking Fancl collagen drink. Have been taking for 3months, one bottle a day. My skin is more radiant and a little moisturiser is all i need. Again like what Sesame says, you need to keep at it. Once you lapse, the benefits seems to disappear. Think what Reese says also makes alot of sense.

    Peapot: Oh yes… I heard many raves on the Fancl collagen drink! But it’s expensive!

  6. muta says:

    Hi, I’ve been taking the much raved Meiji collagen for almost a month. ANd my friends has been telling me my skin looks better now.

    I used to have pretty heavy acne scars and pockmarks. Now they have tone down quite significantly.

    I’m not saying my face is perfect now, but I believe the collagen that I’ve been drinking (although not so dutifully) has helped me a lot.

    Muta: That’s great…I’m glad it’s helping your skin! ? Sometimes taking these supplements is a matter of luck too. A friend of mine took the Meji collagen but developed sensitive skin after that….

  7. Florence says:

    I have been taking fish oil for years,and the fish oil I took all brought from Aus coz is cheaper & big bottle,400 capsule per bottle.I don’t think watson got sell so big bottle of fish oil ?

    Florence: Oh fish oil is not cheap here…I like the capsule type but I was told the liquid one is better for absorption. But I’m so lazy to take the liquid one cos got to pour it out… ?

  8. Leon says:

    Oh thanks for letting me know, I also love EPO and Fish Oil, they really help:)

    Leon: ?

  9. Reese says:

    Yeah, have to be careful with supplements as well, as not many people can differentiate between natural supplements and synthetic supplements. I used to work in a advertising agency and was so aghast over some supplements’ claims.

    Reese: Ah I see…I wouldn’t be able to tell…anyway, I go with the recommendations from an organic store here cos I think their stuff can be trusted (I hope.)

  10. pf1123 says:

    I took Meji collegen before for about 2 months plus. But I didn’t see any effects, so I gave up.

    However, I need to talk about a collegen enriched cream that I have been using on and off for about 8 years (mostly on).

    I’ve been using Istrilene Collegen Enriched face cream or facial treatment cream…something like that.

    My late 20s skin is not without flaws (acne prone, oily, dry, now sun spots…) but when people see me, they always thought I’m in my early 20s. 5 to 7 years younger than my actual age. About 3 years or so ago, I was even asked if I’m over the age limit when I was buying my ticket for a movie rated M18.

    I didn’t realise the wonders of that pot of cream until recent years when people I hardly know were shocked that I look so young when I told them my actual age.

    I have no wrinkles or fine lines except on my neck which I didn’t put any of that cream on it.

    So, that cream is really my pot of youth potion.

    pf1123: Wow, sounds like a miracle potion! Where do you get this? Guardian?

  11. Florence says:

    Ya, I am also lazy to pour out the liquid,capsule is faster, one pop inside then finish!Btw I also scare the liquid fish oil have very strong fish taste ?

    Florence: Ya, it’s quite strong. The other day someone commented that taking fish oil gives her a fishy smell “down there”. ?

  12. pf1123 says:

    Yeah Guardian. It works for me. Not sure if it works for everybody though. Its quite ex for a pot. But I usually use more than 8 mths. So, not too bad.

    pf1123: I know what you mean. I ran a quick check on the web and found some raves on the product too. The general comment is also that it’s ex. But if you say it can last for 8 mths, that’s good value for money! I’ll check it out the next time I visit Guardian. I haven’t been looking at this brand before.

    Btw, I was wondering if you would be interested to contribute a guest post on this blog? No worries if you find it time consuming and can’t do it. I just thought that you’re rather beauty savvy and maybe you can review this product or even the LRP sunscreen you mentioned recently. I can’t try all the products anyway and it’ll be good to have some other perspectives.

  13. evynoppie says:

    So how does the drink taste like?
    If Paula is right, then I’d better make a special order at my local butcher for loose connective tissue, cartilages (pig’s ear), tendons, ligament scraps :). I prefer eating the real natural thing rather than taking a supplement. However, too much of those meat products is probably not good for the body…

    evynoppied: I don’t know how it taste like…as I mentioned I haven’t tried it. But some of the comments I’ve come across is that it is quite yucky.

    Yeah, eat the meat in moderation. But I’m quite fond of ligaments and tendons! They’re great for our joints too if I’m not wrong. ?

  14. pf1123 says:

    Wow! Really? I can do guest posts? That will be awesome! ?

    I’m not THAT beauty savvy. Just been doing some research and looking up various beauty blogs since my skin has gone a bit haywire these days. But I’m totally honoured.

    Please email me and let me know how I can do that?

    pf1123: Oh great! Thanks for responding so enthusiastically! ? I had readers who contributed in the past too so yes, definitely very welcome! ? I’ll send you an email later.

  15. pf1123 says:

    Thanks! It will be fun since I don’t have my own blog. ?

    pf1123: Maybe you’ll like it and start your own blog? ?

  16. abby says:

    Wow that’s new. Never knew Pokka had that one. Maybe it isn’t here yet.

    OOT, does Pokka still have that C1000 lemon drink in Singapore still? I can’t seem to find it anymore here. Wondering what happened to it.

    abby: Haven’t noticed the C1000 lemon drink if it’s still around.

  17. pf1123 says:

    I’m too lazy to start my own blog. ?

  18. Den says:

    I too, had heard quite a fair bit about Fancl and Meji products. Personally I stay away from them and prefer natural supplements. I had researched and heard that such collagen contributed to high cholesterol levels in the body, somewhat they are interlinked.

    However, that might be true for some people only.

    Den: Well, I stay clear now after hearing how a dear friend broke out and developed sensitive skin from taking the Meji collagen. Like you, I prefer health supplements.

  19. pf1123 says:

    I once saw on the news that a Taiwan doctor was being interviewed on this topic. He says the body doesn’t absorb or absorb minmally collegen products by digestion. So, I don’t spend money on this.

    I also think its better to eat food/supplements which encourage the production of collegen in our body.

    pf1123: Ah so doctors are also saying the same thing! I think eating fish and meat in a balance way is better too.

  20. w89 says:

    haha that is definetly true. because collagen come from protein families and in our digestive system there’s enzyme proteases that break down the collagen into amino acid. so we pay for nothing.. =)
    btw thanks it’s a very useful information

    w89: Hey, you’re welcome! ?

  21. Teff says:

    Well Im guessing the principle of one man’s meat is another’s poison applies here. I have been taking marine collagen supplements since 2006 and I must say that my skin has improved A LOT because of it..so I just wanna say, dont knock it till you’ve tried it. ;)Too bad if it doesnt work for some, but it seems to work for many others.

  22. sesame says:

    I think collagen intake do work as long as you’re taking it cos I’ve tried taking it years ago and there’s some effect. But like you said, for some it might work better and not for others. I guess it’s like skin care in that sense too.

  23. suki says:

    my friend take etsu collagen is sound like very gd and i can see the face is getting better and look younger that her age and i like to try but worry dont know will bring any side effect hope that yours all can give some advise thanks alot ?

  24. sesame says:

    Different pple will react differently. Some pple are perfectly fine consuming such supplements. It just happens for a minority who may also be having some internal issues that sort of conflicts with the supplements I guess. My suggestion is for you to ask around to find out from others who have taken this. If most said it worked for them and you’re healthy and all, then it should be quite safe.

  25. hannah says:

    Drink collagen of course good. Not only for skin .Good for all the joint part, ligament.I have tried collagen for a month till now still drink.Coz i know can firming my skin and body, sure show result.So important choose the right product . I am using the natural product without chemical.non-toxin. i live in healty lifestyles.I trust the product.

  26. carol newlands says:

    DR. Vanessasa powdered collagen drink is a miracle……..I get stopped all day long from people loving my skin…..

  27. Beauty Junk says:

    I love Dr Venessas coegen too. I ike the tropical favor better than the berry.It works ! No lies! Makes butt firm as sh*t . I take that and meiji premium but ran out of Dr venessas . I notice my butt started getting soft and jiggly. Im now only taking Meiji but don’t know if I should continue as the cost is high and I dont think the results are worth it.I have been on it for more than six month. Maybe almost a year .Im in my late 20.i should be looking like a teenager with the way Im consuming Meiji but I dont look any younger.

  28. Beauty Junk says:

    I will say this about meiji.My skin seems less oily,more dry.though I don’t think dry skin is great,I do have less breakouts.On the bad side ,I have bad joints and there cracking more than ever.So if meiji is so wnderful why are my joints cracking,and i just got my first sighn of crowsfeet! The line seems to be going away but I think thats due to Colonial dames vitamin E Fluid.I also like jarrows biosil .When I was using it my fines lines around my eyes dissapeared! You have to follow the instructions though .Twice a day capsules,or it will not work!

  29. Beauty Junk says:

    On second thought I feel my skin has alot of Elastin.It has increased since I started taking collagen. I think the Meiji has helped with my face Elastin,and Dr venessas formula with my body firmness.. and jarrows Biosil with my fine lines around my eyes. I do get people who think Im younger than I am. I also think the colonial Dames beauty oil made the line on my eye less visible.Colonial dames rocks and they don’t test on animals!

  30. SITISITI1980 says:

    if the company brave to sell Collagen Water, pls make sure your goods really got collagen! if not maybe sue! cause I dont believe a collagen water can sell below RM10? day dream.

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