Rootote found at Funan DigitaLife Mall


Although I appreciate the convenience of online shopping but when it comes to shopping for apparel and fashion accessories, I really prefer to purchase them at the store. Talk about instant gratification! Plus, I get inputs from people around me on how the item can fit me. This was why I picked this design from Rootote because my husband, my kid and the store assistant all told me this looks better compared to another I was holding!

Huge selection at Funan Mall
Yes, another Rootote to the collection! It’s simply irresistible with the wide selection found at Standard Stationery #02-23/29 in Funan Digital Life Mall. I have to thank MadAboutSprees for sounding me up about this find in my earlier post on Rootote in Singapore or I would never think to shop at Funan for tote bags!  They have a wider selection than Artbox which I bought my previous two from, plus they’re cheaper!!! The polyester and rhythmic are just S$15.90!


Many Rootote Medium designs available
There were so many Rootote Medium designs from Cotton, Polyester, Rhythmic and Luxe. The store also carries a number of the A-Quatre designs with prices starting from S$30.  Very few Rootote Tall designs though. 

I was able to score myself a design from the Rootote Medium Luxe which comes with PU trim and base on top of a magnetic clasp in the main compartment at S$29! Although I much prefer polyester material but I’m very happy with this cotton tote!

If you’re keen to check out Rootote, or would love to have more Rootote bags to your collection, check out Standard Stationery. But of course, you can always stick to online shopping if that suits you better.

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  1. Nikki says:

    the prints look exciting ?

    Nikki: It’s quite interesting isn’t it? ?

  2. Ms. Blacklace says:

    OMG OMG OMG! I’m soooooo going there!!!!

    Ms Blacklace: I hope you’ll find something interesting! I forgot to add in my entry that the store assistant mentioned that they bring in new designs but she was unable to say how frequent though.

  3. Ms Lips says:

    Thanks Sesame for giving me the tip about Roototes in Funan. I went to the shop on that very evening itself. I didn’t see the one you scored but managed to get a medium rootote for my mum. One thing though, the material makes a lot of diffence and that’s one thing you can’t tell from the websites. I showed my mum the designs and the one she picked actually looked much nicer on the website. It turned out to be polyester. If it were cotton, it would have been nicer.

    Ms Lips: You didn’t see this design I have? There were two left. Don’t tell me they were sold out in a space of a few hours! Funny I also didn’t see this design on the various websites.

    I think some of the pics on the websites aren’t that clear too. One thing I find deviates most when I purchase items online is the size! Sometimes on pictures they look big but when you actually receive them, they turned out so small!

  4. Tine says:

    Oh my goodness, Roototes you can see and feel! It sure beats buying them online, that’s for sure.

    Tine: You think so too?

  5. cowsandlemonade says:

    Your bag is super cute, maps of any kind usually looks good in a bag size versus a shirt or dress LOL! Very cute! Now they just need matching sun hats ?

    cowsandlemonade: Thank you! I like it very much too. Russia was a place I wanted to visited when I was younger too!

  6. Gabriel says:

    Thanks so much about the post,now i hav other place to find Rootote bag instead of the one in Bugis junction, i just so love it.

    But do u know how can we clean them,my is not too dirty but the color is getting a bit dard now, soo… don’t know whether we can wash it?

  7. sesame says:

    I heard we can wipe but for washing, I’m not too sure. For those cotton totes, I’m not sure if the colors on the prints will run.

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