Where to get Rootote in Singapore


The Rootote collection in Artbox located at #02-44/45 AMK Hub has expanded to include more designs in Cotton, Polyester and Curieux. However, I didn’t see any from the Luxe or Plain selection and while there were some Rootote Tall designs, the selection was limited to a handful of Cotton.

I couldn’t resist getting the Rootote Medium Roundel, a design I’ve been eyeing because of the color combination. It is in the exact material, size and design as the Rootote Medium Corner which I already have.

I know Artbox has another outlet at #03-18 Tampines Mall but I’m not certain if they carry Rootote. My guess is yes although I would need someone who knows to verify this. Besides Artbox, you can also find Rootote available in various shops throughout Singapore. I saw a few Rootote Plain in Maameemoo at #B1-02 Wisma Atria and I understand that you can also find a good selection at Fie Japan located at Bugis Junction #01-16, HarbourFront Centre #02-14 and Tampines Mall #01-01A. In addition, you can also order Rootote online at Mela. In fact, a friend had already ordered a couple from them.

If you know of any other places that sell Rootote, please leave a comment with the details.


  1. Mag says:

    Rootote at Wisma is now on discount (20%)! ?

    Mag: The discount is still on? I saw it quite awhile back actually…

  2. MsLips says:

    I find the Fie Japan shop at Bugis sells the Roototes at quite a mark up. I was actually eyeing a couple but when I saw the prices, I left empty handed. The online shops like Mela and the Australian Rootote website sells it for cheaper. I like the new designs for the Medium collection.

    MsLips: I’ve not seen them at Fie Japan. Haven’t gone to Bugis in ages! It’s quite silly that they’re selling at a markup when we can get them cheaper elsewhere.

  3. Mag says:

    I saw it last Wednesday and they told me it was indefinite.

    Mag: Oh it is? Great…I was in a hurry the last time and didn’t have much time to check them out. Now I can take my time…hee…

  4. GabrielLe says:

    Yes, I can confirm that TM does carry Rootote and I personally own one too! =)

    GabrielLe: Thanks for confirming that information about Tampines Mall! ?

  5. MadAboutSprees says:

    Hey, just to let you girls know that RooTote is also available at the following places:

    – a shop beside ToastBox in Jurong Point (new wing). Sorry I didn’t catch the name!
    – the stationery shop at Funan The IT Mall, Level 2. They have a wide range of RooTotes at affordable prices!!

    MadAboutSprees: Oh cool! I should head to Funan to check the shop out! Thanks for the info!

  6. Ms. Blacklace says:

    I went to artbox to cheack it out. And I gave into temptation and got myself a roo-tote too!!!!

    I got the Floret design. So cute….. It adds color to a dull black dress, and it adds color to my all black uniform [I’m a bartender and my uniform is all black… hides any stains I have!]

    Now I’m eyeing the RT Medium Luxe – FRUITS and the roo-shoppers at mela.com

    Ms Blacklace: Hey, I’m planning to get to Funan to check out the collection cos one reader left a comment that there is a store with a good selection.

  7. alanine says:

    This seller has ready stocks and she also organises Pre-orders.
    Check it out!


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