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I was dismayed to learn from a friend that a nail salon which I had reviewed recently has resorted to hard selling tactics. She had visited the salon after reading my review and had received satisfactory service the first time. That prompted her to visit again last week, and this time with a friend. But unfortunately for her and her friend, they were greeted with hard selling tactics. My friend eventually signed on a package because the deal was quite attractive but she was certainly not pleased with the pushy sales approach.

Desperate times, desperate measures
I supposed this is all part of business but I was under the impression that the nail salon might be different because the owner had struck me as someone who is young and hence, should be aware that such hard selling tactics are not appreciated. Guess I was wrong. Desperate times do call for desperate measures!

Lack of tact
I’ve no idea if the service staff are promised commissions based on their sales but this is often the key reason why some of the service staff are so pushy.  Other times, they maybe under pressure to push the package due to instructions from the top.  But the problem I see is that these service staff are not able to close deals tactfully and often come across as overly aggressive instead. 

Unfavorable appeal in the long run
Seriously, nobody appreciates hard selling tactics these days.  While the operators can say that they’re trying to help consumers save their money,  the real deal of course is that they want help on their own bottomline.  And not that this is wrong.  Just that they need to understand that hard sell tactics will never win the customers’ favor in the long run.

Need to train staff to close the sales deal effectively
So companies who want customers to commit to their packages need to train their service staff with better sales techniques.  Consumers are very savvy these days – while they may appreciate a little nudge to remind them of the cost savings that comes with signing on a full package, they really don’t appreciate a shove.  Even if you manage to somehow arm twist them to take on a package, that maybe the only package they’ll sign on.  Heard of “once bitten, twice shy”?

Share your experience
So ladies, what are your experiences with hard selling tactics?  Personally, I hate hard selling and I’ll never hesitate to tell the staff off if they’re coming across as overly pushy.  Charms on the other hand may work better, but still, I rarely cave in to such pressures – unless the deal is totally irresistible.


  1. min sin says:

    I have encountered such a scenario in all the beauty saloon I been before.

    The worst one I have ever experienced is in Asian Skin Solution. It is when I went for a my monthly facial session. It was my second time after I signed up for a package with them.

    Before I started my facial, i told my beautician and consultant that I am in rush and need to leave once the facial session is finished. In the mid of my session(before face mask is put on),2 consultants took turn to come in asking me to upgrade my package and trying new treatment. I was so irritated with their working attitude to disturb my session.
    After the facial completed, they are so persistent to ask me to upgrade the package. Immediately, i told them I will never upgrade my package until I am satisfy with the result.

    Ever since they never try to pursue me anymore for upgrading my package or getting their saloon skin care.

  2. stella says:

    i’ve actually stopped going for facials, massages, manicures and any of such services in the last few years because of the hard selling involved. the salespeople cannot get it in their heads that i just don’t want a package, no matter how attractive, because i just like the freedom of not having one. it makes the experience really stressful – ironically, when it’s supposed to help you relax. now, i go for these services when i’m on holiday instead.

  3. Paris B says:

    Its common in many beauty salons because I think its part of the sales person’s incentive package. I find it happens less in more established or salons that are owned/operated by the brands themselves. Still its a phenomenon that’s growing and that whole “free first trial” or “cheap first trial” offer is always the lure. Pity because I don’t return too when I get the hard sell.

  4. Nikki says:

    I have most of those experiences in a Salon, I always feel my hair is ok but everytime I came out of a salon, I felt depressed because everyone at the salon kept on pressuring me to purchase a treatment because my hair is “LIFELESS” and needs “REBORN” this and that…it never works for me, I’m not going back!

  5. yen says:

    I had a few experiences.
    One good example is when you wanted to try out a new beauty salon that has promotion like $38 (UP $200) facial. The “consultant” will try to sell you the same treatment after the facial. One of the ways is to tell you that your face has alot of flaws – pigmentations, pores, aging, spots through out the entire facial. it is not enjoyable at all. This is to instil fear in you so that you would want to pay up for the package. Then they will tell you that since you came forward for the trial shows you are interested. Why Not??
    Usually my tactic is to inform them I HAVE a package already and have not finished the sessions. WHen I finished and I am keen, I would return. I just kept repeating myself. some persistent staff will prevent you from leaving the tiny consultation room, but I always tell them, I wont want to waste my $ in two salons.

  6. alixana says:

    I hate hard selling. I might end up signing the package but I won’t patronise the salon again once I’ve finished the existing course. Like stella says, it’s stressful – when one of the main reasons you go to a salon is to destress!

  7. Den says:

    I can relate to this hardsell sales tactic. It is for this reason that I stop going for facials! Honestly, if I am not pressed for such hardsell, I would usually want to find out more, kind of like reverse psychology.

    And I really hate it when the facialists start commmenting on my face, saying how bad it is, how dull, how lifeless, etc etc and isn’t that the reason why I would going for facials in the first place.

  8. loop says:

    I went for an eye treatment at L’espace Beaute at Paragon 5th level last week. The therapist was not pushy at all. She only passed me some brochures after the treatment. For mani/pedi, I prefer to go the Far East Plaza. There are alot of nail salons. U can compare the price 1st & see which one is more worth it. Most of these salons do suggest packages but they are not pushy.

  9. AtelierGal says:

    Some beauty consultants even went as far as critise your skin condition, from what I’ve read at various forums.

    People these days stoop too low to hit their sales target. Anyway, facials to me aren’t really that necessary.

  10. sesame says:

    So it sounds like you went back again and they’ve also learnt to watch their limit. Good for you that you mean those with more EQ!

  11. sesame says:

    It’s very annoying I agree. I stopped going for facials one stage because of the hard selling too. In fact, I sometimes hate shopping too because some the SAs are becoming pushy too.

  12. sesame says:

    I guess it depends on the operators and what is important to them – retaining customer relationships or capturing business.

  13. sesame says:

    Oh don’t get me started on hair salons! I’m so afraid to go to them because they always point at my scalp and go tsk tsk here and tsk tsk there. Really irritate the hell out of me! Luckily, I found a good hairstylist with high EQ!

  14. sesame says:

    Your tactic is very effective! But it’s annoying that they point out the flaws and even exaggerate them to scare customers! Very unethical!

  15. sesame says:

    Yes, I will take pains to avoid the shop…especially if I have to walk past the next time.

  16. sesame says:

    It’s depressing isn’t it…especially when they exaggerate their claims?

  17. sesame says:

    That’s good, that you met a therapist who is not pushy. I think brochures are good. In fact, they can always past brochures to show their cost savings and that might interest some to sign on the packages without them pushing it.

  18. sesame says:

    *sigh* I wonder why they still think these tactics will work. Maybe once…but it’s such a big turn off and they could lose their customers for good!

  19. sesame says:

    Oops…I mean meet those with more EQ!

  20. moonymoo says:

    Hmmm… I remember going for this debit card promo once when I was still a student (I think it was $28 for a 60 min full body massage?). Well, we weren’t exactly interested in signing a package so after we came out, we were prepared to decline whatever packages they offered. But their attitude after we said no was horrible!!! They said some snide remarks like “You’re still schooling right? No wonder” etc and ignored us totally. They said there was supposed to be some tea to drink after the massage but it never came. So i ended up having to ask for it before it was served. The whole ordeal after we declined was just so awkward for the both of us. It kinda felt like they were looking down on us because we were students.

    I’m NEVER going back there again.

  21. prettybeautiful says:

    i have also encountered some really hard selling before, and worst part is: i always dont know how to turn down. i always have the after-facial phobia when they will explain all the stuff and emotionally pressure me to sign. gosh. i really need to learn how to have a good xcuse

  22. The Undercover Gypsy says:

    Hard-selling tactics definitely seem to have become more popular these days. I don’t think businesses really care about whether we appreciate that or not, they definitely do seem most interested in parting our money from us.
    Like you mentioned, I too once thought that some of the more savvy owners/business managers understood that hard-selling is not really welcomed, but no, it does not seem to work that way.
    I always think up some kind of creative excuse to get out of these package deals. Perhaps we should all come up with the best/most outrageous excuse we have used to get out of these things! ?

  23. Leon says:

    I get so frustrated that i might even consider avoiding that place in the future, sometimes I tend to tell them straight, I might sound rude but thats me, I hate hard selling.

  24. sesame says:

    That’s really unprofessional! I suppose it never struck them that students do grow up with spending powder…or maybe they just don’t care.

  25. sesame says:

    Sometimes I use my husband as an excuse…that I have to seek his permission! Haha…

  26. sesame says:

    What do you usually say? It’s interesting to know! I’ve tried not bringing my credit card…but provided I pay by cash. Or I’ll use my husband as an excuse and that I can’t get through to him.

  27. sesame says:

    Oh I get rude too! It’s just gets on my nerve too!

  28. Nurul says:

    oh gosh i hate hard selling tactics too!
    once i was at orchard road, this lady was trying to get my cousin to try some ‘free massage’. my cousin politely declined and tried to walk away but she held on to her arm and refused to let go while still insisting that she tried the free massage! She wouldn’t let go until we got annoyed and told her off. I thought hard-selling “verbally” was bad, but doing it physically is just ridiculous.

    but yes, like the other readers have mentioned. i’ve experienced beauty consultants who always comment on how bad my skin looks and try to sell me some of their products. but the thing is… their skin isn’t so perfect either so i told them that they should take care
    of their own skin first before trying to criticize other’s and telling them that they need the product to make our skin better.

  29. sesame says:

    That’s a good one – to ask them to check their own skin conditions before criticizing others!

  30. Tine says:

    I’m so blogging about this too. I absolutely DETEST pushy sales people ?

  31. sesame says:

    More reasons for online shopping…but with services, it’s difficult unless we avoid going to them altogether.

  32. Purple says:

    ya! I was so fustrated at my NYSS consultant last night for the very same reason! She tried to hardsell me all the time! Firstly she hardsell me to buy expensive facial packages (which she quotes me different prices everytime!) then she insisted me buy additional expensive amphur, I all gave in to her because she literally like cage me in the small room and critise my skin until worthless. After paying so much and giving in, last nite she still expect me to buy their products! its really too much! I gave her a super black face and rejected her bluntly and walk out. I’m seriously considering forgo-ing the remaining expensive facial sessions ($800+) that I’ve already paid for to avoid her hardsell anymore!! its like an endless pit keep asking me sign this sign that!

  33. Nora says:

    I have the same experience just a week ago after I went to a hair salon for a rebonding session. The lady tried hard to ask me to do treatment and buy their hair serum. She even said that my hair is falling! I declined all their sell tactics but when I paid for my hair, they have jack up the price for @ least $50. I’m a regular @ the hair salon so I know the price very well. I was angry with the commments yet relieved that I didn’t succumb to their “evil” tactics

  34. The Undercover Gypsy says:

    My favourite excuse is the one where I lead “such a busy life” that I might have a long term assignment someplace abroad and I won’t be able to honour the contract….lol…evil, I know…

  35. sesame says:

    Wa…to have to forgo the treatments is not worth it since you already paid for it. Try not to get annoyed but just stand firm?

  36. sesame says:

    They jack up the price even though you did not buy their products? That’s not right isn’t it?

  37. sesame says:

    Hmm…that’s a clever approach! Definitely something I’ll consider using!

  38. Sherry says:

    my friend went to one slimming salon she paid the course at the promtion booth but later going the salon she needs to pay more, saying that this and not bottle not included. ?

  39. sesame says:

    That’s totally unethical. Actually, these practices can be brought to justice to the small claims dept. if I’m not wrong.

  40. Patrice says:

    Maybe beauty consultants will receive additinal incentives on top of their salary. That is why they are doing those hard selling tactics.

  41. sesame says:

    I believe so…that’s why I mentioned that they could be promised commissions for their sales and this is why they try so hard.

  42. ratna says:

    I’ve started to frequent neighbourhood salons because of this. You’ve got to shop around for the right one but once you’ve got them, it’s the best.

    I tend not to get facials done since they’re really pretty much useless (i’ve been going for them since I was 12, I’m 20 now) and I opt for at home treatments + visits to the dermatologist instead.

    For things like day spa offering the whole works, I take a plane to Bangkok or Siem Reap. I think even nearby Johor has got great deals.

  43. sesame says:

    I was under the impression that neighbourhood salons are notorious for this!

    I thought facials were useless too until recently. You’ve got to meet the right one and when you do, they do make a lot of difference! Daily regime is important but sometimes you need some work like face contouring to give it more firming and lifting. Anyway, you’re young and you don’t really need them that badly. ?

  44. karen says:

    i’ve experienced 2 hard sellers in 1 day. one in a nail salon and one in a handphone shop. both shops caused me so much time and excuses in order to step out of the place.

    i was looking at a classic mani+pedi promo @ $33( buddy promo) and $38 per person and the sales girl keep telling me my nails lack care and not well shaped. but my nails were short and i said i’ll only do it when it gets longer and she said i should shape it before it gets long. i told her if i do it now my nail will grow out and the nail polish will look ugly ( half painted half not). and my ma, after waiting so long, told the staff that we’re short of time. the staff said she can do it very very fast. i said i’ll search for another friend cause of the buddy promo but she says that the buddy promo doesnt have the scrub and she keep persisting that i should do the scrub. i was really irritated and i said i’ll call back to reserve and she kept holding the name card and doesnt want to give me. she said why not i make a reservation now. bloody irritated my ma help me to tell her that we’re rushing to go and pulled me away.

    i wont talk about the hp shop but basically they’re all hard selling. and facials too. always convincing me to buy packages or to buy their products.

  45. sesame says:

    Two in a day? That’s totally annoying! I’m really afraid to walk into those services that run promotions that are too attractive. Ususally, there will be a condition – to sign up the packages!

  46. lione jhon says:

    i’ve found a really circumstances in most the beauty saloon My partner and i already been ahead of.

    The worst one I have at any time seasoned is Hard anodized cookware Skin tone Option. It’s as i proceeded to go for just a my personal regular monthly facial program. It had been my personal minute moment once i decided upon any package deal with them.

    Ahead of My partner and i started out my personal facial, my spouse and i instructed my personal beautician and advisor i feel in dash and need to keep if the facial program is completed. Inside the middle of the of my personal session(before face mask can be place on), only two consultants got consider come in wanting to know everyone to improve my personal package deal and striving new remedy. My partner and i has been so irritated with their doing the job mindset to affect my personal program.
    After the facial accomplished, these are so persistent to request everyone to improve the particular package deal. Quickly, my spouse and i instructed all of them I most certainly will never improve my personal package deal right up until We are please with all the result.

    Since that time these people never try to go after everyone any more intended for replacing my personal package deal as well as obtaining their particular saloon healthy skin care.

  47. Cherry says:

    I have this experience before and is still tackling them. It’s Victoria Facelift which I am dealing with.

    It all started with a $20 voucher. I went in, did the cleansing facial and found the results not bad. They promoted me more of their cleansing facial and I signed up, thinking that nothing is amiss.

    But as time goes by, you feel that you are being forced into listening to their hard selling talks every facial.

    Not only are they hard selling, they assume that all your paycheck is only to go to them. When I said I have no money as I’m not gonna be working, the consultant said “you only won’t be working from next month on, you still have a paycheck this month.”

    The consultant I had do have ways to rebute my excuses.. I am getting very very irritated with them..

    The best part is, they call me back for facials on a weekly basis. There was once I asked another consultant why do I have to do facials at such intervals whereby my other friends are all doing their facials once a month? She said “huh? Once a month? That’s too long already. I never heard such a long interval to have facials. Your friends really shocked me.” The thing is, I feel that they make me go back weekly as they want to sell me packages and products in every session. Cam you imagine every session they sell you products which are a price of 4 digits..?

    Having said so much, I am really angry at myself for signing up so many of their packages..

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