Kiss My Face Treat Mint SPF15 Lip Balm

Kiss My Face Lipbalm

I was quite surprised to find Kiss My Face products at Vitakids, a place which I get vitamin supplies for my kid.  Kiss My Face is a range of natural beauty products from US and I saw a small selection at the Paragon outlet comprising of cleansers and lotions.  I decided to try out their Treat Mint SPF15 Organic Lip Balm.  It retails for S$8.20 but as a member, I received a 10% discount.

Strong minty flavor
Mint flavor is not exactly my favorite and this one is quite strong!  My lips felt an instant enlivening zing upon application but the feeling subsided quickly and the mint flavor lingers on but no longer bothers me.  I like the fact that this lip balm contains 72% organic ingredients and is an SPF 15!  Actually, it’s very close to Eco Lips Organic Lip Balm with SPF15 that I’ve reviewed before.

Kiss My Face vs Eco Lips

Softening and antioxidant properties
Kiss My Face SPF15 Organic  Beeswax is described as  skin softening with antioxidant properties.  It also contain Echinacea Purpurea, which is anti-inflammatory amd Goldenseal: anti-bacterial.   The ingredients are not totally natural though, especially considering the active ingredients used.  In fact, I purchased it thinking that this lip balm only uses titanium dioxide to provide the sun protection.

Ingredients listing
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS:Octinoxate 7.5%, Oxybenzone 4%
INACTIVE INGREDIENTS:Canola Oil*, Beeswax**, Lecithin*, Beeswax, Cocos Nucifera Oil*, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Leaf Extract, Menthol, Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Titanium Dioxide, Camphor, Tocopherol, Styrax Benzoin Resin Extract

Overall, I do like this lip balm in spite of the minty flavor.  While it’s not as sweet as something like berry, it’s still pleasant and more importantly, the lip balm does soothe my lips and keep it moisturized  The price point is not too bad so it’s  definitely something to consider if you’re looking for an affordable  natural lip balm which offers SPF protection.

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  1. Muta says:


    Wow! I’ve always heard good review about Kiss My Face products and has been itching to try it for a year, but so far still too lazy to order it online. I can’t believe now they’re available in Singapore!

    Thank you for the info! ? ?

    For me I’m okay with not-100% natural product, as long as it’s safe to use, provie result and don’t test on animal! I’m trying my best to use only cruelty-free products.

  2. sesame says:

    I was surprised too. I’ve been receiving lots of press releases on the product and that piqued my interest in the brand. But it’s really a small selection available here. I guess they’re testing the market first.

  3. Aicha says:

    I myself love mint flavored lipglosses, the cooler the feel the better! You had me interested in this product but I don’t think it’s available in the Philippines yet ?

    For now I use Alba Terra Tints 70% organic. I love it because it’s tinted a light reddish hue and its pretty minty!

  4. sesame says:

    Ah, we don’t have Alba Terra products here I think…or at least I haven’t seen them. So that makes us equal. ?

  5. Jyoan says:

    Hi, I was just wondering if you have seen Mentholatum Lip Pure Lip Balm at Watsons? It is $7.90, and touts 100% food grade ingredients. It is the first time I see food grade ingredients on cosmetic stuff. Not sure if I can believe it or not. I’ve bought it, and so far I like it. I am just worried that I will get cheated into believing whatever they say.

  6. sesame says:

    I haven’t checked this one out. It’s new right? I had a quick look at the ingredient and except for the last 2, seems that all others are natural oils.

  7. spanishbeauty says:

    sesame I now have so many lip products thanks to you, i don’t think i’ve ever actually finished one fully before falling in love with another :s Do you ever finish your products? hehe =)

  8. germaine says:

    Hi! Thanks for all the useful info on your blog over the years – it’s been really helpful to me, especially when it comes to skincare and sunscreen ingredients!

    I’m currently looking for a lip balm with spf and I see that the lip balm in this article has oxybenzone in it. I recall an article of yours written in 2008 which stated that oxybenzone was a harmful ingredient and when applied to the lips, could even cause staining of the lips etc. May I know why you are using a lip balm with this ingredient now – has it been proven that oxybenzone is not actually harmful, or that it is not harmful in small percentages? Please let me know, it would be much appreciated! – as a lot of lip balms with spf30 out there, eg. Natio, Banana Boat, all contain oxybenzone, and the presence of this ingredient has always been a deterrent for me in purchasing these lip balms!

  9. sesame says:

    Yes, I’ve written that Oxybenzone is to be avoided in sunscreens but I don’t recall writing anything about it being particularly harmful when applied to the lips or that it causes staining. And nothing as far as I know has changed the research shown about Oxybenzone being harmful.

    I bought this lip balm thinking it only contain titanium dioxide – if you read my 3rd paragraph. But I use it occasionally to get sun protection for my lips – it’s a personal threshold I get pass. I personally use chemical sunscreen occasionally too even though I’m not fond – and I’ve always been open about this. Anyway, most lip balms with SPF has this ingredient – those that only contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide makes the lips very white and is almost impossible to use.

    So you have to make your own decision, if you want to use it. It’s 4% of Oxybenzone vs a whole lot more in a sunscreen so to me, I am able to use this occasionally without too much concerns.

  10. sesame says:

    Okay, here’s one that you might want to check out – Badger lip balm. I have a review here:

  11. germaine says:

    Thanks! ? My mistake, I must have read about the lip-staining thing somewhere else instead! I’ll try the Badger lip balm – thanks very much for your kind & prompt response!

  12. sesame says:

    No worries…I hope you’ll like the Badger when you do try it. It’s good for the beach type of outing but for daily, it’s probably okay if you use it under a lipstick. Unfortunately, I haven’t come across more natural type of SPF lip balms. Even if they’re mostly natural and organic, the sun filters are usually chemical based and oxybenzone is always one of them.

  13. Nashwa says:

    I love the taste of mint and berries. ?

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