Review: La Claree Oliv’ organic skin care range

La Claree Oliv' product range

If you’ve visited Watsons at Ngee Ann City or ION Orchard recently, you may have noticed some new organic skin care products – one of which is La Claree, an organic brand originating from France. Oliv’ is the organic facial and body care line introduced under the brand and the products are formulated with organic olive leaf extract, organic green tea, organic aloe vera and organic edelweiss.

I was sent a kit comprising four of their products mainly under their body care range by their local distributor StarAsia, and the first thing that struck me was the lovely olive scent. It’s very light, but very calming and soothing. Definitely scored some major points there!

Certified organic by ECOCERT
Since the La Claree Oliv’ range are organic, it means they are free from parabens, colouring agents or synthetic fragrances. The Oliv’ range is certified organic by ECOCERT and products are made from 98% natural ingredients. Additionally, 30% of all the ingredients are from organic farming, even though the requirements only stipulate 10%. There is also no animal testing, and all product packaging are recycled and recyclable.

La Claree Oliv' exfoliating soap

La Claree Oliv’ Exfoliating Soap 75gr S$10.90
This is an interesting soap that comes with Argan kernel powder for exfoliating. Other key ingredients are 94% vegetable foaming base derived from coprah and coconut, 1% sweet almond oil, and 1% olive leaf extract. The exfoliating capability is quite good and I can give my hands and legs a good scrub. It also foams well and cleanses very thoroughly. The only thing is that because it’s a soap, it’s kind of difficult to exfoliate your entire body well because of the shape. But it works well if you’re just exfoliating certain parts of your body or are planning to give your elbows and heels a good scrub.

La-Claree-Oliv'-moisturizing -hand-cream

La Claree Moisturizing Hand Cream 50ml S$24.90
This is my favorite of the four items I’ve received. Love, love the scent and how well it moisturizes my hands without leaving it greasy or sticky. It’s pretty lightweight but it’s able to nourish my hands quite well, keeping it from drying out quickly. It’s now my staple hand cream in the day. Active ingredients include 15% aloe vera juice, 9% olive leaf extract, 3% macadamia and sweet almond oils, 3% shea butter, 1% green tea and edelweiss, inuline, palmarosa, cedar and citrus essential oils. If your hands are not extremely dry, I would highly recommend you to try this for its soothing qualities.

La Claree Oliv' moisturizing body cream

La Claree Oliv’ Moisturizing Body Cream 200ml S$41.90
The body cream has the same scent although the smell seems a tad milder. This product contains 10% aloe vera juice, 8% olive leaf, 5% carthame oil, 3% macadamia and sweet almond oils, 1.95% green tea and edelweiss, 1% shea butter, palmarosa, cedar and citrus essential oils – pretty similar to the hand cream but not as concentrated. I’m half-minded about this one. On one hand, it’s lightweight and absorbs into my skin easily without leaving any residue but on the other hand, it’s not nourishing enough for my rather dry arms. Hence, I keep this for day use as this is perfect when I slap on another layer of sunscreen on my arms.

La Claree Oliv' Radiance Elixir

La Claree Oliv’ Radiance Elixir 15ml S$54.90
I was told this is La Claree’s star product and is described as a natural dry oil that can smooth out wrinkles, stimulate cell activity and protect the skin from the effects of ageing. Key ingredients include 53% jojoba oil, 18% macadamia oil, 3% sunflower oil, 3% olive leaf extract, 0.5% evening primrose oil, 0.5% vitamin E, green tea, edelweiss and aloe vera, palmarosa, cedar and lemon essential oils. I haven’t really tested this product as so far, I’ve only managed to use it twice. First impressions are that application of 6 drops as per the instructions given is too much for me. Even after cutting back, I found it a tad oily for my skin. I guess it must be the jojoba oil, which has this effect for me. My guess is this is great for dry to normal skin type. Anyway, I’ll need to test it out again before concluding but I don’t quite like the fact that isopropyl palmitate is listed third on the ingredient list.

Overall summary
The La Claree Oliv’ range is definitely of premium quality – comparable to some of the products from L’Occitane. The price points, at first glance, seem quite expensive but if you were to factor in the quality, then I would say this is definitely mid range with some of the products being retailed at a very reasonable price with the organic ingredients. If you’re into organic body care products, I would recommend checking the range out – especially the hand cream!


  1. loveless says:

    I’m always looking for good hand creams and La Claree hand cream looks promising. =) Except for the price though. I re-apply my hand cream whenever my hands feel dry and hence tend to use up my hand creams pretty fast.
    Currently, Yuskin A is my staple. Love the smell and the texture. I once bought olive hand cream from Japan. It’s from the olive garden on an island called Shodoshima. Loved it for the texture and no fragrance, Unfortunately, it’s not available in S’pore, nor is it organic.Since then I have been looking for affordable and high quality olive hand creams in S’pore but to no avail. How long do you estimate the tube will last based on your current usage? I think I’ll check out when I’m in the area, then decide.

  2. heather says:

    is their full range skincare available at watsons NAC/ION? i’m googled the brand up and i’m quite interested in their radiance mask. hehe..

  3. Blovet Beauty says:

    oohh… this product line looks really expensive and of high quality.I really like products from france too- they are usually very high in quality ?
    Elixir comprises of really excellent stuff like vit E, aloe and green tea. Sounds like something my skin would love ?

  4. sesame says:

    Very hard to guage as it depends on usage. I have a 30ml hand cream which I used only in the day – lasted me about a month or so. Perhaps I can stretch to two months for this…not too sure.

  5. sesame says:

    Yes, I was informed only available at Watsons in Ngee Ann City and ION. I saw it at NAC this week.

  6. sesame says:

    Yes, quite high quality. I was reminded of L’Occitane which I was loving for awhile. I generally love products from Europe…I think their skin care products are usually exceptional. Only thing is their prices also tend to reflect that.

  7. Joanne says:

    Wow, Sesame, howcome you alwys gt freebies!! So gd…. ?

  8. sesame says:

    Yes, being on the media list is part of the perks. ? But I do work for it!

  9. sesame says:

    I was just informed that the range will be available at more Watsons’ outlets next week and here’s the list:
    – Ngee Ann City
    – Parkway Parade
    – Tiong Bahru Plaza
    – Compass Point
    – Tampines Mall
    – Jurong Point
    – Ion Orchard
    – Causeway Point
    – Tanglin Mall
    – Vivo City
    – IMM Mall
    – Raffles City
    – Marina Square
    – Great World City
    – Changi Terminal 3 Transit (End of Sept)

  10. Gloria Z says:

    Hi Sesame, thank you for the insightful review. Did you ever review L’uvalla certified Organic skincare? They use argan oil instead of oilve oil. I have been using their age-defying products for 6 months now (I picked them up at Whole Foods) and I’m amazed every day after I apply the skincare on my face. I was actually a La Mer girl until I found out about the chemicals used in La Mer and switched over to L’uvalla. I will never go back. L’uvalla is the highest quality products that I ever used and the smell is AMAZING!!!! If you have not reviewed them previously, please do so for your readers! Thanks for listening. Sincerely Gloria Z

  11. sesame says:

    I’ve not seen this brand around…will check it out and keep a lookout. Thanks for sharing your positive experience!

  12. Gloria Z says:

    Thank you Sesame, you won’t be dissapointed.

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