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This is a guest post contributed by Joey Lam, owner of Kanga Organics.

Every time I flip the pages of any fashion or beauty magazines, the advertisements scream out to me “buy me, try me, use me!” And believe it or not, I was actually a dupe for such adverts just eight months ago. Even now, these adverts still scream out to me, but I have more self restrain as I go by the organic set of rules for any skincare or makeup purchases. If the product advertised is not organic or even natural, I will only read the advert, and then turn the page without having second thoughts if I should pop by the stores to check them out.

Benefits of the organic ruling
This organic ruling has actually helped me save quite a substantial amount of money, not to mention time spent at these stores. At the same time, it has allowed me to be more aware of what goes onto my skin, and be conscious of what I’m buying is actually helping or contributing to global warming by supporting products that are not animal friendly or environmental friendly in its production process.

Product hopping and not finding something that help me
I used to be such a disloyal customer to any skincare brands I use, simply because there were so many advertisements to sway me from continuing with what I was using, and as a result I switched from brands to brands, one after another, and am always dissatisfied with what I’m using, and always on the lookout for more brands with more promises, only to get disappointed in the end that nothing I’ve tried seems to work for my skin’s problems.

Advertising claims and scams
The fact is most of the commercial advertisements claim their products to be able to deliver all the promises within days or weeks, only to entice one to make a single purchase to try them out. However, once you have tried, you may realized that it usually doesn’t work as claimed. But of course when confronted, the sales assistants will tell you that you will only see better results with continuous usage. So doesn’t this mean you will need to become a long term customer to see results? This for me simply smells of advertising scam, and I end up feeling cheated as a consumer.

Less advertising for organic skincare
On the contrary, you don’t really see that many organic skincare advertising. They tend to be more discreet in their promotional methods and let consumers who already know the benefits of using organic or are interested to read the ingredients, decide for themselves. But I do recognize that with the influx of so many new organic brands, this may change overtime and consumers may also find it increasingly harder to know which is the best.

Simple skincare routine and a healthy lifestyle works best
And now that I’ve gone organic, I realized that I only need to keep to a basic skincare routine that works the best for me, along with a healthy and happy lifestyle to have better skin glowing from within. I also found that lots of laughter also helps to lower stress hormones, thus helping skin’s ability to regenerate, and drinking plenty of water to flush out toxins to let skin glow works the best too.

Less overspending and less obsession with skincare
This mindset has helped save me from overspending on expensive skincare products and unnecessary products, and reduced my stress of wondering when my skin will get better after using any new particular product purchased. Without using so many products, I actually realized that my skin becomes better too.

So it is possible to rely on products you can afford within your means if you keep to a basic skincare routine that addresses what your skin only needs!

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  1. Jyoan says:

    I very much agree with this. e.g. a while ago, I was tempted to buy Simple moisturizer as it is much raved about to be light enough for my skin. But one look at the ingredients list, I just put it back and never put it on my to-try list again. This way, I don’t stock up so many extra items, waiting to be used.

    Now that I also eat healthier, and start exercising, I can’t agree more on the skin benefits this brings.

  2. Blovet Beauty says:

    sometimes I don’t know what to believe when it comes to beauty advertisment. A million and one promises but usually very few pdts deliver for me. I’ve been into this theory of reducing the number of products cause it doesn’t overload the skin but at the same time I also wonder about the Korean women super duper long skincare regime…. so I think it really depends on the individual at the end of the day

  3. Den says:

    I am also using organic skincare products as much as I should. And I have to admit, I get very tempted at strong advertising claims. However, whilst it is true that organic skincare do not advertise as heavily, I find them extremely expensive. (that is probably why you set you Kanga Organics). That said, the question is, are we paying more for such organic products because of the pure ingredients or are we paying for the organic branding (whether or not they are heavily advertised).

  4. Joey Lam says:

    Den: It’s a good question you’ve posted, but to be honest my answer cannot justify for all the organic brands out there. So, this is just my personal opinion, or based on my personal experience as an importer of organic skincare. As a matter of fact, organic ingredients can indeed be more expensive depending on their original source of where it came from, as certain organic farming of ingredients requires higher farming costs, and also depending on the production process, some mass factory produced can be cheaper, as they’re produced in bulk, however if any brand is hand-made, and labour intensive, and products are made in small batches, they tend to be on the higher costing end to justify those labour operations costs. But at the end of it, it is the eco-friendly practice of such companies that you support will help to support the efforts of making earth greener too, so it could be for a good cause. But personally, I do not believe that organic skincare necessarily needs to be expensive, just as what Cristina Beetham, creator of Skin Blossom believed in, and you may be right that there may be companies riding on it being ‘organic’ and mark up prices way higher than what it should ethically profit from, so you might want to do background checks on the relative brands on how it was developed to see if those higher retail prices are justified worth paying for.

  5. sesame says:

    Yeah, when you’re more selective, then chances are, you’re going to be ignoring a lot of products out there.

  6. sesame says:

    You’re right that it’s individual but I think many women also cannot resist the temptations to try new stuff. Haha…me included!

  7. sesame says:

    Sometimes, while some of these organic companies have excellent ingredients in their formulations, they lack the technology to deliver those ingredients into our skin. So personally, if the organic product is expensive, then it should be backed by some tests/science and I would expect them to do something for my skin!

  8. pf1123 says:

    Its a chicken and egg thing. If organic brands don’t advertise, we won’t know that it exists. And we won’t buy it. However, if it advertises, it would be super duper expensive as consumers are gonna bear the advertising costs as well as more expensive ingredients/production. In addition, extra costs are incurred to get organic certification.

    Anyway, I’m not exactly into organic skincare. So heheh…shan’t comment too much. ?

    Btw, Sesame, Caudalie (the skincare made from grapes) is available in ION Orchard Sephora!!!

  9. sesame says:

    I was down about a week or two ago but didn’t spot it. Don’t know when I’m going again. But thanks for the heads up…will definitely look it up when I’m there next.

  10. pf1123 says:

    Supposedly free from parabens, sodium something or another….but this brand interests me because its French. hahaha…

    I got the mousse facial wash and its great! But I have not tried others yet as I’m still using my current skincare toooooooo sllooooowwwllyyyy.

    I think Caudalie is just there this week. I didn’t spot it when I was there last Sat.

  11. sesame says:

    Oooh…sounds interesting to me! I like French stuff too. My current skincare products are also from France. ?

  12. Patti says:

    Great article on organic skin care products – it is the only way to go.

  13. pavani reddy says:

    this is agr8 post….me doing this
    pavani reddy last post is: "Shape your life" self challenge

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