DIY Beauty: easy homemade recipe for skin whitening

milk and lemon skin polisher

Consider whitening your skin the natural way by trying this homemade recipe using milk and lemon. It’s really easy and pretty effective if you use it often enough, but note that lemon can make your skin sensitive so you’ll need to be careful. The recipe is suitable for your face and body but do make sure you put on your sunscreen if you try this.

Ingredients and recipe
Depending on where you want to apply this, you can use half or one whole lemon mixed with equal parts of milk. I used Meji milk for this purpose. Once the milk and the lemon is mixed together, the milk will curdle because of the acidity of the lemon juice. If you do not like too much acidity, then lessen the amount of lemon juice.

No need to rinse off after polishing
After you have mixed the two ingredients in a container, soak a flat complexion sponge in the mixture until moist and massage the moist sponge into clean skin in gentle, circular motions for about for two minutes. No need to rinse off. I do this in the night before bedtime on my hands and tissue off the excess. I have also tried it on my feet because I have some small pigmentation marks there. My skin feels nice and smooth, but the smell of the milk can be overbearing. If you use this on your face, I suggest you leave the mixture on for about 10 minutes and rinse off before toweling dry and carrying on with your usual skin care routine.

milk lemon skin whitening

Benefits of using milk and lemon
Milk contains lactic acid that will exfoliate and remove dead skin cells and the protein and enzymes in milk will help to moisturize our skin. In addition, it will help to soften the skin to allow the lemon juice to better penetrate. Lemon juice is acidic and on top of also exfoliating the skin, it works as a bleaching agent to help fade uneven pigmentation.

Words of caution
I noticed that with continual usage at one stage (three to four times a week), my hands were a shade fairer and some of the smaller pigmentation spots were fading. I hesitated to use this recipe on my face as lemon is a photosensitive ingredient. So if you really want to try this on your face, I suggest doing this once or twice a week at most in the evenings and please use sunscreen during the day. If you have acne-proned skin, I would advice you against using this because milk may trigger breakouts for some people. Additionally, some people may not like this recipe as lemon can sting the skin a little. So my advice is not to try this DIY recipe if you have sensitive skin. But otherwise, this is an easy recipe for skin whitening.



  1. katrina says:

    hai im back again i just want to ask if its okay to put only calamansi overnight on the face? but i have a problem about undr eye circles.will it affect the results. tnx..

  2. sesame says:

    Err…I don’t advice. It might be too strong. I would also advice you to use it as a mask or something that you leave for up to half an hour.

  3. katrina says:

    yes sorry,, yes your absolutely right.. tnx for your advises… i appreciate it so much,, More power and God bless.

  4. Sariat says:

    Hi, how would i make it without the milk curdling or is it supposed to. Thank you.

  5. sesame says:

    The lemon makes it acidic and so the curdling. But the curdling happens slowly if the milk is cold and that’s what I did – I used cold milk and it was okay.

  6. Sariat says:

    Hi, how much milk and lemon juice would i add to it and do i need to heat it up. Thank you.

  7. sesame says:

    you can use half or one whole lemon mixed with equal parts of milk. No need to heat up. If you find the lemon too acidic, then reduce the amount of lemon.

  8. Aman says:

    Will this lighten dark marks on toes?

  9. sesame says:

    It might…no harm giving it a try. But it will take some time.

  10. shaaz says:

    hi there,

    been using this great mixture of powder milk and lemmon juice for the pass 3 days now and have seen results already ? yaaaah!!!
    i had some black spots on my feet and since using this mixture, they have turned light brown. i just didnt wash it off. my complexion is dark brown caribbean.

  11. sesame says:

    That’s wonderful!

  12. abby says:

    hej! can i use any kind of milk? what is the best milk for skin? i want to try that milk with lemon or citrus…….

  13. sesame says:

    Best if you use fresh milk.

  14. Ms ei says:

    Hi to all. ? ive been doing this fresh milk and lemon every other day. During nite time. And i find it working so well. So i do this as one of my routine. So no doubt try it and u will notice after u shower ur skin so smooth and glossy. ?

  15. sesame says:

    Glad you are benefiting from using this.

  16. Verna says:

    Hi! I want to try this and I dont know how much milk and lemon will I put. Can you tell me how much milk and lemon you put?

  17. Barbie says:

    i want to give it a try next week, please clarify—-after mixed of lemon & fresh milk,do i need to rinse water only or can i used any soap? thanks

  18. Sesame says:

    Just rinsing with lukewarm water is fine as long as you’ve gotten rid of all the traces of lemon and milk. You should have washed your face or body before using this polisher.

  19. mizaki mamoro says:

    Please i want to try this polisher….ihope its will be great and good to my sken..

  20. Sesame says:

    Yeah, I hope it’ll work well for you.

  21. Arlene says:

    How do you keep this mixture? In the refrigerator or can it stay outside?

  22. Sesame says:

    Best in the fridge.

  23. Stephany says:

    Hey, I really wanted to try this bit is it safe to use everyday? Or should I just stick to every other day?

  24. Sesame says:

    If you use on your body, you can use this daily for a period of time and then just twice weekly after that.

  25. Chloe says:

    Hi!im just wondering, how long do i have to leave it on to my body? Is it like overnight or just couple of hours then i have to rinse it off? Thanks…

  26. Sesame says:

    No, just polish a few minutes and you can wash off…at most you leave on for 10 mins.

  27. aj says:

    can i leave lemon juice on my legs over night cuz the skin there is alot thicker
    and more resistant

  28. Sesame says:

    Ah…better not. Lemon can be irritating and we don’t know what it can do to the skin when left too long.

  29. AJ says:

    will a lightning cream with licorice extract work faster my problem is hyper pigment from ingrown hair so i have a lot of dark brown bumps/spots on my legs I WANT THOSE GONE HELP!!!!!

  30. Sesame says:

    It will still take some time…a few weeks to a month or two to see some difference.

  31. ayshaa says:

    Can I leave it over night on my skin. And I d morning before I bath for 15 minutes then bath and use my creme

  32. Sesame says:

    I would not recommend cos the lemon can sting your skin.

  33. EMMA says:

    I dont use sunscreen.. and have heard that after use lemon on skin…when we go in sunlight it makes our complexion more dark then before…is it true??

  34. Sesame says:

    Yes, because it’s photosensitive. That’s why it’s best to use this in the evening and in the day, use sunscreen.

  35. Isa says:

    I would be using this mixture on areas that hardly get any sun like the inner thighs and under arms and neck. Would you still suggest I use sunscreen?

  36. Sesame says:

    At least use sunscreen on your neck.

  37. uki says:

    Pls i hve dark skin around my eyes due to some creams i used.pls can i use this lemon and milk to whitning it..

  38. Sesame says:

    Lemon can be stinging for your eyes though.

  39. chloe says:

    hello! before applying the mixture of lemon & milk, do i have to take a shower first? and after applying them, can i use soap or just wash my body with water?

  40. Sesame says:

    Yes, shower. After application, wash with water…no need to use soap.

  41. zee says:

    hey.. the milk and lemon mixture runs on skin i mean it doesnt stay. how would it stick to my face to show results?? =(
    zee last post is: 5 holy grail beauty products I buy again and again

  42. Sesame says:

    This is a polisher so it’s not meant to stay on. You should be exfoliating your skin using this mixture with a sponge.

  43. keurinrin says:

    sounds great:D.. but can i also use powdered milk? if i use this everyday, will it make my skin really really white? thanks:3

  44. Sesame says:

    Yes, you can use powdered milk. And yes, it can help improve your skin tone but you need to have patience.

  45. gracelongos says:

    Hi i want to ask for how many spoonof powder milk i putwith half of lemonjuice. Thank you

  46. Sesame says:

    You can start with one tsp and see if it mixes to a lotion-like consistency. Add as needed.

  47. sana says:

    i use the mixture at night, and then washed it off. still i need to use sunblock?? actually i dont use sunblock, is there any other option

  48. Sesame says:

    Yes of course you do. Or you should try to avoid the sun at all cost. But UV lights do penetrate via windows, etc.

  49. Nicole says:

    hi Sesame,
    Love your content, i tried to contact you but unfortunately i could not find a contact page on your site and your fb fan page has no messaging tab.

    How can i get in touch with you regarding your website content?

  50. Sesame says:

    You can write to me at

  51. raisrie says:

    hi can i use lime, instead of lemon

  52. Sesame says:

    Yes, possible.

  53. yashe says:

    how many weeks or days I see you the result

  54. Sesame says:

    Give it three weeks or more based on twice a week usage.

  55. munet says:

    Pls. Am very fair in complextion, can only lemon ad powder milk be ok for me? Can I use it for my whole body. If no pls help me with d one I can use for face to My body

    Becuase am tried of use all those they r selling I wnt to make my cream. Pls help me

  56. Sesame says:

    You can use for entire body.

  57. samanta says:

    can i use just regualr milk

  58. Roe says:

    When I get the perfect skin tone, is it okay to stop using it?

  59. emarie says:

    Can I use lemon juice in the bottle instead of fresh lemon?

  60. Sesame says:

    Fresh is best. Lemon juice contains preservatives and other additives.

  61. muna says:

    Do I need to use sunscreen even winter time or only sammer

  62. Rennie says:

    Please I really want to try this but don’t have access to raw milk.please what milk can I in replace

  63. Sesame says:

    Try using milk powder to make milk instead. Alternatively, replace the milk with yogurt.

  64. Cessi says:

    Hi this lemon and milk is truly amazing. A close friend from highschool who has a dark brown skin and wonderfully transformed her skin color to really fair , poreless & smooth even skin by using this method. I kept asking her what she did and this is what she repeatedly tells me.
    This stuff really works and i swear by it. It needed to be done religiously and diligently . She started when we were 16 and through out college and her skin never did came back to once it was before. Her skin lightened and her cheeks are rosy.
    So i guess i’ll start again even though i am fair already,all i need is the skin brightening effect and rosy tight skin on the face effect it gave her .

  65. bjennifer says:

    Hi!!ma’am good day is it okay to use calamansi juice instead of lemon juice and is it okay to use any kind of powdered milk in the markett??i barely need your help i have uneven skintone bec. Of the soap and different kinds of lotion i used..

  66. Sesame says:

    Yes but lemon would be better. You can use powdered milk no issues.

  67. Olamide says:

    Am chocolate in complexion nd i want a glowing skin can i add milk to my body cream?

  68. ammy says:

    I hav some black spots o my feet too. . Wan to know how y applied it. Did you apply it on your whole feet or yo applied it only on the dark spots.

  69. Lucy says:

    I’ve written a whole blog about this but I never thought of milk and lemon together to whiten skin. Thanks

  70. Juday solen says:

    Hi maam i have little pigmentation on my face it can help me to use this mixture to faded the pigmentation or dark spot…and i can use also any fresh milk brand or pedered milk

  71. Juday solen says:

    What i mean powdered milk…

  72. Tim Stevenson says:

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  73. soniya says:

    I have been very thankful to you for providing this solution. Keep updating thankyou. lemons are very good for skin

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