March promotion on natural & organic products

If you’ve been following Viva Woman on Facebook, then you might have noticed that I’ve started to post more frequently with updates on discounts and offers. I know, I was hardly doing anything there but now, I’ve decided to keep that as a platform to announce promotions and product launches so if you’re on Facebook, do connect with me there by clicking on the badge on my sidebar. Yeah, show me some love!

For March, there are a few deals on natural products worth checking out from stores that I’ve featured before – 30% off Nature’s Gate, Jason Natural, EO Products at Dragon Dor to Whoopeekiddies’ customers, Grand Sale at Kanga Organics, 3rd anniversary sale at Bud Cosmetics and special promo at Marie Veronique Organics.

So remember to be a fan of Viva Woman at Facebook to get first minute updates on steals & deals! Have a good weekend ahead everyone! I’m heading out soon but I hate having to leave home when it rains though…


  1. CT says:

    I love sales!!!

  2. pf1123 says:

    Haha….I didn’t know there’s a facebook page. I just became a fan. ?

  3. sesame says:

    Yes, me too! ?

  4. sesame says:

    Thank you for “fanning” me! ?

  5. Keidi says:

    Hi Sesame!

    Just went down to the store to grab the EO products. If not for the sale I wouldn’t have the heart to purchase.. Costly.. Been eyeing for so long and now I finally got a few moisterizers, shampoo and conditioner plus shower foam.. Thanks for tweeting and posting on FB! Have a good weekend! Heading to Susan’s anytime soon? I’m going next Sat… See u sometime!

  6. elaine l. says:

    Hi sesame,
    thanks for the info ?

    have been wanting to get the Burt’s Bees Very Volumizing Pomegranate and Soy Shampoo that you have been raving about. but was introduced to EO hair products by an SA, but i have never heard of it before so i haven bought it yet. was wondering if you have tried it before? i am currently using Yuan’s Licorice soap for shampooing but i find it quite a trouble to lather the soap, and somehow i seem to finish it quite fast. 1 bar ~ 1.5 months? haha will be trying something new since they are on sale~ ?

  7. sesame says:

    Oh that’s great! I haven’t found time to go down yet but 30% is really substantial savings! I want to get EO shower gels and body lotion.

    I’m going to Susan’s next week, during one of the weekdays. I usually avoid going down on a Saturday. But I hope to catch up with you soon. ?

  8. sesame says:

    Hi Elaine:

    EO is great! It’s better than BB in the sense the ingredients are more superior. I wrote a review about their clarifying shampoo here –

    Never tried Yuan’s soap for hair…only for body. I think soaps can finish pretty quickly.

  9. Keidi says:

    Hi Sesame,

    yes u should go down to get the EO stuffs. Irresistable!

    I wish I could make weekdays to Susan’s but workday is so rushed and tiring. ?

    So yes let’s catch up soon!! I will fb u my number

  10. loveless says:

    Hi sesame,

    love your idea of updates on facebook and your sharing of information..
    unfortunately, i have no facebook acc and have no intention of getting one. would be good if you can share some of these info on your blog or your newsletter.

    am currently a bit busy, but still checking your blog. keep up the good work, sesame.

  11. sesame says:

    Okay, noted. I’ll try for the significant ones. But if you click on my Facebook page on the sidebar, you can still see the updates I believe…no need to have a facebook account.

  12. Elaine l. says:

    hi sesame,
    i bought the EO Rosemary & Mint volumizing shampoo. have used it for 3 days and i love it love it love it! thanks for recommending this to me ? it’s really good as it makes my hair really soft, bouncy, and non frizzy. my hair falls back nicely to place and the effects are very lasting too. Yuan soap makes my hair soft too but effect doesnt last as long. wow i’m really amazed. haha brushing my hair thru my fingers every now and then ? mint smells goood too:) hehe
    happy girl now ?

  13. sesame says:

    Oh that’s great! I love EO’s stuff…I find their products really good and though they’re a bit more expensive than Burt’s Bees, but they perform much better. And their stuff always smell great!

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