Share: are you into fun & trendy gadgets?

Something fun and exciting is brewing at Viva Woman. I won’t divulge the details as yet except to say that whatever is coming up is gadget related. *BIG GRIN* So I thought I’ll like to get some reader feedback firsthand.

I am definitely not a gadget person, or at least I’m not in the league of the early adopters. That was why I gave up waiting for the iPhone 4 and opted for the Nokia E5 instead. I’ve always love Nokia and this phone is good enough for me; it’s both functional and fun IMO. But while I don’t need the latest gadgets, I do want them to look trendy enough. At the least, they should be something I’m not too embarrassed to whip out of my bag.

So tell me:
– are you a gadget person?
– must your gadget be the latest?
– must it look fashionable?


  1. April Kwong says:

    Yeah, I am sort of A gadget person like I want to save money for it and ouf of my hardwork I already have DSLR camera, iphone 4, notebook , Desktop, digicam, nokia phone etc… its makes me happy though….the latest gadget I want to have is the macbook pro ?
    No, for me it’s not important that it’s fashionable, what’s important to me is the features, the warranty, the price and ofcourse the quality

  2. sesame says:

    Wow, you are a gadget gal! ?

    So you go for functionality…like me. But for me, nice aesthetics would be a bonus.

  3. kiwi says:

    Nope, no need to be the newest of the lot. As long as it is functionable and does not cost a bomb. XD

  4. VeiraLing says:

    I’m pretty much a gadget girl and loves dressing up my gadgets. Loves loud colours on my iphone 4 and fun skin for the laptop etc.

    Will not die hard to be the first to own the latest gadget but definitely not the last in queue ?

  5. Happyfeet says:

    While I love gadgets, I think the practicality is more important. I would not buy one for the sake of following the latest trend. I still do not own an iPhone because i find paying extra for the data plan unnecessary since I have surf the net at home. My housewife status does not call for such indulgence. I am more of a bag person. Will save money for nice bags… hehe

  6. sesame says:

    Yeah…that’s why I chose the E5. I rather not pay more for something that I don’t really need.

  7. sesame says:

    So I’m guessing your gadgets have a lot of blings? ?

  8. Sylvia says:

    I do like new things that are very functional and look great. So yes, I did get the new iphone 4 and also got an Ipad but these will need to last me for a while…

  9. Rinka says:

    nope im not much of a gadget person (as in i dont always need the newest version of everything). i had my last phone for over 5 years and my ipod is around 3 years old. my theory is that as long as it works, no reason to get a new one ?

    but fun gadgets do interest me, like i spent a good deal of time in an electronics store the other day playing around with the ipad lol

  10. sesame says:

    Yeah, all of us have our priorities in purchases and like you, gadgets are not top of the list for me too. ?

  11. sesame says:

    Wow, the iPad is great. I like playing with that. But again, not on my want list. Heh.

  12. sesame says:

    I’m like you. I don’t really care for new gadgets so much. More important is that they must do the job for me. But having said that, of course I don’t mind getting them. ? The iPad is interesting!

  13. Yen says:

    I am definetely not an early adopter. I own an iPhone 3Gs just before iPhone 4 is out, but that’s only because my contract expired and my nokia E65 was dying. And likewise for everything else, I will wait until it is completely spoiled.

    But….. I love cameras. I own a DSLR and a prosumer cam. Although I don’t take as much pictures as I should have.

  14. Renee says:

    I’m a fickle-minded person…got the interest in making my handphone & cameras in blingblings but the “angel” in me will tell me dat they will be out of fashion…den I got to buy Ipod touch during IT fair but I din use for half yr ald…now I find that Sony Ericsson’s Xperia & Ipad are “mersmerising” haha…if I did bought them, these gadgets sure collect dust half yr later… -_-”

  15. sesame says:

    Oh that’s nice…I want to get a DSLR camera but keep getting distracted by other purchases. Haha… I actually need it since I take so many pictures.

  16. sesame says:

    Oh dear…sounds like me some years back. I used to get those electronic organizers and then keep them in the drawer as I was unwilling to use them for fear of damaging them. Then guess what? The batteries died on me. -_-

  17. Sparklewolfie says:

    My basic requirement for any gadget is:

    1)milk pink color
    2)functional for my needs
    3)flip phone if it is a phone/not too expensive – I don’t need super fancy!

    And… that is it! So that is how I picked my cell phone, laptop, and cell phone ? Only now I need a new cell phone because LG is such bad quality, but it is difficult to find a pink flip phone by any company OTHER than LG! Am I too shallow for choosing my electronics based on color? Maybe ?

    It is making buying a new camera difficult too! I also do not understand much about gadgets ?

  18. sesame says:

    No lah…not shallow. Because you’re visually motivated and the color inspires you. Nothing wrong with that. ?

    I choose phones mostly on brands and also I try to find out if the battery life is okay enough. I was told that iPhone 4’s battery might not last so long and so I gave up waiting.

  19. magicdust says:

    i guess im a gadget girl.. highly tempted by new gadgets, more than fashion!

    currently having:
    1) point-and-shoot camera
    2) micro-4/3 camera (lens changeable!)
    3) ndsl
    4) htc android mobile phone
    5) sony vaio laptop
    6) dell desktop
    7) ipod.. classic, coz can hold all my songs!
    8) ipad.. etc

    – are you a gadget person? YES!
    – must your gadget be the latest? may not be the latest, but if i heart it, i will get it.
    – must it look fashionable? more inclined to the colors available. i dont dress my gadgets, as i think the money can be used to get other things..

  20. sesame says:

    Wow, sure sounds like a gadget gal! ?

  21. Victoria Lewy says:

    I’m not a gadget person at all. I only have a laptop and a mobile phone. Oh and today I’m going to by gps navigator, it’s is essential for my trip across Europe :).And… that is it!

    My gadgets don’t have to be the latest, however they should be of the very good quality and have at least pretty shape, I would say quality on the first place.

  22. Liesl says:

    More or less am a gadget person. Owns camera, iPhone, mp3, pc, netbook. They are neccessities for me. Quality and functionality (eg ease of use, features) are main deciding factors. Lastly, if the gadget looks good… That’s a bonus. 

  23. sesame says:

    Yeah, quality is important. No point to have the latest and yet, be saddled with lots of problems later.

  24. sesame says:

    We’re on the same page…quality and functionality first, and aesthetics a bonus. But looks like the manufacturers are also upping their designs to make their gadgets more appealing.

  25. fwy says:

    The buzz is about the iPhone nowadays. I am still pondering whether I should get it when my mobile phone contract with the service provider ends this year. The current brand I am using is Nokia (I like Nokia for its realiability). I know there plenty of fanciful jackets for the iPhone in the market. I am not that particular but something with bright colors & fun details would make it easy for me to find my phone & I will have less risk of taking someone else as the iPhone is so common nowadays.

  26. elaine08 says:

    i dont know if im such a gadget person, but i would really like to have a DSLR Camera and a laptop, currenty im using Nokia 5800 touchscreen phone because iphone 4 is way too much expensive.. ryt now i really want to have a Nokia c3 that comes in pink color haha..i love anything in pink. it doesnt matter if what im using is not the latest as long as its very useful and in a very good condition that would really work for me, And i think gadgets should have a very good quality too that’s why we purchase them coz we consumers think of the quality and the features the gadgets would bring to us. ;p

  27. sesame says:

    Have you seen the new Nokia X5. Very nice. That one is getting my attention even though it is quite small.

  28. elaine08 says:

    oh yeah its nice but really small and it does have lovely colors too.. ? i like the purple one and of course the pink one too.. its so cute though really too small for me.. but its really eye catching..

  29. Tine says:

    I’m definitely a gadget girl. A smart phone, iPod Touch and iPad rest on my bedside table EVERY night, and I never go out without the first two. ‘Tis a pity I’m stuck with my current phone subscription for two freaking years, or I’d be queuing up for that iPhone 4 ?

    PS: Whaddya know, I have almost every Apple portable gadget, but I do not own a single MAC computer ?

  30. sesame says:

    I actually reserved for iPhone 4 and had a voucher for it even but after some deliberation, decided it’s not my kind of phone.

    And I’m the opposite of you…no Apple gadgets but got a Mac. So funny.

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