Epicare threading tool review & a giveaway

Epicare facial hair removal gadget

Has anyone ever had your face threaded before?  I’ve never tried that but I remember seeing one of my sister-in-laws having her face threaded by her mom when I was a little girl.  Some thirty years later,  a friend showed me her cleaner eyebrows, thanks to an eyebrow threading session.  I was pretty intrigued but I never tried since I didn’t think I have an issue with facial hair to begin with.

Helps your makeup stay on better
For those who have never heard, facial threading is an ancient form of hair removal that is still practiced in Asia today.  It is supposed to remove the fine hair from the roots without hurting the skin and not only does it make your face hairless, apparently, makeup would stay on better after threading.  I was told there is pain the first time but one will get used to the sensation after that.  Well, I don’t know about that but I suppose having unattractive facial hair removed is a liberating experience so a bit of pain is probably worth it.

Gadget to remove your facial hair
Well, today, I’m going to review an interesting product which can help you remove your facial hair, with results like the ancient practice of threading.   Those who have participated in the August VivaBella Giveaway would have read all about Epicare on their website and some of you maybe tempted to try it.  Is it really that easy to use?  Is it painless?  And is it worth the money?

Epicare facial hair removal too

Easy instructions on the website
Actually, I didn’t want to review this product because like I said, I don’t have facial hair issues.  But Heidi of Epicare sent me a pink one anyway, along with those she kindly sponsored for the giveaways.   Since I had one in hand, I thought I’ll give it a try as I do have some strands of fine hair above the left part of my lips.  I viewed the video demo and followed the instructions on the website:
– bended the spring into an inverted “U”,
– place it against the area on the face where hair is found and
– rotate Epicare in an inward and outward motion.

Do not bend if your facial hair is too fine
And…nothing happened. The hair was still there! I tried it a few times and I gave up and promptly forgot all about it until yesterday. I decided to give it one last try and this time it worked! I realized that with fine facial hair, you can’t bend the spring too much since they won’t “get trapped”. In fact, all I needed to do was to hold the spring in a straight position and rolled it right next to my skin back and forth and the hair were caught and pulled out! I felt a slight sensation on my skin, like an ant bite. I suppose the pain could be more intense if I had more facial hair.

Handy and safe to use
So this is really interesting! I think it’s really handy for those who want to remove their excess facial hair as it’s quite easy to use, although you might have to go through some trial and error the first time or so. However, please note that Epicare was designed for use on the upper lip, chin, cheeks, nose and neck areas and should not be used to remove hair from the eyebrows, as it will pull your eyelashes out! I think so because when I used it on my forehead near to my hairline, some of the hair on my head were caught in the process!  My face did not experience any redness after using this, probably because I have very little facial hair too but if you’re using this tool, just remember to tone and moisturize your face after each use.

Prices and availability
Those in Singapore can purchase Epicare on their Singapore website at a promotional price of S$24.90 (about US$17). Heidi also ships to other parts of the world at no additional charge. There are seven colors available but two colors have already been sold out.

Three to be given to local Singapore readers
Okay, originally I was going to give away all the Epicare tools via VivaBella Giveaway but I’ve decided to give away 3 here to three of my local Singapore readers.  All you need to do is to leave me a comment with a valid email address telling me if you’ve an issue with facial hair and why you want to use Epicare.  Please note that each person is only entitled to one entry and the closing date for this is Sunday, 30 August 2009 at 12 noon.  I’ll pick three winners based on the best three comments.

Have fun commenting!


  1. Angeline Koh says:

    Dear Lady

    I have quite obvious fine hair above my lips and at my chin… almost resulting like a moustache… if i dun pluck them out every few days i’ll look “hairy”… laffs…

    Waxing is really expensive in the long run and it’s pretty tedious to pluck the fine hair out one by one… thus i’ll really be very happy to be able to get an epicare tool to try…

    thanks, angeline.

  2. Kim says:

    Hi Viva Woman

    I’ve taken after my fathers side which, he is indeed pretty hairy, not only that but with thick hair.
    So that leaves me with a hairy upper lip and a bunch of fuzz on my face which I notice when in natural sunlight. I also have fine hairs on my chin that my boyfriend teases me about, but haven’t attempted to shave for fear that it’ll grow back with a vengeance.

    I’ve read about epicare and have always been tempted to try and now I’d like to try it even more since it’s being advertised on a blog I like to read often!

    I’d like to use epicare since I’d think it’d help tons with my facial hair problems. I’ve tried threading my lip with a thread, but there are very difficult to reach areas and epicare seems to do the same thing but with ease. I’d be delighted to try out the epicare since I’ve heard many good reviews.

    Thanks =)


  3. Wendy says:

    I read about this tool in a magazine but forgot the technical name of it, so I googled it and found your review. Tweezing has left my upper lip area with ingrown hair problems… so I am just searching for anything that’d help. And, I’m not really someone who’d spend hours on beauty rituals.. or can afford to let a professional perform it on me, so this would be the ideal tool.

    Well, thanks!

  4. AtelierGal says:

    I’ve been wanting to go for face threading but some reported red bumps after the service that made me hesitate.

    I got a similar too, but I think my facial hairs are too fine to remove?? What’s more, the spring loves to ‘catch’ my skin instead, maybe because it’s so cheap lol

  5. Miyo says:

    Hi sesame
    woaw Epicare Face Threading Tool seems like the saviour to ahem ahem “Ape-looking” ppl like me..
    I have lots of facial hair which acts like a barrier when I’m applying my makeup ..
    Makeup doesnt stay and worst.. I have tiny hairs near my mouth ..
    BF calling me Gorilla!!!!
    If i Fortunate to get one, I will show him a pretty gorilla without facial hair plus nicely makeup on

    Thanks ?

  6. Cheryl says:

    Ok, so when I was in primary four, the boy sitting next to me exclaimed, “Oi, why you got moustache one?!” and he got everyone to come look at me like I was some freak. It was so traumatizing I will never forget.

    Now I religiously pluck facial hair from my upper lip, but since my hair grows at an exponential rate, I have to whip out the tweezers every other day. It takes a lot of time since it’s hair by hair. I’ve also tried threading myself, but it doesn’t do a very good job. I’d love to try Epicare for it seems to be really easy to use and efficient (not to mention fun).

    Thank you!

  7. Cindy says:

    Facial Hair,
    Go Away, Go Away!
    Shave if you dare!
    Pluck if you must!
    Waxing is Taxing!
    Threading is beheading!
    But the Epicare Facial
    Hair removal tool is
    really cool!It does the job
    so you don’t look like
    a guy that belongs to the mob!

  8. Amy Loh says:

    Well, here is my comment. I normally go for threading to remove unsightly hairs from my brows and upper lips.
    My therapist always does a good job. However, each visit is an expensive visit. I would like to try out this device and also experiment on my husband as i help him pluck his moustache every week. He does not like to shave as it gives him alot of ingrown hair and does not like threading as he feels only ladies go threading. With this device, i can do plucking for him in the comfort of our own home. Thanks

  9. Serene says:

    Here’s kinda what I’ve tried…
    1) There’s the trusted plucking. Trusted, only if you’ve found someone you can trust. I guess we’ve all had an experience or two when we regretted having it plucked (even by a “professional”. The most irritating thing is that when you find your fav. stylist, after a while, you realise that she has quit the company! And the painful search for the next one begins…

    2) Hair removal cream
    I’ve got one of those creams from drug store in europe. It works great when it comes to removing upper lip hair. It’s fast, effective and easy. The only problem is that it does hurt a little – burning sting. Its not very painful, but it does bother me… And after my first trial, there was some kind of a scab forming near where i felt the worse sting. Did I accidentally “burn” my skin? ops! It is quite a good option for hair removal, if your skin is agreeable to the harsh agents used I guess…

    3) Threading… Since it is more for trimming than shaping (eyebrows), threading requires somewhat less precision. So, going from stylist A to stylist B might not be that devastating. And it can be done pretty much in a jiffy. I usually get my eyebrows and upper lip done at the same session. What I don’t like about threading is that it always leaves my skin swollen and red for about 1-2hrs after the session. Makeup doesn’t really help to conceal the redness also.

    DIY Threading
    Well, since it is kinda unsightly and not exactly skill-intensive, I suppose it’ll be okie to try DIY-ing at home. Plucking fine hair on the upper lip is close to impossible without tears rolling down every once in a while. Since threading rips out many of them at a time, the suffering should end sooner. Moreover, doing it at the comfort of one’s home makes it easier to prevent the unsightly red swollen upper lip of a post-beautification process.
    I think Epicare will be one of those tools that can assist in our DIY hair removal… I wonder if its capable of removing fine hair cleaning, and not just ripping it off mid-strand.

  10. knockingknees says:

    Hi, I have seen this tool at the Nu Ren Wo Zui Da pushcarts and got one. However this didn’t work for me. I regularly remove the hair on my upper lip by going for threading. I even tried threading myself but that was not so effective. I hope this tool from Epicare can help me to save money and time!

  11. rinaz says:

    I’ll give this a shot ?

    There a days when I feel more Norman, than Marina with the little black fuzz ‘stache. Not that much thankfully.

    I tried threading before in Little India. It was an interesting experience. Its just that it gets a tad bit inconvenient to go there regularly.

    Went to the epicare website and am quite intrigued by it. I wonder if its the same feeling as threading

  12. Lashy says:

    I take after my Dad for being so hairy :(. would need to thread my facial hair once every 2 weeks so as to brightne my face..hehe..have oily skin too so threading helps alot of preventing my pores being clogged up.
    really keen to try out this product to lighten my pockets in this times of every penny saved runs a long way!! ? ?

  13. bing says:

    Dear Viva Woman & Ladies,

    You may find my comment as nothing or you can simply just believe it.

    I’m a girl who dares to try everything and to promote to her friends, what is good or bad, and right or wrong way to do it.

    Like from staving herself to the correct way of eating to look thin or slim. And had tried slimming products except pills to to look good. Plus the correct exercised to tone the body.

    Now, I need to remove hair conveniently from anywhere to everywhere.

    I had tried epilator, waxing, cream and even laser at certain area to see what is best, so i could recommand my friends or anyone who wants to try different type of hair removal.

    I have yet to tries face threading and have come to know about Viva woman. I hope i had the chance to experience the new facial hair removal threading anywhere everywhere.

    What product have i not tried to get facial hair removed. It’s you, Viva woman home facial hair removal threading.

  14. joanna says:

    hi sesame, i have the same experiences as those girls who have left you a comment. i have very obvious facial hair above my lips and i often shave it away but at times when im really busy at work, i tend to overlook at shaving them away and i feel really embarassed when my colleagues talked to me face to face. oh gosh. i was pretty amazed when i see the epicare product on your website and i do hope to be one of the lucky winners to win them so that i can do remove my upper lip facial hair anywhere with the magical kit! ?

  15. mary says:

    hey…its my first time reading your blog! Interesting and informative!

    I do have some some facial hair especially around my chin and lips area. Usually I will tweezers to remove them. I am keen to try the facial hair removal kit too. ?

    Nonetheless..keep writing! ?

  16. Wei Ting says:

    I have facial hair around my lip area and it’s really obvious! Even had guy friends asking me why do I have
    moustache -.-”

    I need to go for threading like every 2 weeks because it grows so fast! Besides, each threading session is quite expensive ): I’ve seen youtube videos on Epicare facial hair removal tool and wow, there’s alot of good reviews on it!

    Having this tool would definitely help solve my worries on those unsightly hair!

  17. Azianah says:

    Extra hair on the face
    Puts a frown upon my gaze
    If only I can remove this layer of hair
    Constantly causing people to stop and stare
    Am I the only one? I hope not
    Reading this review is like a dream
    Epicare’s the answer! Better than any cream!

    The pink tool is totally adorable… you’re so lucky to be able to try it out.. I wish they sell these in stores.

  18. xiaoyan says:

    Woah it seems like Epicare has become very popular. I see it everywhere on the internet and friends have been asking me to try their product.

    Okay, it seems like I really do need to get my hands on one of their facial removal tool. To b honest, I have visible facial hair, which I hate a lot. They are seen mostly above my lips, around my chin and cheeks area. I have used plucking and shaving but none of the 2 methods gave me the results I want. Moreover, I have difficulties applying makeup onto my face with all those facial hair sticking out and all over my face.

    I am so happy that I found Epicare and it is available in Singapore now. I believe with the regular use of their hair removal tool, I will have a smooth and hair-free face which I have always wish for.

  19. Grass says:

    Oh, this set will be perfect for my mom! Ever since she hit menopause she’s been growing faint whiskers around her upper lip and beneath her chin. In one way it’s kinda cute and funny, but as a fellow female and as her daughter, I don’t want people to have facial hair distract them from my mom’s beautiful face! She can’t deal with tweezers because she wears bifocals, so these will be so easy for her to use! Also, it’ll be a good gift for me to give her ?

  20. eli says:

    I need this because I am fair and I have dark facial hair! It is difficult tweezing all these facial hair with a pair of tweezers!

  21. loveless says:

    Reading your article put a smile on my face as it reminded me of the days in JC when my classmates eagerly exchanged tips about where the best threading shops in Little India are, in our neverending quest for facial hair elimination and perfect eyebrows. I did try it out once or twice but I have oily sensitive skin which only gets worse with the threading treatment.

    My facial hair problems aren’t as bad as the other readers of Vivawoman, and I actually have high tolerance for the pain from plucking for hair removal.
    My eyebrows are unslightly sparse and short with thick hairs but the rest of my facial hair is rather fine, especially the rather visible upper lip hairs which are my bane. Most contributors here can probably relate to my horrible experience of hearing cutting remarks from friends about my masculine upper lip “moustache”.
    I actually have a mixture of fine and ultra fine upper lip hair, and these fine hairs concentrated in abundance give me a not so sexy seven o-clock shadow. Compared with eyebrow hairs, the upper lip area is sensitive and you can’t exactly use shaving. They grow back with a vengence.
    I have tried waxing, but the problem with fine hair is that it’s difficult for the wax to pick up the hairs and keep them when you tear off the waxing strips. Shaving creams give my sensitive skin a burn and plucking fine hairs with tweezers is an eye-popping and finger-torturing task. The hairs often slidder through your tweezers even if you do manage to tweeze them up. IPL sounds wonderful for the modern girl, but the amount of money to be spent on a yet undetermined no. of sessions for a “semi”-permanent solution to upper lip hair removal seems to be rather excessive in relation to surface area of hair removal.
    So that’s it. I have exhausted all the options to the best of my knowledge and am resigned to patchy seven o-clock shadows on most days.

    I have never heard of Epicure till now, but it’s an option that I haven’t tried and I’m game for it. It sounds like a version of threading that might work for my sensitive oily skin. I always prefer to tackle unwanted hair at the roots. Plus the DIY factor is really good for my ever-skinny wallet and you can do it whenever you like and as many times as you like. Unwanted hair never stops growing 24/7. The Epicure spring seems capable of picking up fine hairs and it comes in great colours (Yeah!) I adore simple tools with funky colours. My sister with a lot more hair (& finer ones than mine) would probably want to snitch this, but I’ll promise to share it with her. It’s nice to be able to share good things around. Death to unwanted facial hair!!

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