Share: do you love for lather & foam in shower?

I am not liking this Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Shampoo & Wash at all. It doesn’t smell good and doesn’t foam at all. And what really got on my nerve is that I’ve been buying this product for over a year and it didn’t used to be like that. The older formulation had a delicious scent and foamed very well. Even when the scent changed a little to smell more like a dog shampoo, it still foamed well. I wasn’t even aware that this is a different formulation till I started using it because saved for that little word “new”, I thought this is the same product I used to buy and so I just grabbed and paid without examining it. Okay, okay, I missed the big words “Fragrance Free” too! (-_-)

Yesh, I know the product is for babies – I was using it on my son.  Even babies can do with a little foam and smell can’t they? So I can’t find a reason why the older formulation needs to be replaced because it was already very gentle.  If this is a totally different formulation, then for goodness sake, give it a brand new packaging! And as a matter of fact, I can’t even find this so-called new formulation made with aloe and oat flour mentioned on their website. It’s a total waste of money because my son doesn’t want to be bathed in this and so no guesses for who has ended up using it.  It comes with a mild scent that I don’t fancy and it really doesn’t foam at all.

Foaming equals cleansing
I don’t think I’m very far off by saying most people equate non-foaming with non-cleansing. Due to how we’ve all been conditioned to feel, products that lather and foam somehow come across as being able to cleanse our skin and hair better because they tend to leave behind a clean, squeaky and refreshing sensation after they’ve been rinsed off. But we’ve also learnt that products that foam too much may contain harsh chemicals like SLS or SLES, which will strip off our natural lipids. So thank goodness these days, we have more cleansers made that are free from such harsh chemicals and yet are able to foam pretty well.

Non-foaming facial cleansers and shampoos
With facial cleansers, I think I can still tolerate the idea of a non-foaming formulation but it’s really not my preference to use them. They’re always said to be very mild and in my experience, okay to be used during the mornings but I don’t really find they cleanse off grime and dirt that well for me and I need at least two or sometimes three washes. As for shampoos, I’ve already made my stand in my entry “Do foam free shampoos work at all?” that I do not like those that do not foam as I don’t find that they cleanse my oily scalp very well, even after a second wash.  So what about shower gels?

Non-foaming and non-smelling shower gels
Hey, showering to me is both an unwinding and refreshing process.  Unless you’re sensitive to smell, I believe most people prefer to soak themselves in some soothing or sweet scent so what’s with fragrance free?  A little bit of smell from pure essential oils or botanical extract is not going to hurt is it? (Okay, fragrance free probably refer to those artificial fragrance.) And really, the more copious, lubricious and dense the foam, the cleaner I feel.  I like the idea of feeling clean and fresh after a bath and not wondering if I’m smelling musty or something!  Okay, I’m exaggerating a little here but you get the idea. Truly, sud free is okay in the mornings because I’m not dirty at all but after an entire day out under the hot weather, it’s another story altogether.  Plus, such non-foaming cleansers do nothing to get rid of the sunscreen I slather on my arms. Actually I was using the Natralia Nourish Naturals Dry Skin Wash prior to this and I was not griping so much. I guess I am just frustrated with the constant change in Burt’s Bees packaging that is thoroughly confusing IMO.

Anyway, I’m really curious.  How many of you don’t like your shower gels to lather or smell at all? If so, is there a particular reason?


  1. Yvette says:

    I can’t speak for everyone and for all shampoos, but from my experience, I do prefer body washes and shampoos that foam. Every time I used a non-foaming shampoo, I’ve always found some gross gunk left over after showering. I also like my shower gels to smell good too! But I have to be careful since some fragrances make my skin irritated.

  2. Jo says:

    As we started to get trained for custom blending shampoo, one important lesson we had is never use fragrance oil or essential oil for children less than 3yo in our recipe.

    I guess for Burt bee, the shampoo is made for the small ones and they have taken care to remove the scents for them.

    We have also been taught that to keep the average foaming properties in our Sls-free base, the control in essential oil amount is the key.

  3. Blovetbeauty says:

    No foam could be a goods thing in terms
    of leaving out the harsh foaming agents that alot of companies like to pump into their body washes and shampos. But in hot humid weather like ours I still need a foaming one that’s why I use dr bronner baby wash on my baby and I use lavender scented dr bronner on myself. The rich foam comes from coconut oil if I remember correctly:)

  4. Fernleafify says:

    Hi Blovetbeauty, do you feel that Dr Bronner’s castile liquid soap is drying. I wanted to buy a bottle but I was told that they’re a little drying on the skin. Thanks.

  5. pf1123 says:

    I agree, I need the lather and foam. I use a bath lily which generates quite a lot of foam!

    Recently, my skin is suffering a bout of dryness. I went to see a derm (about some headless acne) and also enquired about the skin dryness.

    I was prescribed with a facial cleanser which doesn’t foam. I am not sure if it is my cleansing milk or the non foaming facial cleanser doesn’t do the job or a combination of both. I have makeup residue on the cotton pads after my double cleansing routine! Eeek!

    That never happened when I was using my cleansing oil and foaming cleanser.

  6. sesame says:

    I think it didn’t do a good job. I wouldn’t really trust a non-foaming cleanser to cleanse my face with makeup especially unless it’s oil-based.

  7. sesame says:

    Fernleafify: I also tried Dr Bronner’s before. Okay for the body, but I’ll not use on the face.

  8. sesame says:

    Blovetbeauty: Dr Bronner’s lathered rather well…I quite like their stuff just that the smell isn’t so refreshing. Maybe I should go back and get some soon.

  9. sesame says:

    Essential oils and fragrance oil I agree not so great for babies but I don’t understand why the formulation has changed. The original formulation has a really sweet smell and it was also Baby Bee.

    Anyway, I more frustrated that they keep modifying this formula – 2nd time I griped about it. The first time, they change the smell and now, it’s totally different.

  10. Fernleafify says:

    Thanks, Sesame. I think I should give it a try after all. Which SLS-free shampoo are you using on your son? My sister-in-law is looking for one for her daughters

  11. sesame says:

    Oh gross gunk…doesn’t sound good. I can do with non-foaming washes in the morning but not in the evening after a day out.

  12. Ann says:

    Oh gosh, I just ordered the burt’s wash online. Hope it’s not the latest version. I agree, the oldest one still smells the best. Sigh, why do they keep changing.

  13. Soos says:

    Foam, please! Not good when they change formulations for other products. I’m now almost certain the change in my makeup remover caused the months of cystic-type acne I suffered. HUGE difference since I found a new remover!

  14. LatestGirls says:

    I love foaming ones.

    It gives me a relaxed feeling after taking a bath with a foaming soap or a shampoo

  15. Audris says:

    The foamier, the merrier ?

    I get the feeling that a lot of non-foaming skincare (shower gel, shampoo, etc.) being formulated in colder or drier climates might be suitable for the residents there since they probably don’t perspire as much as we do? For example, even when I went running at temperatures below 10 degree Celsius, the perspiration was surprisingly very little compared to just 10 minutes here in an airconditioned gym on the treadmill… so they might wash cleaner for them, but doesn’t suffice for us.

    I shower and wash my hair at least twice a day. Tend to use the milder agents in the morning and the stronger ones in the evenings/after gym.

  16. fwy says:

    I do not use organic brands for shower gels/creams as they finish up really fast and are more expensive. However, I had seen the Dr Bronner’s ones at Brown Rice Paradise. I may give these a try.

  17. Ellie-B says:

    I actually like my skincare/bodycare products to not foam. I find that the foaming sensation, to me, feels quite artificial and a little drying on the skin. The non-foaming formulas leave my skin feeling nourished and rejuvenated, without stripping the skin of too many natural oils.
    Ohwell, each to their own I say ?

  18. Sylvia says:

    For shampoos absolutely. They need to foam. I don’t find it so important for the body. But I can’t stand foaming products on my face. It feels far too aggressive and dries my skin out.

  19. sesame says:

    I still like foaming gels…as long as they don’t contain SLS or SLES, they are fine. Clean, no drying or tight feeling.

  20. sesame says:

    I agree that non-foaming ones are more gentle. I don’t mind using them in the morning when my skin is not too drying.

  21. sesame says:

    They’re not bad…plus very affordable too.

  22. sesame says:

    You wash your hair twice a day? Wow…I thought I was already pretty excessive washing it every day. ?

  23. sesame says:

    Yep, more refreshing and hence, more relaxing too. ?

  24. sesame says:

    Oh…great you figured out what went wrong. Truly, the right cleansers are very important to get rid of impurities.

  25. sesame says:

    I think your order is still the old one. Don’t know why Sephora’s stock keeps changing.

  26. sesame says:

    Fernleafify: I am using one that is not available from the shelves. It was gifted to me from a friend and the brand is Belaire. One brand that is available in the market that I’ve tried and kind of like is California Baby. Earth’s Best is also a good brand for kids but I’ve not tried their products.

  27. loveless says:

    actually, baby bee shampoo and wash comes in 2 formulations: tear-free and fragrance-free or just tear-free. they did update the formulation once but i don’t think they changed it again. you probably just grabbed the wrong bottle.

    ever since they changed the formulation, i’ve been looking for a new alternative. i haven’t found one yet tho. may go back to using bar soaps. i’m now picky about what essential oils go into my toiletries as i’ve been diagnosed with hormonal imbalance and trying to avoid lavender, tea tree and if possible rosemary and sage.

  28. pf1123 says:

    Not sure abt whether non-foaming skincare are formulated for colder countries or not. But I know that some of these countries’ water is so hard that my normal foaming cleansers doesn’t foam properly!

    While I was in London and Italy last year, I never felt truly clean.

  29. sesame says:

    I haven’t seen the other one around before…why do they look so similar…it’s really easy to be confused. Plus, there’s a new label on the bottle so I wondered. Anyway, not going to buy anymore of this. Got really fed up.

  30. sesame says:

    PF: I’m not certain. I would think non-foaming is formulated for sensitive skin but perhaps they work better for pple living in colder climate since they don’t perspire as much as we do.

  31. loveless says:

    actually i always see them side by side at sephora when i dropped by.
    the fragrance-free, tear-free one used to be opaque or milky looking so it’s obvious tt they are different formulations. i guess the new formulations have both versions looking the same.

    it can be frustrating when labels look similar. burt bees should really look into this matter. any good marketing and design departments should like different formulas shld always be clearly distinguished to avoid confusion.

  32. loveless says:

    i mean to say tt they should know better tt different formulas for the same pdt line should be clearly differentiated from one another.

  33. Audris says:

    Yup, once in the morning (to really wake me up and also for more bounce & lift to the hair) and then in the evening/night ?

    London had really hard water… Italy felt ok to me though.

    Ok but I did wash my hair 1x/day only in Europe especially in winter. Sometimes stretching to 1x/2 days ? But the Singaporean in me still preferred a daily wash there.

  34. sesame says:

    I admit I can be quite blind sometimes when I shop – I’ll see the product I want and then sometimes my hands wonder a little further to pick one that is on the other side or inside. This is just one of the case. I mistakenly grabbed one on the side and did not see the milky color – which is also close to the color of the bottle! >_<

    A different packaging would really be less confusing.

  35. Soos says:

    Thanks for remembering my troubles. BUT, I think it’s never-ending: balancing removing, cleansing and moisturizing, especially as the weather changes.

  36. pf1123 says:

    I guess at least the drier climate there would require more gentle cleansing.

    Btw, I noticed that my friend has a moisturiser from LRP which combats hard water. Interesting find!

  37. sesame says:

    Oh, a moisturizer that combats hard water? So interesting!

  38. Lisa says:

    I realize this is completely psychological but if it doesn’t foam then I won’t bother. Foam is relaxing and refreshing and yes there are formulations that foam quite well and don’t contain drying chemicals. Burt’s Bees super shine and color keeper shampoos are a great example.

  39. sesame says:

    Burt’s Bees got some good products I like but I’ve just had such pain with this Baby Bee Shampoo & Bath that I’ve completely giving up on the product.

  40. Sharon J says:

    I agree I think most people associate foaming with cleaning. Personally, I prefer using baking soda, which doesn’t foam. It is the only product that actually cleans my hair. Regular shampoos always leave behind gunky buildup. It looks like flakes, but it’s actually shampoo. I tried using Burts Bee shampoo’s, but it always left that gunky buildup. I always try to buy fragrance free products because fragrance (Essential and artificial) gives me allergies.

  41. sesame says:

    Baking soda is really great…very versatile. I love it on my skin too.

  42. Shelly says:

    I’m currently using Nature’s Gate shower gel and i love it! It doesnt dry out the skin and it leaves a bit of scent that fades off pretty fast. I’m also using EO french lavender shampoo and I’m loving it cause it makes my hair wonderfully soft ?

  43. sesame says:

    Speaking of EO, I want to get their stuff again. The smell is intoxicating!

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