Wailing nails & what are they getting away with?

A bunch of toenails were heard wailing: “SOS! SOS! We need some serious help. Can anyone hear us crying? Oh man, can anyone even see us? We’re being trapped under this pile of enamel paint ALL THE TIME! We don’t get to see daylight. NIL. ZILCH. This is so much grief for all we see are a riot of colors and they’re not the usual primary or even secondary colors. They’ve even got cry-out-loud weirdo names to boot. Like this one is “That One That Got Away”; what kind of a color is that? It looks like raspberry so why not just call it THAT?” (>.< )

Fingernails rolled their eyes a bit before retorting: “Get a grip of yourselves all you down below and count yourselves blessed! For thanks to the colors, you little grubby ones are looking more polished than you really are. Can’t you see that other plain toenails are gazing at all of you in admiration? Plus this is a really hot deep raspberry that goes so well with the new FitFlop! We love the shimmery color! In fact, we love to be painted all the time but we don’t always have the luxury like you little fellas! Anyway, you nails really need a lesson on creativity!” (¬_¬”)

Toenails stopped crying a bit but still not entirely happy. “Okay, we admit that we get stares from other toenails but it’s not what we want. We have no freedom and we never get to have any say about the colors on us! They’re slapped on us whether we like them or not. And why the need to switch colors so frequently? Can’t we do with one shade all week long? This is like the 3rd or 4th color this week alone!” (>_< )>

Fingernails pondered for a moment and continued, “Well, we’re guessing it’s the mood playing up. There are so many choices so why not have some fun? And you have to nail the right tone with the outfits. Anyway, what do you fellas have to lose? All of you are well taken care of, aren’t you? We wish we’re colored more often; we really need to be more attractive! And, we really can do without the broad daylight!” (-__-)


  1. maia says:

    I want that nail polish and a fan t-shirt and a cat!
    Katy Perry fan,you can tell… ?

  2. sesame says:

    Haha…it’s obvious! ?

  3. SnowyCrabbyGabby says:

    Hiya….I must say that the Katy Perry nail polish is so divalicious!! please can you tell me the reference number and if it is possible to get that in singapore?

  4. sesame says:

    This is definitely available at Bliss Spa in Sephora.

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