Share: where else do you apply sunscreen daily?

Okay, I’m being curious today. I know most of you who read my blog are conscious about applying sunscreen or a moisturizer with SPF daily on your face. But apart from your face, where else do you protect?

Assuming you’re in a bikini at a beach under the hot sun, I bet most of you will be slathering sunscreen not only on your face, but your neck, your body, your hands, your legs, and possibly your feet. Oh, I hear behind the ears too. However, I’m talking about daily wear, where you’re not in your bikini but are fully clothed at work, in school or even at home.

For me, I always make it a point to use sunscreen or rather my moisturizer with SPF on my face, around my eyes, on my neck plus my arms and hands whether I am spending time at home or heading out for work or social activities. But that’s about it. Even though I wear shorts quite frequently, I don’t care to apply any sunscreen on my legs or feet. I also don’t apply anything on the nape of my neck even though that part is constantly exposed since I don’t have long hair. I just rely on my intake of supplements or an umbrella to take care of those uncovered areas.

How about you? Do you consciously apply your sunscreen to other areas of your body other than your face on a daily basis?


  1. Kaiping says:

    I apply body lotion with spf 15 on my arms and neck when i wearing long pants and legs if im wearing shorts. Even when im indoors. And i always try to stay out of sun, if im exposed to sun until my skin remains warm when im in shade, i’ll apply lotion with aloe vera gel at night.

  2. Lore says:

    I try to use a moisturizer with spf 15 everyday ,too but the weather is too hot and humid here and sometimes even light moisturizers during the day feel sticky :s
    So I’d rather skip it if i’m indoors or wearing trousers, and use sunscreen only on my face and neck. Maybe a bit on my arms but that’s it.

  3. Joyce September says:

    Neck and Hands! They are the pivotal signs that can reveal your age.

  4. Moon says:

    I only apply to my face. Other than that, I always make sure I’m under the shade, or with an umbrella. I know I’m not protected from reflective UV, that could come from buildings, cars, etc, but hey, I need to live too.. ?

  5. Alice says:

    Sunscreen for the face is a MUST be it indoor or outdoor. A bit of sun during lunch hour is good for us. If out the whole day under the sun, apply sunblock or moisturiser with SPF on hands and legs that are not covered by our clothes.

  6. Rinka says:

    im so sun-conscious that i dont even wear a bikini at the beach ? (plus ive never had the confidence to wear one either lmao). i usually wear a t-shirt and shorts.

    my daily suncare is applying spf 25 pa++ on my face as well as on my neck, decollette area and hands.

  7. sesame says:

    Ah, decollette is a good area to apply…I don’t apply there often though.

    Haha…I don’t wear a bikini either. ?

  8. sesame says:

    So you do apply to your legs…interesting. I am so lazy to do this daily; I only apply on them if I’m doing some sort of outdoor sports.

  9. sesame says:

    Yeah, same thoughts but I do apply to neck and hands. Hands because the sun always shine on them while I’m driving so that makes me very conscious about protecting them.

  10. sesame says:


  11. sesame says:

    Ok, about the same as me. I can’t apply moisturizer to my body in the day too…can get a bit uncomfortable when it’s too hot.

  12. sesame says:

    Haha…sounds like we all try to stay away from the sun as far as possible.

  13. Raelynn says:

    i only apply on the face for daily. i usually avoid the sun like a plague, but i recognize that i really get too little sun, lack of vit D is bad for bones too esp when we women are prone to osteoporosis, so i dont apply sunblock on the arms anymore. though if i am driving under strong sun eg between 11.30am to 4pm i would wear long arm gloves when driving.

  14. Mai says:

    Usually face, neck n all the down to my chest area if the top I’m wearing is v or u shape. Also at the back of my neck and ears. It’s only recently that i start applying to my arms, mainly coz I want to finish up that bottle of Kiehl UV Defense sunscreen as it makes me looked tan when applied under my bb cream. Lol. Such a bummer really.

  15. Suzanne says:

    I always, always, always wear sunscreen on my face! I have started wearing Neutrogena 100+. I wish I was better at wearing sunscreen in my twenties because it is sure showing on my face now that I am in my thirties!

  16. N. says:

    Just my face and neck. I’m always in a car (not driving) and I am usually indoors. So I really don’t put sunscreen anywhere else.

  17. Issa says:

    Other than my face, I usually put sunscreen on my arms, hands and neck! Everything that is exposed. I just put on my legs if I will really be out under the sun and I’m wearing shorts…

  18. sesame says:

    Yeah, I really should put on my legs but too lazy cos it’s more casual sun exposure and I rely on my brolly. But will put if I’m out under the sun for a long stretch.

  19. sesame says:

    I guess it’s the same reason I don’t put it on my legs or other areas too…not out under the sun for long stretches. Usually, hiding under the shades too.

  20. sesame says:

    Ah…tell me about it! I wish I knew the importance too. Sunscreen wasn’t a big thing until these couple of years here. Before that, I remember using Neutrogena SPF15 for trekking. Can you beat that? I knew nothing about UV exposure. But it’s not too late to start now for sure!

  21. sesame says:

    Oh…sounds like Kiehl’s UV Defense Sunscreen is changing the color of your BB cream? Or more than an unsuitable combination…

    I do the same to those sunscreens I no longer apply to my face…they go to my arms and hands. ?

  22. Ct says:

    I applied all except my legs but I do carry umbrella everywhere I go. But I should be more diligent in applying on my legs as well

  23. Julia says:

    I try to stay out of the sun, but if I know that I’ll spend more time outside than just the walk from the station to university, and it’s too hot to wear a cardigan or whatever, I’ll apply sunscreen to my arms and legs, if those are bare.

  24. Swati says:

    oh…I do appy on my face, neck, arms and sometimes on the exposed shoulder and chest areas…sometimes I apply on legs and other times I skip it but nape of the neck is one place I never forget coz it gets tanned really easily ? and sometimes after applying all the sunscreen I tie a scarf and then carry an umbrella too…

  25. mandy says:

    i apply to all the skin uncovered by clothing when i leave the house cos i’m trying to get fairer! I don’t bother with sunblock when i’m home though.

  26. tin says:

    I apply sunscreen to my whole body. And reapply, every few hours.. ?

    I have very sensitive skin. My skin will freckle if I’m exposed to the sun for too long.. ?

  27. Amanda says:

    I tried to avoid sunlight as much as possible in summer. If possible, I would wear trousers, instead of a dress. That way, I don’t have to apply anything on my legs. But lately, I’ve become a bit persnickety that I make it a point to use sunscreen on the back of my hands. I hope by doing this, I can slow the way they age.

  28. sesame says:

    It’s great to use sunscreen on your hands! You will thank yourself for doing this. ?

  29. sesame says:

    I see…it really takes discipline to apply all over your body daily. Salute you girl! ?

  30. sesame says:

    If your home has got windows that you’re constantly exposed to, best to apply something with SPF15 if you can.

  31. sesame says:

    I wish I’m more consistently other than my face, neck and arms. Eg. I found that my feet, which is constantly exposed to sunlight cos I like to wear flipflops have got sun spots some time ago! So I got paranoid one stage and tried to apply sunscreen on them but it was just too much effort. So I just rely on supplements and so far so good.

  32. sesame says:

    Your arms and legs will thank you in due time. ?

  33. sesame says:

    Haha…same problem…lazy to bend down for me. ?

  34. carrie says:

    I always try to remember to put sunscreen on the tops of my feet. I got burned there so badly when i was younger, ill never forget again.
    Also i really like the spray sunscreen, so i dont miss sections and end up with big red blotches

  35. sesame says:

    Spray sunscreens are quite convenient…but too bad it’s only for specific brands though and not across the board.

  36. Moon says:

    I have a long sleeve blouse in the car. I prefer putting them on over my hands when I drive. Somehow I prefer this method over slathering on the cream in this hot weather. I used to apply the spray on, but after having read your blog about them, I stopped, unless I’m at the beach.

  37. sesame says:

    That’s a good idea…putting on a long sleeve blouse while driving. I was trying to get the UV sleeves at one point but I stopped looking when I couldn’t find it. Might get it if I spot it again.

  38. Felicia says:

    I like applying Banana Boat’s SunWear Daily Sunscreen Lotion! Its spf50 and its not as sticky as other sunscreen lotions. Also made with organic botanicals. Good stuff I recommend.

  39. sesame says:

    Hmm…it has organic botanicals? Kind of doubtful since Banana Boat is definitely more of a chemical sunscreen.

  40. Mimi says:

    I live in Europe and at least in my country I don’t know anybody who applies any suncare product on a daily basis. It is generally different as people here aren’t as conscious about skin whitening and sun protection as in Asian countries. I have to admit that I don’t apply sunscreen on parts of my body everyday, as sunscreen has a distinctive smell and a thick consistency most of the times. In addition, I have the feeling it is more difficult to purchase make up and face products with UV protection suitable for daily use, as it is not something most of the people look for here in Europe. ):
    In the summer I apply sunscreen on my forearm and on my shin and my ears (yes, my ears#k8SjZc9Dxk#k8SjZc9Dxk), as those parts are exposed to the sun the most.

  41. sesame says:

    Oh that’s an interesting information! I didn’t know that sunscreen is not so big in Europe. It seems to be big in States and here of course and I wonder if it’s because of the weather. In Europe, you’ll have the four seasons and it’s only hot in the summer. But some of the most stable sunscreen ingredients come from Europe!

  42. Mimi says:

    At least not as big in terms of daily sun protection, at the beach (or at places where sun protection is more obvious) people still want to protect their skin from UV rays! And very few daily care products like face creams have SPF, but it is quite low. This is just my experience, maybe someone else knows some good products with good ingredients available in Europe ;))
    Yes, the suncreens are very good here nevertheless ?

  43. Mimi says:

    Oh yes, and you might be right that it is because of the different climate and the four seasons. But during summer the sun can be mean here, too. Hopefully I didn’t talk the European attitude towards sun protection down, as we all are aware of the dangers of too much sun exposure… haha

  44. sesame says:

    I believe the awareness level is still there but probably pple in Europe are less obsessed compared to us here just because the sun exposure is all year round for us.

  45. Siew Ying says:

    I’ve only just started to accept the idea of applying sunscreen on my face and front of neck (I’ve long hair so I don’t bother with the nape). I salute those who can slather on the sunscreen all over – it would be a chore to remove all those sunscreen at the end of the day. It would be nice if there is an article on the most convenient sunscreen removal methods, plus recommendations on some good and cheap removers.

  46. Sesame says:

    I apply sunscreen on my arms and I only use a body wash to remove…no special remover.

  47. Lola says:

    Initially, I started applying sunscreen just on my face, after a few months I carried it down to my neck, then after a year later, my chest! Recently, I’ve been applying all over my arms and legs that are exposed, as well as my ears! I’m 16 and I’m a maniac about preserving my youthful skin! All my friends spend hours in the sun and I remind them about their future leathery skin but they just ignore me and continue, we’ll see about that in 20 years mwahahaha! Haha ?

  48. CK says:

    Everywhere except the soles of my feet and my thighs. UVA protection!

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