DIY Fashion: t-shirt necklace, scarf & bracelet

My bestie messaged me earlier in the week to share a DIY fashion idea – making a scarf out of old t-shirt without any sewing. I was eager to try out the idea and after exploring a few options, came up with more than a scarf. I was able to make a necklace and a bracelet too! Cool isn’t it?

Cost me $0
Actually, I’ve seen such scarves and necklaces on sale at Etsy and they retail for something like US$14 onwards. But this cost me nothing. Well, the cost of the t-shirt doesn’t count since it’s something I don’t wear anymore and I would have thrown it away anyway. And how long did it take? Just about 20 minutes of my time.

Use an old tee with a thin material
The old t-shirt is a nice design but it was so small, I cannot fit in it without coming across like a rice dumpling. But because I like the illustration, I was unwilling to throw it out. Good thing that it came in handy for this DIY project and the thin material made it ideal for the layering effect.

Only a pair of scissors is required
All that is required for this project is a pair of scissors. Snip, snip, tie, tie and I’m done. Okay, I only came up with two items out of the small tee but the necklace can double up as a scarf too. A darker color or a few colors would be nice and I shall work on that for my next project. But I thought this isn’t so bad for a start.

Check my tutorial on Viva Woman FB Page
I’ve posted the picture tutorial on my Viva Woman Facebook Page. So head over to check it out! Now, there are lots to do with an old t-shirt so don’t throw it out. I’m going to dig out some of my son’s old t-shirts because those would of of perfect length to create a shorter necklace.

So anyone game for this DIY t-shirt fashion accessories idea?


  1. Mai says:

    s0 creative!! this is n0t s0mething a lazy bum like me wanna create th0u.haha.
    0hhh nice ring by the way, where did u buy it??

  2. Ashes says:

    Cool! I like! You are so CrEaTiVe!!!

  3. sesame says:

    Glad you like it…but it’s not my original idea lah. ?

  4. sesame says:

    I got it from a shop at Liang Court…it’s a tungsten ring and it’s scratch proof. The shop is a corner unit that sells fashion accessory on the ground level.

  5. Soos says:

    This is very sustainable – you’re recycling! I’ve seen these for $15 to $20 US.
    Soos last post is: About my leftovers plus WOW Farms tomatoes

  6. Chris says:

    Sometimes I take old necklaces and tangle them up to wear as bracelets. Your idea is much, much cooler. ?
    Chris last post is: Review: Forever 21 Love & Beauty Natural Palette

  7. Amanda says:

    Wow~ When I saw your first photo, I thought you’ve bought something from a store. It was only when I read on that I know you handmade it! So creative. But I guess not all t-shirt material can have such a nice curling effect, right?
    Amanda last post is: 50 Facts About Me & Why Write About It?

  8. sesame says:

    Oh yes…now that you’ve said it. I didn’t actually think of it as recycling at first.

  9. sesame says:

    Try it! ?

  10. sesame says:

    I think most t-shirts can give that effect…if the t-shirt is thick, then cut the strips thinner. As long as the material stretches, the curling effect can be achieved.

  11. Mai says:

    Sweet!! thanks 4 sharing!!

  12. MsGlitzy says:

    OMG this is cool! I’ve seen some online stores selling such scarves/necklaces!
    MsGlitzy last post is: Schoolgirl Saturday

  13. sesame says:

    Glad you find it cool…try it yourself. Very easy!

  14. Agatha Tefora says:

    Great idea! It does not only show creativity and fashion. Might as well care for the planet and recycle things. Old jeans, plastic bags can also be turned into bags.

  15. sesame says:

    Yeah…eco fashion!

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