Ego QV Bath Oil: rids that layer of body sunscreen

A few of you had asked me if it’s necessary to double cleanse after applying sunscreen to our body and what is the best product to do the job. So I thought I’ll share this product that has worked well for my husband. He applies sunscreen to his entire body whenever he goes for a swim in the day and hence, proper cleansing is necessary as clogged pores can result from sunscreen that is not washed off thoroughly. In fact, he learnt a lesson after going through a season of skin problems as a result of improper cleansing.

Oil cleanser to get rid of the sunscreen residue
At one stage, he was even afraid to use sunscreen because he found that double cleansing with the normal body shower gels did not help him get rid of all the sunscreen on his skin totally. I then told him to try cleansing oil and so he went back to look at his favorite brand – Ego QV – and lo and behold, they have a bath oil!

It’s really mineral oil
Okay, the QV range is free from lanolin, perfume, colour and propylene glycol and said to be ideal for even the most sensitive skin types but it isn’t in the natural skin care category. In fact, the ingredients in this QV Bath Oil are: Paraffinum Liquidum, Laureth-3, Isopropyl Myristate and Propylparaben. Paraffinum Liquidum is really mineral oil and according to my findings online, it seems that the concentration of this ingredient is as high as 85% in this product. However, it has been working very well for him and so he has faithfully stuck to using this bath oil every time he uses a body sunscreen.

Provide relief for dry skin
Ego QV Bath Oil is a non-greasy, water dispersible oil designed to help revive your skin. According to the product description, this product is designed for the treatment of dry skin, scaly skin, winter itch, ichthyosis, xerosis, dermatitis, and other dry dermatological conditions. It can even provide the relief of syptoms of atopic eczema and psoriasis – said to be suitable for infants and the elderly.

Effective and affordable
Anyway, my husband uses this to cleanse off the sunscreen on his body, followed on by the QV Body Wash. He has not had an episode of skin issues since. The thing is, I reckon there are probably more naturally formulated oil cleansers for the body but this product is fairly affordable. The 500ml is available now at S$14.80 at at a promotional offer. You can also find it at selected Guardian Pharmacies. I think for something that needs to be washed off and doesn’t remain permanently on your skin, it’s a good choice.


  1. astrorainfall @ beauty box says:

    I used this product religiously when I was in my late teens & early 20s because I had serious eczema issues. I would use my regular shower gel and then use this bath oil according to a friend’s recommendation, thinking it would help moisturize my skin rather than cleanse. Little did I know it was a cleansing oil!! Goodness…. I used buckets of this product…If I had known…I wouldn’t have spent so much money on something that probably didn’t help my problem at the time…It seems this product is meant to be used on its own for eczema sufferers?

  2. Mai says:

    I hardly use sunscreen 0n my b0dy, if i d0, i just cleanse the same way as i did n0rmally. N0 d0uble cleansing.

    I used t0 have a skin pr0blem where small patches 0f red rashes will appear 0n my skin. They are usually 0n my legs n thighs area. Seri0usly itchy!!! The d0ct0r advise me against using b0dy pr0ducts that c0ntain fragrances. S0 i tried a few and f0und QV t0 be the m0st suitable. H0wever they tend t0 b quite drying f0r my skin. I hate the smell als0!! Since n0 0ther brand w0rks f0r me, i kept using QV. I did switched back t0 the n0rmal bodywash like TBS but after a while i will itch again.

    H0wever all that is hist0ry n0w, thanks t0 y0ur bl0g!! I learnt that perhaps the ingredients in the pr0ducts that i previ0usly used might be the cause 0f my rashes. N0w i’m definitely enj0ying my sh0wers again ? As a newbie t0 natural skincare, i t0tally depend 0n ur bl0g t0 help me make wise purchases. Thanks Sesame! Y0u are the best!!!

  3. sesame says:

    Oh dear…you mean you used it to moisturize and never washed it off? It probably was drying used in that way then?

  4. sesame says:

    I’m so glad that some of my info here has helped you. I’m still learning about the products and ingredients myself and just sharing what I come across. ?

    Btw, I had some skin issues too. I had big red rashes on my body for many years. Saw the doc and nothing improved. Tea Tree oil helped me eventually. I also like the Thursday Plantation products. Not exactly natural natural but they do avoid some of the usual ingredients and I found their stuff to be effective too.

  5. Mai says:

    Seri0usly??? Mine was r0und patches the size 0f a 50 cent c0in. It will turn red sl0wly n the itch was unbearable!! T0tally disgusting i tell y0u! F0rtunately that epis0de is 0ver th0ugh i d0 still get the 0ccasi0nal itch 0n my upper b0dy n0w. Still the same itchy feeling but this time it resemble a m0squit0 bite. N0 matter h0w hard i c0ntr0l myself, i just had t0 scratch! This resulted in ugly scars ? n0w i’m trying t0 apply r0sehip 0il t0 help lighten th0se scars.

    I sincerely appreciate y0ur dedicati0n n the time y0u put in especially in resp0nding t0 my queries here as well as 0n FB. I d0 feel guilty f0r asking y0u endlessly but i’m seri0usly clueless. S0 here’s an imaginary t0ast t0 y0u. Yum Seng… l0l.

  6. sesame says:

    Hahaha…you’re so cute. Yum Seng at such an early hour!

    I’ll try my best to respond but my priority is always to answer the blog queries and FB queries. Sometimes feel bad that I’m so tardy with emails. ?

  7. Ms. Blacklace says:

    When I used the badger sunscreen on my body, it’s also very difficult to wash off. The zinc oxide will still stick to the skin.

    Then I used muji cleansing oil to remove it.

    What I like about muji cleansing oil is that it doesn’t contain mineral oil. Which I’m terribly allergic to.

  8. sesame says:

    I see…I think I passed my husband the Muji one to try but he didn’t really like it. Don’t know why.

  9. Amanda says:

    I wonder if I need a body wash especially for removing sunscreen. Most of the body wash I used couldn’t wash away the residue. As a result, my limbs would get itchy in the following days. I tried looking for home remedies for removing sunscreen, but to no avail. Some suggest using olive oil, but I haven’t really tried it myself. I simply wonder if I am one of the few who would get itchy skin after applying sunscreen.

  10. sesame says:

    You’re not alone. My husband had this issue when he just relied on a normal body wash. I would recommend you try a cleansing oil. Olive oil can get rid but it would be quite oily and might take more effort to wash off. A cleansing oil that emulsifies will be easier to wash off.

  11. alixana says:

    I use QV Bath Oil for the times when my skin gets really dry – maybe about 1-2 times a week. It really helps for dry and chapped skin, and I find that if I use it regularly, I can skip on the body lotion completely ? I’m okay with the fact that it’s largely made of mineral oil because it’s used on the body, where there are less oil glands. But I can’t use any mineral oil-based oil cleanser on my face, never!

  12. sesame says:

    I’m with you…while I love to use more natural stuff as far as possible, I don’t really mind non natural stuff on my body so much. Most important is that it works.

  13. Lydia says:

    This is a bit unrelated to your post, but I have a question concerning cleansing oils. I’ve never really had acne until I started using sun block. So far I’ve used the Shiseido sun block, and they’ve all led to clogged skin around my forehead and chin, even when I used the DHC cleansing oil and followed up with a foaming cleanser. Now I use the Laneige High Lasting Sun Block SPF 50 PA+++, which doesn’t contain as much dimethicones, and I still break out. I’m not sure if it’s the cleansing oil or sun block that’s breaking me out. I’ve been using cleansing oils for well over half a year so I’m not sure if I’m purging. It’s frustrating since I don’t want to stop using sun block, but I also don’t want to waste my cleansing oil D:

  14. sesame says:

    Could be other ingredients and not the silicones causing the acne. Is the acne from clogged pores? It’s not cystic type? I know that chemical sunscreens can cause acne for some skin types.

    The only way to know is to stop using one of them and try to isolate the problem, Maybe you want to stop using the cleansing oil first and see if your acne still persist?

  15. Lydia says:

    The acne id definitely from clogged pores, but it only appears on my forehead and chin. In the meantime I will stop using my cleansing oil first, thanks ?

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