Family-friendly Original Sprout products & a giveaway

A new category titled “Mom & Kid” has been created because I realized that I’ve actually been reviewing quite a number of baby products that are also suitable for adults. Like today’s review is a new addition to the category because this range, Original Sprout, is definitely a family-friendly range as they are stated to be formulated for babies and up! (#k8SjZc9Dxk_#k8SjZc9Dxk)

Worry-free range
Original Sprout hails from US and the formulations are said to not contain natural or synthetic ingredients linked with estrogen & hormone disruption, cancer & autism such as Phthalates, Dioxanes 1, 4, Sulfates, Parabens, Lavender or Tea Tree Oils, Clove, Soy, Mineral or Petroleum Oils, Placenta, Synthetic Colors & Titanium Dioxide or Nanoparticles. All products are also free of insect attractors such as honey & soda fragrances.

Not tested on animals & vegan formulated
Original Sprout is not tested on animals. In addition, all products are vegetarian & vegan plus recyclable bottles and tubes are used for packaging. I was sent a few products under the brand for a complimentary review and because of the sheer number of products, I’m not going to put down the ingredient lists but you can look them up here if you need a reference.

Original Sprout Natural Shampoo & Deep Conditioner
The shampoo is sulfate free and is said to contain added sun protection. Although it lathers up pretty well, I’ve found it to be average performing for my rather greasy hair; I suppose it should work better for those with normal hair. Surprisingly, I love the Deep Conditioner a lot because it kept my hair smooth looking and neatly in place without weighing them down. This is a first for me because I’ve always just thought of conditioners as nothing more than a hair detangler.

Original Sprout Hair & Body Babywash & Scrumptious Cream
I like using the Hair & Body Babywash for myself and my son. I don’t find it great for my hair but as a body wash, it sure works well. It lathers up like most of the body washes I’ve used and smells fairly pleasant. As a shampoo, I think the product will work well for babies and young toddlers; my son is already 9 years old, so a separate product like the Natural Shampoo is more suitable for his hair. As for the Scrumptious Baby Cream, that’s quite a love to use in the day, either on myself or my child. It spreads well and isn’t greasy on contact; I’ll even say it makes my skin feels baby soft and smooth.

Original Sprout Natural Hair Gel & Natural Styling Balm
Okay, I didn’t get to use these a lot but I am quite happy that I now have on hand more naturally formulated hair styling products. At least they’re less toxic and are free of mineral oils, DEA, colors or dyes and I have better peace of mind using them on my son, who on some days, aspire to have hair like Sonic the hedgehog! And of the few times I’ve used them on myself or my son, I found them to be easy to wash away too.

Overall summary
All the Original Sprout products reviewed here have worked well for my son and some of them for me too. I think my hair is peculiar because of the greasy condition and so the shampoos don’t work so well for me. Other than that, I’m good with the rest. One thing I’ve noticed about the range is that some of the products have quite a standard scent and I realized that there’s this “certified clean fragrance” listed on a number of their products. I can’t describe the scent well but it didn’t come across as a natural scent to me and definitely smell like some hair products I’ve used in the past. But get past that and the products are fine and what I like is the prices are pretty affordable. The 4oz Natural Shampoo for example is S$16, while the 4oz Hair & Body Babywash is S$16.50.

Giveaway details
Original Sprout products are available at Pout, a family and children hair salon based in Singapore’s Upper Thomson Road. Three Viva Woman readers based in Singapore will win S$50 worth of Original Sprout products. Only three steps are required to participate in this giveaway:

  1. Be a fan of Pout Facebook Page.
  2. Visit the Pout website and pick out up to $50 worth of Original Sprout products (excluding sets) that you’d like to try.
  3. Leave your comment, Facebook name and the products you’d like to have in the comments section of this blog entry.

This giveaway is open to all readers with a local Singapore address. It will close on Tuesday, 17 April 2012 and the three winners will be picked by the team at Pout and announced on the Viva Woman and Pout Facebook Page. So want to give Original Sprout a try? Then enter right away!


  1. Christina says:

    Facebook Name: Xris Ng
    Product from Pout that I would like to try: Tahitian Hair Oil -$45

    Thank you ?

  2. Keith Tan says:

    1. like Pout Facebook Page.
    2. I would like to try Hair & Body Babywash and face & body sunscreen (total $49.00)
    3.Facebook name : Tan Keith. I’m a sensitive person, so that I have to make sure the ingredient used is not harmful to me and my love one which Original Sprout has done their research and using all save ingredient in their product. Hope I have a chance to try their sunscreen product as I still searching the suitable product for me and my little one.

  3. Kay says:

    Fb name is kaiping chea.

    I would like to try the natural shampoo, deep conditioner and the hair and body baby wash. My little cousin seems to be having itchy scalp and skin due to the mixture of kids and adults shampoo she using. Probably this will be a good range to get for kids.

  4. Bebe Lee says:

    Facebook name Bebe Lee

    I would like to try the Deep Conditioner and Luscious Island Conditioner.
    Bebe Lee last post is: Salon De Porejo Peeling Gel

  5. Kaiqi Luah says:

    Facebook Name: Kaiqi Luah
    I’m a new reader on Viva Woman and newbie into organic products. Am really hooked onto reading more info of the organic world recently. Just got myself a new perm and my current set of shampoo & conditioner is running low. So it’ll be great if I can get my hands on the Natural Shampoo & Deep Conditioner! Thanks so much! ?

  6. aibicon says:

    So far I have not come across salon that uses products that are not harmful. I always like to wash and blow my hair at salons(they got good skills as massaging my scalp) but does not like their strong products.
    I would like to try the sunscreen which is nano particle and titanium oxide free!
    Sunscreen is one of the important products in my daily life now! and probably the Rosa’s Raspberry Shampoo. Thanks.

    FB nick: Ivy Tan

  7. pout says:

    Hello Ivy, unfortunately Rosa’s Raspberry Shampoo is not under Original Sprout. If you’re looking for a shampoo, may I suggest you try the Natural Shampoo that was reviewed here?
    Rosa’s Raspberry is part of the Circle of Friends brand, a sulphate-free, professional salon range for children.

  8. MiGuo says:

    Facebook Name: Michelle Y. Lee
    I would like to try the Natural Shampoo, Deep conditioner, and the Hair and Body babywash.

  9. Quek CH says:

    I love to try Luscious Island Conditioner and Deep Conditioner
    Quek CH last post is: TenderLiz Pure And Care – Naturally Goat’s Milk Shower Cream with Pomelo

  10. Quek CH says:

    I love to try Luscious Island Conditioner and Deep Conditioner

    p/s delete previous comment.

  11. cindy tan says:

    i’ll love to try
    Natural shampo, $16
    Deep conditioner, $17
    Hair and body baby wash, $16.50
    total – $49.50

    I’ve liked pout facebook page. Fb name is cindy tan.

    I really hope to win this giveaway as my girl is suffering from itchy and dry scalp. She frequently scratches her scalp til bleeding occurs and i hope this organic shampo would help her.

  12. Lee Ying says:

    I would love to try the Scrumptious Baby Cream & Luscious Island Conditioner. FB name is Leeying.

  13. aibicon says:

    Oops. Sorry, i was actually clicking here and there to see the products.. and did not realise that. I would like to try that after I finish my current shampoo#k8SjZc9Dxk#k8SjZc9Dxk

  14. Grace Lee says:

    FB name WC Grace

    I would like to have the Deep Conditioner 4oz and Scrumptious Baby Cream 8oz.

  15. lisabelle says:

    fb name: Ong Js
    Hi! I am loving the clean, fresh packaging which those cute blue bubbles! I would love to try the natural shampoo and the miracle detangler. ($16 + $21 = $37)
    Having heard many great reviews about it and it being the bestseller makes this product is must-have. Plus, it is great that this shampoo is sulfate-free, thus not posing potential health risk. Also, the added bonus of having sun protection is real cool. Moreover, this shampoo seems like a true essential for achieving clean, healthy conditioned hair and scalp, which is essentially all that we hope for!
    Furthermore, I would wish to give the miracle detangler a try. Having learnt about this product from pout’s website, it sounds like the perfect solution to my ever frizzy, untamable hair. It’s amazing how it serves numerous purposes: calms bed head, provides fresh feeling, protects and strengthen, and many more. It really does sound like a product I cannot do without especially when I am on the go and have little time to fuss over hair issues. Would be real glad if given a chance to try these awesome products. Thanks!

  16. Sesame says:

    My apologies for the delay in publishing your comment. It ended up in the spam queue.

  17. lisabelle says:

    no prob, i thought there was some technical issue~

  18. Austine says:

    Hello! My FB name is Austine Lee Catallo. I’d love to try the Luscious Island Conditioner ($35) because I’m aiming to grow my hair super long but at the same time keep it soft and healthy. But alas, my goal seems so much further now because my hair ends began splitting terribly recently! D: From the description and ingredient list of this conditioner I can tell that it’s gonna be a saviour for my hair, so please pick me! <3

    Thanks muchlings to Pout and Viva Woman for this awesome giveaway! ?

  19. Huimin says:

    Hi, my fb name is Min Hui
    I would like to try out:
    Original Sprout Hair Care Basics 1-2-3 Set B = $39.00
    and Miracle Detangler (1oz) = $8.00
    Total = $47.00

  20. Lucus says:

    fb: Lucus Lee
    i would love to try the Face & Body Sunscreen and the Leave-In Conditioner

  21. pout says:

    Hello Huimin,
    The giveaway excludes sets (mentioned in step 2 of giveaway details). Please select the products that you’d like to try again.

  22. Huimin says:

    Sorry! Then, I would like to try the natural shampoo-4oz ($16), deep conditioner -4oz($17), tahitian hair oil-1/2 oz($9) and miracle detangler-1oz ($8). Total: $50! Just nice! <3

  23. EcoBeauty says:

    I don’t have a personal FB account and I only surf using my page (Eco Beauty Secrets). ?
    I think I’ve seen this salon once but it was very late at night so it was already closed. It’s interesting that they have lots of Mom and Kid photos on their website.
    Anyway, the products I’d love to try are as follow:
    Deep Conditioner 4 0z – $17
    Natural Shampoo 4 oz – $16
    Tahitian Hair Oil 1/2 oz – $9
    Miracle Detangler 1 oz – $8

    Thanks Sesame and Pout for holding this giveaway! ?
    EcoBeauty last post is: Mood Swings and Hair Cuts and Why They Might be a Tragic Pair

  24. Jess Koh says:

    Facebook name : Koh Jess

    I would like to try natural shampoo, deep conditioner and hair & body baby wash. Total $49.50. I have sensitive scalp and have been searching suitable product for myself. Hope I have chance to try these. I will love to give my baby the right product too. Thank you for the giveaway.

  25. Ivy says:

    Facebook name : Mi Zi

    I like to try Tahitian hair oil from pout.

  26. Julia says:

    Fb name: Juliana Sng

    I will like to try the Luscious Island Conditioner and 1oz Miracle Detangler. These sounds great for my dry and damaged colored hair, due to a botched job. Thank you.

  27. Jasmine says:

    Fb name : Jas Min

    Hair & Body Wash, Natural Shampoo & Deep Conditioner.
    Would like to try these for my baby girl at 16 months.

  28. Jennifer says:

    FB name: Jennifer Long

    I’d like to try the Natural shampoo and Miracle Detangler. Thanks!

  29. jessie sng says:

    facebook name : Jessie Sng

    Would love to have these items as I have sensitive skin and falling hair :
    Leave-In Conditioner
    Protects against sun

    Face & Body Sunscreen
    Non greasy, clean protection

  30. Pei Chwen says:

    Facebook name: Pei Chwen
    I’d like to try these products:
    Natural Shampoo, $16
    Deep Conditioner, $17
    Hair & Body Babywash, $16.50
    Total value – $49.50
    Thank you.

  31. Chin Ming says:

    Fb name: Chin Ming
    I’d like to try these items:
    Face & Body Sunscreen, S$32.50
    Hair & Body Babywash, S$16.50


  32. pout says:

    Hello, we just wanted to drop a quick post to let readers know pout salon is no longer open. All Original Sprout products continue to be available on our online store

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