I need a pair of chic and fashionable eye glasses

My contact lenses have been irritating my eyes so much that I had to remove and dump them on the way back home today. So that’s it! I’ve made the decision to switch to using glasses and I will only use contact lenses sparingly. I haven’t gone shopping for my new pair of glasses yet but I’m currently looking for some ideas; the last one I got was too heavy and nerdy looking and I think I’ll try something smaller and lighter this round.

I really prefer NOT to wear glasses because I think I look better without them. So I’ve been hunting for pictures of pretty celebrities in glasses to console myself. They all look rather pretty in glasses, don’t they? But I know, the same pair of glasses may not look good on me. I think I need to avoid those in dark frames and speaking of which, my son who broke his pair of glasses, received his new glasses and is hating it because it comes with a dark blue frame. He thinks it draws too much attention to his face. I wasn’t around when the new pair of specs was made and there weren’t too many choices either because it was an emergency. So he has been fussing over it and I’m wondering if I should just give in by ordering another new pair for him. Oh, kids these days are so different from my time! >.< Okay, so much for the rambling. I'll probably show up with my new glasses if I look good in it. Heh. So any of you actually wear glasses on a daily basis? © www.vivawoman.net copyright notice


  1. Vonvon says:

    Ohhh, Sesame, this has been my longest and oldest complaint! I dont like wearing glasses, makes all my colorful eye makeup go to waste! But I am too chicken to go for LASIK… Slowly plucking up the courage, in the name of vanity. ?
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  2. Sesame says:

    Yeah, that’s something I don’t really like even though I don’t use a lot of eye makeup. And I don’t think I’ll ever attempt Lasik.

  3. Kelly Chew Lai Hong says:

    Had heen in the same situation as you and I have very poor vision. Normal lenses will really weigh me down. I have been getting my specs from Paris Miki – The lenses are super lightweight. If you are lucky, there may be promotions for frames. I had a Paul Smith frame at a good discount the last time. Try your luck. ?

  4. Sesame says:

    Thanks for your recommendations and I like Paris Miki! I’ll check it out. As for lightweight ones, I also found those rimless types really lightweight but they are not too fashionable looking though. The thing about glasses I don’t like is that they leave marks around the corner of the inner eyes. ?

  5. stella says:

    i do wear glasses daily coz my eyes are just far too dry for contact lenses on a daily basis and i’m not keen on lasik. good news is that glasses are really fashionable now (tons of people who don’t need them are wearing them, even without the lenses!), especially nerdy ones! they also make you look smarter and more credible heh. what i hate is that they’re heavy (compared to contact lenses no matter what) and leave marks on the sides of my powdered nose, grrr!

  6. socialitedreams says:

    i wear my glasses daily, get compliments on them every day. they are black slight cat eyes with rhinestones on the corners that i found on ebay. LOVE them

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  7. EcoBeauty says:

    I only wear glasses for fun although I’m far sighted.
    Currently, I’ve got a couple of geeky specs. Have super round ones (like Harry Potter’s). Currently, I’m very tempted to get something like what Keiko Lynn is always wearing ’cause I love cat-eye frames.

    I think frameless or light-colored framed specs would look good on you.
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  8. Sesame says:

    Yes!!! I dislike the marks they leave and that’s why I avoid sunglasses as far as possible too! Anyway, I’m going to choose light frames this round…made the mistake of choosing a heavy one and left very visible marks whenever I wore them.

    * I find it wear for pple to wear glasses without lenses…for fashion yes but without the lenses is really weird.

  9. Sesame says:

    Hey, that’s a nice pair and it’s so affordable!

  10. Sesame says:

    Oh you wear glasses for fun? Haha…that’s cool. I think the cat-eye frames would look nice on you, as they do for Keiko Lynn. ?

    I don’t think I’ll go for frameless one cos they’re not so fashionable IMO. Something light maybe good.

  11. Amira says:

    Hi, it’s my first time to comment and I’m new to your blog but I like it a lot ?
    I don’t wear glasses all the time but I wear them basically in front of computers cause I spend a lot of time working on computers. Go for fun frames that are feminine and colorful (even if it’s not a trend) – some thing you actually like to wear cause you like how they look on you. I like the frame on the girl with long hair – I used to wear one like it that was black with little diamonds on the sides, now I switched to something of the same shape but colorful – a lilac frame also with diamonds on the sides but not intentionally ?
    This is my frame

    good luck finding new frame ?

  12. Amira says:

    Of and if you’re gonna wear it for long time make sure it’s not heavy on the nose or tight on the sides of your head or irritating behind the ears – I know lots of instructions ?

  13. RedScorpio says:

    I had been wearing glasses since I was a small child and until early adulthood before I switched to contact lenses.
    I have always found, not only for me but for most people, that the most flattering glasses are these with designs and colours that complement your characteristics and look almost as an integral part of your face (if that makes sense). Besides, we want people to compliment us while wearing glasses, not our glasses per se! ?

  14. N. says:

    Depending on the model it doesn’t even touch around the inner corner of the eys/nose.

  15. Sesame says:

    Thank you Amira for sharing the pic of your frame. I like it! It’s something I’m looking for but don’t know whether it’ll fit me. I hope to find some time to shop for them today.

  16. Sesame says:

    I get what you mean. I think that’s the problem my son is facing – he finds his glasses too outstanding. In the past, it was a light frame and so it didn’t stand out. I’ll bear your advice in mind when I go shopping for glasses. Thanks!

  17. Sesame says:

    Hi N…I didn’t know there are models that don’t touch. Wow, I’ll love to get that! I’ll make sure to ask and test a few more pairs. I used to buy glasses rather impulsively cos I’ve always relied on contact lenses.

  18. lazeny says:

    I’ve been wearing glasses for 8 years and it doesn’t bother me that much. When I was younger I used thick frames, much like the ones pictured on your post, but as I get older I now prefer low key frames.

    Right now I’m using metal frames – titanium w/c is very durable. I find that it does not compete w/ my makeup at all (as opposed to wearing thick colorful frames) and since I’m myopic and lenses tend to make my eyes smaller, I can get away w/ using a heavy hand on eyeliner and eye makeup. I’m thinking of getting an alternate pair w/ half rims or rimless glasses too.

    The only peeve I have w/ wearing eyeglasses is that I can’t wear lush and long faux lashes, it touches my lenses and it’s very uncomfortable.

  19. Sesame says:

    I just ordered my pair about an hour ago! I don’t even know what frames they are but they are light and supposedly very durable. I like the design. Anyway, my degree isn’t very high and so I plan to wear them only when necessary. I don’t use faux lashes and have no idea that it interferes with glasses but now that you’ve said it, I can emphatize. I need to learn how to draw eyeliners when I start to use glasses more regularly though.

  20. Tina @ BeautyToasst says:

    I personally think that everyone looks better without their glasses (of course then, they’d have to have contact lenses on to keep their eyes looking straight and not all squinted) People only look good in glasses when they first wear them because they look new to eveyone else.
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  21. Tina @ BeautyToasst says:

    Oh by the way, the celebrities or girls wearing glasses in the picture above, the glasses do look cute on them. But honestly, i can imagine them would look way better without glasses. ? Just stick with your contacts, use the daily ones which are super-duper comfortable!
    Tina @ BeautyToasst last post is: Eyeshadows for Different Eye Shapes

  22. Sesame says:

    Nah, I’m making the switch. I tried the dailies and they stung my eyes quite badly.

  23. Siew Ying says:

    I’ve been wearing glasses all my life (since I was five?), and I’m almost 24 now. I think I was myopic before then cos I was told that I was tripping into drains etc. Wearing glasses doesn’t bother me that much since I’ve been wearing them ever since I can remember, but sometimes I do wish that I can go without glasses. Unfortunately, I have very high astigmatism (400) with rather high myopia (700 & 500) along with it, which makes contact lenses expensive for me. I’ve been told before that I’d have to settle for permanent contact lenses that last for around 1 year or so. But considering how lazy I am, it probably won’t be economical since the contact lenses will cost around the same as my spectacles ($360 bought 3 years ago at a neighbourhood shop, and the frames were only $75), and I’ll probably wear specs since I don’t have to clean them thoroughly like contacts.

    I have been contemplating LASIK but there’s the cost issue. Hope to have it done when I’m 28, hopefully.

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