Share: ladies, do you carry a water bottle in your bag?

Drinking sufficient water is important for both health and beauty, and this is why I sometimes carry a water bottle in my bag. However, since installing the Cell-Gen A.H. Water System at home, I’ve become extremely zealous about carrying my water bottle everywhere I go. In fact, I no longer purchase distilled or mineral water since finding out more about the importance of drinking quality activated hydrogen water. Now, I only want to drink the Cell-Gen A.H. Water from home.

Plastic bottles can leach chemicals
Carrying my own water bottle, which is marked as BPA free is also a better choice than using those plastic bottles used to contain distilled or mineral water. Many of these are stated to be unsafe because the chemicals used to create a plastic can leach out of the plastic and into the water. And even if they’re safe, they’re really environmentally unfriendly.

Your views
I know carrying my own water bottle doesn’t sound glamorous and is in fact very “aunty” but I’m not about to be deterred. So my question to you today is, do you carry a water bottle in your bag? If you’re not doing so currently, is this something you would seriously consider?


  1. Tine says:

    Sometimes I do, depending on the bag I’m carrying on that day. When I tried doing it in Malaysia, my mum called me an aunty for doing so. My mum!! ?
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  2. Carrie says:

    Hm… if I am on a trip or exercising then I will, though not really for things like shopping, catching a movie or dining out, coz it feels heavy ? But at the same time, my body seem to know to adjust itself when I am out, which I feel less thirsty… It’s very weird!! Coz if I am at home or in my office, I’d always be drinking water, and yet when I am out, I don’t seem to be as thirsty as I am indoors…

    And yes, I have heard about chemicals with plastic bottles, and more importantly, you will also need to watch out for bacteria cultivation if the bottle and the part you drink are not washed properly!! Sounds very scary @0@

  3. Jyoan says:

    Yes, I have the habit of carrying a water bottle. I much prefer home-boiled tap water to any other water (other than Evian, haha).

    I don’t think it is unstylish nowadays as water bottles really come in all shapes and sizes. I am quite a fan of BROS water bottles, because they are transparent, BPA-free, have a type cap, and come in all shapes and sizes.

    I have 5 bottles from them. And my current favorite is a purple cap one with black prints, and it is so pretty everyone asks me if it is Anna Sui water bottle!
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  4. xin says:

    If i will be out for long i will carry a water bottle in my bag. Otherwise if it’s just a grocery trip, I wouldn’t be ? Of course most of the times it’s determined by my bag size.
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  5. Sza says:

    Yes, of course… Because I’m type of person who thirsty easily. And sometimes going mobile. So a water bottle is a must… ?

  6. sos says:

    I always have a water bottle in my bag for years unless I am out for short trips from my home or to work, where I have water bottle too.
    I have been using metal bottles to avoid plastics for the past 3 years.
    There are different ones – Sigg ( aluminum and I am not a fan of that) and then you have steel which is the best – Klean Kanteeen, Bros ( which i have seen in Robinsons in CIty hall/Raffles MRT not sure).

  7. jozefin says:

    I tend to carry my Bros water bottle whenever I leave home. Even if it doesn’t fit into my handbag, I carry it in my hands. The ‘aunty’ part can’t be true as most of my friends (I’m in my early twenties) carry their water bottles around and have well-hydrated skin! ? At home, I’m quite a water tank as well, guzzling and urinating every hour or so. ?

  8. tingting says:

    yes i carry my water bottle in my bag and it is a must! i don’t really like the idea of buying bottled water (especially after watching the documentary – Tapped). some of my friends bring their water bottles (my friend loves Nalgene bottles because she dropped it from 3 storeys and it didn’t crack), some of my friends don’t (because of the weight). but it gets weird when they get thirsty and buy bubble tea (?) to quench their thirst. bubble tea is tasty but fattening..! (i am not anti-bubble tea in case i get misunderstood!)

  9. tingting says:

    sorry the documentary i watched is titled Flow, not Tapped! but both are about bottled water.

  10. Swati says:

    my mom always carries one whereever she goes!!! I sometimes do but most of the times, it just slips from my mind but I do try to keep it in mind to keep a water bottle ?
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  11. Jenny says:

    I carry a small glass bottle of tap water if the bag I use that day has space for it. I find it environmental friendly. =)
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  12. Sesame says:

    Your mom did??? ?

  13. Sesame says:

    I know what you mean…it’s strange too, I seem to feel more thirsty when I’m at home or in the office.

  14. Sesame says:

    Oh BROS? I’ll check it out. I use the Aladdin ones and I have 2 – a big one and a smaller one – they’re quite pretty too.

  15. Sesame says:

    Okay, I know what you mean…a bit funny to bring a water bottle for grocery shopping. Hee…

  16. Sesame says:

    It’s a good habit actually to bring a water bottle.

  17. Sesame says:

    Ah…I used to carry metal bottles but cos I always drop them, so they had slightly dents. But the Sigg ones are pretty.

  18. Sesame says:

    Okay, I’m glad you find it stylish. I also carry the bottle outside of my bag cos one of bottles is quite big and can’t fit into my bag.

  19. Sesame says:

    Oh no…not bubble tea! Too much sugar! And they’re cold drinks too. I suppose it’s okay once in a while but not all the time.

  20. Sesame says:

    Thanks for the mention of the documentary…I’ll go and check if it’s available online or something. Certainly quite curious.

  21. Sesame says:

    I find it’s good practice. I do it all the time now cos it’s kind of a waste not to drink the filtered water I have from home.

  22. Sesame says:

    Oh glass bottle? Would it break? I’m quite careless and so I prefer plastic. I even had my metal bottles all dented from dropping. ?

  23. Chris says:

    Right now I have a plastic bottle I keep refilling, but you just reminded me that I need to go buy a BPA free bottle. Thanks! ?
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  24. Jyoan says:

    I am quite a fan of cups/mugs/glasses/bottles, pretty much anything that can contain water because of the habit to drink water that my mum instilled. So I have a couple of Alladin thermo cups, those stainless steel type for air-conditioned offices… But they disappoint me so much I thought I wouldn’t buy the brand again. The thermo cups leaks and the screw cap is not oriented properly… …

    But many of my colleagues adore Alladin bottles too, because they are more feminine. BROS is a lot more kiddy… =P

  25. Dee says:

    I carry my own water bottle as well because I find it easier for me than to keep purchasing a plastic bottle every time (I’m always thirsty, ha). Thanks for the BPAfree note, I’m definitely going to be buying one now.
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  26. Jyoan says:

    I LOVE Nalgene too! Nalgene is tested in their lab to withstand drop from many stories high. They sort of guarantee it to never crack.

    But they scratch a lot.

    I think Nalgene kind of lost it later on because they are pretty slow to innovate, and fall behind when brands like Camel and Nike came out with straws in their water bottles. And BROS, Alladin, etc, having such beautiful prints.

    I still love Nalgene because it reminds me of my schooling days. It’s like a treasure.
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  27. Jyoan says:

    haha, yes, I did that at one point in time. I was drinking those purple organic juices, and the glass bottles were just too nice to throw. So I placed them on my desk, and use them as office cup-bottle.

    The bad part is that those caps for these recycled glass bottle rust very fast.

    When I put these recycled glass bottles in my bag, it must be standing up, in case it leaks. my bag is really cramped, so everything will squeeze the bottle such that it stands nicely. =)

    I heard some mums on TV say they use ceramic/glass water bottles because of health concerns even though plastic can be BPA-free.
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  28. vivavoomz says:

    I have to or I’ll find my skin dehydrated at the end of the day. Having a water bottle at all times really helps. Your BPA free note just reminded me that I need to shop for a new water bottle.

    And yeah, it actually feels very “aunty” whenever I rummaged through my bag to look for my bottle. Wonder how women can make drinking water look stylish. lol.
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  29. Sesame says:

    Yeah, a BPA free one would be good if you’re drinking water from it daily.

  30. EcoBeauty says:

    I “try” to! But most of the time I forget and I find it too inconvenient. As it is, my bag already feels too heavy, crowded and disorganized. I have to bring umbrella, shades, my vanity kit on top of the real essentials like wallet, keys, coin purse, mobile phone and other stuff. I’d lost a couple of water bottles, too, ’cause I always forgot to put them back in my bag after using them.
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  31. Kim says:

    I definitely do carry water w me everywhere. If I can, I’ll carry it in glass bottles to avoid using plastic and the related problems. I even carry my daily supply to work.
    I try to avoid drinking bottled waters because of the environmental impact (single use plastic). Especially at conferences, events, I try to avocate no bottled water. Imagine how much plastic we can save!

  32. Sesame says:

    Oh I also started carrying my daily supply to work! I’m on the hunt for a big tub so that I don’t have to use two separate bottles.

  33. Carlie says:

    I always try to carry water with me. I know that I have take water wherever we go, especially having too small children. I always get a headached and feel awful if I don’t drink enough water. I try to avoid the plastic bottles because of all the chemical.s

  34. Sesame says:

    The BPA free ones shouldn’t be too bad. And my kid has his own water bottle all the time…I usually do not let him drink the soft drinks and whatnots available outside.

  35. Sesame says:

    If I’m not wrong, plastic bottles can be a problem if you’re using them to store hot water. Otherwise, I think the BPA-free ones should be fine.

  36. Nikki says:

    Hi! I am 22 this year, and I carry a water bottle with me about 80% of the time, depending on what bag I decide to use for the day, or where I am going. The reason I stated my age is because I personally think that bringing a waterbottle has never come across to me as something ‘aunty’ at all!! At worst you will just seem like a health freak I think, but I think people who carry bottles are smart and eco-friendly! Now if only, they could have more high-tech mineral-water coolers/filters installed around Singapore. Even if using the watercooler costs as much as bottled water, I think more people will be encouraged to bring their bottles. Do you think NEA would approve of this idea? ?

  37. Sesame says:

    That’s a brilliant idea! You should write to them to suggest; it’ll definitely encourage more pple to become more eco conscious.

    And I’m glad that the whole idea of bringing water bottles is not “aunty”…I was told that by some younger ladies that the water bottles + umbrellas are what aunties will carry. ?

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