Cell-Gen AH antioxidant water system for anti-aging

Today’s post is about my experience with the Cell-Gen Activated Hydrogen Water System installed in my home since a month ago. It’s pretty amazing how a simple system like that can actually change my perspective on the water I drink and use daily. So now, I bring my own water out every day, I no longer purchase distilled or mineral water, and I also no longer use the commercial face mists available in the market. As a matter of fact, I don’t even use tap water to rinse my face and hair now.

Benefits of Cell-Gen AH Water
Before I discuss further, I need to let you know that this Cell-Gen Activated Hydrogen Water System was provided to me on a complimentary basis. However, I only agreed to review the system because I was convinced of its merits and its origin. Now, filtered water system is not really new to me because I used to benefit from one back when I was living with my mom. However, unlike the basic water filter system we had installed back then, the Cell-Gen Activated Hydrogen Water System is more than just a water filter as it is designed to create deoxidization via the activated hydrogen bonding with excess free radical oxygen to form “pure water (H20)”. So the water filtered through this system contains natural antioxidant properties that neutralizes harmful free radicals in our body. In addition, the Cell-Gen system provides essential ionic and trace minerals element to supplement and provide the necessary mineral mix for our body.

Certification from Japan
Cell-Gen AH Water is also certified free from heavy metals and radiation – such certifications are not seen available in other filtration companies currently – and the products are backed by over 9 years of extensive research and clinical studies by a team of more than 22 doctors and specialists from renowned Japanese universities. And more importantly, unlike the other water filtration system in the market, Cell-Gen Activated Hydrogen Water uses plant based minerals comprising 10 ionic minerals plus 16 trace mineral, which have been certified by Japan Food Research Centre and Japan Ministry of Health to be safe for consumption as food.

Installation & maintenance
I was actually quite concerned about the installation of the unit but the process was a breeze. The unit measures about 40(L)x30(W)x10(D) in centimeters and we had it placed right beside our kitchen sink. Because we wanted it mounted on the wall, drilling was required but otherwise, the unit could have easily just rested on the sink countertop. A water filter diverter valve was fixed on our existing faucet so that we can alternate between the filtered water for drinking purposes and tap water for washing needs. I also like that no electricity is required to power up or maintain this system. The unit comes with four filter cartridges – one for a sub micron anti-bacteria filter, one for an activated carbon block, one for a Cell-Gen jurassic mineral filter, and one for a Japan granular activated carbon. We were told that maintenance is once every six months; free for the first 6 month. Subsequently it’s S$350 for 18 months – customers need to replace 3 cartridges which cost about S$200 on the 12th month and then another 6 months later, replace the cell-gen cartridge at S$150.

Experience of detox
Because of the smaller water clusters, the water being filtered from the Cell-Gen AH system is a delight to drink and I could actually take gulps without feeling bloated. In addition, the smaller water clusters provide better oxygenation and increase permeability to effectively penetrate cell and tissue membrane to provide better hydration as well as flush out toxic wastes from our bodies. I guess this is why about a week into drinking the water, I started experiencing a minor breakout on my face and was also having headaches and feeling sluggish. I realized that those were symptoms associated with detox, because my last detox yielded almost similar symptoms. My husband was also having a breakout, something which he hardly experiences. I was naturally quite intrigued because I hadn’t realized that it was possible to experience detox just by drinking water! The symptoms lasted about a week and I’m all good now, and am still drinking lots of the water daily.

Other uses of the water
Apart from drinking the water, I’ve also used the water to wash my food, cook, make ice, and even use it to wash my face. Yes, I know, this sounds quite extravagant but well, the water is available for me! So what I do is fill up a tub of the antioxidant water just so that I can wash my face and give my hair a final rinse after shampoo. I can’t say the exact effect on my skin but I’m definitely happy that I don’t get heavy metal residues on my face. As for my hair, it sure feels a lot softer after reach rinse. I also stopped purchasing the commercial face mists and have since, use the Cell-Gen AH water for misting and even for toning purposes.

Costs savings
Besides the obvious benefits of cleaner water without traces of chlorine, heavy metals or bacteria, we get pH neutral water that is refreshing to drink and full of antioxidant benefits. In addition, we’ve also saved money from not having to purchase any more distilled and mineral water as well as the reduced electricity consumption that comes with boiling water. We used to boil our tap water daily, sometimes a few times a day to get our drinking supply. With the Cell-Gen AH Water System, we can drink direct from the faucet. We still boil some water in a day just to make hot beverages but have definitely cut down the electricity usage accrued to boiling of water.

The Cell-Gen difference
I was told that the key difference between Cell-Gen Activated Hydrogen Water System and others in the market is the availability of certification plus the fact that the minerals used in the system are plant based, which have been certified to be safe for consumption as food. So long term consumption of this water is very safe to our body and I guess that’s the reason why it has been well received in the Japanese market.

My recommendation
Would I recommend this system? Well, yes. If you’ve read my earlier entry on drinking quality water for health and beauty, you will remember that I’ve mentioned that quality water neutralizes free radicals that cause premature aging, let you feel more energy and vigor with increased blood circulation and enhance body metabolism too. There are lots of benefits to drinking quality water and having something like this that is installed in your home will provide lots of benefits and cost savings to the entire family.

Price and availability
A full unit of the Cell-Gen Activated Hydrogen Water System cost S$1588 but is currently on offer at S$1488. This price comes with a full year of warranty for the parts, one time free cleaning after six months of purchase, and one Dermamoor Facial Bar (free of SLS & contains 30,000 years old glacial iceberg water and catalytic anti-aging hydrating water) with skin healing properties. If you’re interested, check out www.purifybywater.com to find out how to order a unit.


  1. MarcieMom says:

    Amazing! I never got round to trying filtered water despite many of my friends trying and even saying it’s good for eczema.. I remain sceptical of its application for eczema though but looks like you’ve had a very positive experience for de-toxing!
    Btw, I just browsed many pages of your blog and so amazed at all the products you tried and your writing is excellent. Give me some tips when you next hop over to my blog, looking for ways to do better!
    MarcieMom last post is: Will Introducing Fish Early Reduce Eczema?

  2. Lanie says:

    we have installed a Doulton 2 stage filter on our tap (counter top version), 1 to filter our Chlorine and other organic matter and the other 1 for filtering out Flouride…
    am also quite skeptical on all other filters being sold in the market. Am quiet ok with our Doulton filter for now and considering to get a whole house filter so that even the water used for our bath/shower is also filtered out of chlorine and flouride…

  3. Swati says:

    it sounds pretty amazing!!! will check out if anything like that is available in India ?
    Swati last post is: Aloevera Scalp Gel for Hair Growth {DIY}

  4. Joshua says:

    Oxygenation of body through water needs some clarification since some claim that the oxygen in water helps your body. We don’t see how since we are not fish. When we say Cell-Gen AH Water improves oxygenation of body, it means the Activated Hydrogen factor is able to remove free radicals and the minerals are able to neutralise heavy metals and detox the cells. As a result, it can carry and absorb more oxygen when the toxins are purged, resulting in better oxygenation in this sense.

    The SPA unit will help your skin and hair for sure since it filter out all the heavy metals ( the cause of a lot of skin and health problem) to begin with and replace the water with super high quality deep sea plant based trace and ionic minerals.
    Joshua last post is: Front Page

  5. Sesame says:

    Yes, I read and heard that it’s supposed to be good for eczema and can even help eliminate if you bathe in it. I understand that Cell-Gen is being installed in a spa in Jurong and apparently, someone apparently had her eczema condition improved after soaking in the water.

    Oh thanks for checking our my blog and giving me your positive comments. I’ve been visiting your blog sometimes…will try to give you some comments separately via email over the weekend.

  6. Sesame says:

    Oh it’s my dream to get my shower installed with filter water! That’s like my wish list!!!

  7. Sesame says:

    Yeah, maybe you can find something equivalent. This is great for holistic beauty.

  8. Sesame says:

    Thanks for clarifying about the oxygenation bit…I think most will get the impression of getting oxygen in the water!

  9. Lanie says:

    I will research more on this sesame.. as it could probably be anti cancer too.. cancer cells are actually cells who have learned how to survive in oxygen deprived environment.. we want our bodies to be properly oxygenated, so our cells wont turn wayward.. i will really give this a serios thought.. hope many more readers provide a review on this product.. and I wish I could also get one as a product sample (tee hee! if its not asking for much)… the whole house filter has been on my wish list for my mother for so long (but cant afford it– spending much on her food and therapies)..


  10. ai says:

    This system seems interesting. I’m actually seriously researching and looking around at getting a water filter for a while as I am concerned about Chlorine and Fluoride. I’m curious by this statement on their website:

    “Human body consisted of many tissues and these tissues are groups of cells. Cells contain molecules like KAKUSAN, protein, fat and so on and those molecules are formed by elements. We can say that our body is an aggregation (gathering) of elements.

    In the case of human body, there are 11 MAIN ELEMENTS – hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, sodium, magnesium, phosphorous, sulphur, chlorine, potassium and calcium. There are 9 MINOR ELEMENTS – chromium, manganese, iron, cobalt, zinc, copper, selenium, molybdenum and iodine. These are the 20 essential elements in the human body. LATEST study showed 6 additional minerals that includes fluorine, silicon, vanadium, nickel, arsenic and tin.

    There are some other minerals still under study like lithium, germanium, bromine, libidium, paradium, cadmium, lead etc., that in the near future can be added in as essential elements. CELL GEN contains most of these minerals, well balanced and is easy to be absorbed by the human body.”

    What does it mean that “CELL GEN contains most of these minerals”? I don’t really understand why the body needs Arsenic or Bromine for instance? Am I mistaken that the system actually adds them in during the process? Hopefully someone can help me understand better!

  11. Joshua says:

    Its important to know the elements or minerals we are talking about if they are in organic (trace and ionic) or non organic (elementary form). Our body still requires various types of mineral and trace mineral to nourishes our body. Even though overdose of some them in our body may be harmful, our body still needs them in TRACE quantity.

    What is Arsenic?
    Arsenic (As) is an element found in the earth’s crust. It has no smell or taste but can be silver-gray or yellow in color. Arsenic is a solid and can dissolve in water. It also has two chemical forms, organic and inorganic. Organic arsenic is relatively non-toxic and occurs in ocean fish and seafood. Inorganic arsenic is toxic and can be found in water, bedrock, sand and gravel.

    Wanna know some of the minerals Cell-Gen contain, goto http://www.purifybywater.com/knowledge-base/ashitaba-plant.html > UNDER >> II. THE HISTORY AND BIRTH OF CELL GEN. You will get a short list there.
    Joshua last post is: Front Page

  12. JK says:

    Hi Sesame
    Do share with us any updates with your use of the water from the water filter system. Am thinking of buying one but not sure which one is good.
    Does it also filter fluoride?

  13. JK says:

    Hi Sesame
    Did you also try their Dermamoor Facial Bar? How is it?

  14. Sesame says:

    I’m quite happy with it and I believe it does filter out fluoride. Perhaps the best is to know what will work for you is check with them because they’re quite helpful with explanations.

  15. Sesame says:

    I think it’s okay but I won’t say it’s all that great for me.

  16. JK says:

    Hi Sesame
    Thanks for your reply. Could you share why? Is it because no results were seen?

  17. Sesame says:

    The soap? Yeah, didn’t see some of the benefits claimed. I thought it was pretty normal and I dislike the squeaky clean feeling soaps leave on my skin. It’s not that cheap too.

  18. John says:

    first i want to say that you wrote a great article, but it seems as though the science behind this cell gen water filter does not add up. In order for active hydrogen ions to be present within the water, there has to be some sort of electrolysis so that the hydrogen and oxygen molecules are split. just my thoughts.

  19. Elaine says:

    Hi there, would this be good for fluoride that is added to water systems??

  20. Rian says:

    Hi – What is the ORP of this water? What is its Alkilinity? What is the percentage of minerals to each other and what are these minerals? Do you have a list? Does it filter out herbicides and pesticides? Volatile organic solvents? Heavy metals? And other contaminants including bacteria, viruses and chlorine, flourides and a host of others? Is the water nano hydrogen bubbled?

    Can’t purchase without knowing the facts about this machine.

  21. Juney says:

    Hi Lanie, not only Cell Gen sells the water filter, they sell ‘Travel Buddy’ too.. they have the minerals inside the water bottle… but i’m from malaysia, so not sure if SG got sell

  22. Juney says:

    I’m from Malaysia, and i’ve been using Cell- Gen. I DO recommend to buy Cell- Gen water filter. For my case, last time, my face have really bad pimples and it took FOREVER to get better. After drinking it for months, my skin has been SOOOO much better and i dare say i became more fairer too.. There is this clinic in Malaysia, that offers therapies, Hydro Therapy, which uses Cell- Gen water. Since Cell- Gen water molecules are so small, it will enter to the skin and help to detox. At first when i use the Hydro therapy, i see the water is sooooooooo clean and clear, after using it for 30 mins, i see the side of the bath tub have A LOT of black dirts. They lady told me it is the toxins that came out from my body. i was like “woahhhhh”…. anyways, the lady also told me ppl from different country and different state would purposely come to consult this private Doctor and at the same time use the therapies. Speaking about this Doctor, i’ve seen with my own eyes, he cured a stage 4 cancer patient (note: many other doctors have already given up on her as they say her days are out numbered.)

    I hope my comment helps. ? cheers

  23. ice tan says:

    Hi can I know where to buy the water filter

  24. Sesame says:

    Hi Juney, thanks so much for sharing your experience. The Hydro Therapy sounds really interesting! I’m glad the filter system helps you.

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