Use carbonated mineral water to wash your face and get sparkling, flawless skin like Kim Hee Sun

Sparkling Skin And Smaller Pores With Carbonated Mineral Water
Love drinking Perrier water? Then let me give you one more reason to love the fizzy drink—use it to cleanse your face for sparkling, flawless skin with smaller pores.

Because not only can the bubbly water remove impurities, it can stimulate microcirculation to tone and lift the skin. No wonder Kim Hee Sun swears by it to wash her face.

Highly recommended by experts
Using carbonated mineral water for beauty first began a few years ago in Japan. Soon the Koreans followed. I think it really became more trendy two years ago after Kim Hee Sun shared that she was using it to wash her face.

While there are no scientific studies to back up the benefits of using carbonated mineral water in skin care, I see such water recommended regularly in Korean beauty routines even by aesthetic doctors and beauty experts. Many Korean beauty salons also include the water as part of their treatments.

Even cosmetics companies are beginning to use carbonated water in their products. Today, we have cleansing solution, cleansing powder and facial masks made of carbonated water formulated by some of the popular Korean brands.

As for Kim Hee Sun, we may not know what brand of carbonated mineral water she uses but we can make an educated guess based on the leading brands dominating the South Korean sparkling water market.

Perhaps it’s Trevi which has 29.6 percent of the market share? Or Chojung Sparkling Water with 28.5 percent? It may even be French brand Perrier Perrier which is third place with a 23.3 percent market share (source).

But whichever brand she uses, you can be assured that it is one rich in minerals and nutrients.

Dunk Your Face In Carbonated Mineral Water For 10 Secs
Beauty benefits of cleansing with carbonated mineral water
Carbonated mineral water can be used for both face and hair. Heck, you can even soak your diamonds in the sparkling water to give them a bright sheen. No kidding. But today, we’re restricting our discussions to facial cleansing.

So let’s start off by answering the question that most of you have: what’s so great about using carbonated mineral water for our skin? Here are 5 reasons:

  1. You’ll get cleaner skin because the carbonated bubbles act as micro-brushes to deeply cleanse pores and remove dead skin cells.
  2. Your complexion will also improve as the carbonated bubbles deliver oxygen deep inside skin barriers that in turn increase blood circulation, giving skin added vitality and radiance.
  3. Your skin gets firmer and plumper as you use carbonated mineral water regularly in your skin care regime.
  4. You’ll say goodbye to facial swelling and puffiness.
  5. Your sensitive skin is less irritated as carbonated water has a mild acidity of between 4.9 and 5.5 pH level.

Get Sparkling Looking Skin With Carbonated Mineral Water
How to cleanse using carbonated water
Now, the next question you’re probably asking is: how do we use carbonated mineral water on our face? Splash on? Pour on? Or immerse in?

When I first used carbonated mineral water, I made the mistake of pouring the water directly on my face. Thank God no damage was done. But what I’d experienced was an instantaneous warming sensation. I also felt some of bubbles fizzing on my skin.

I later learned that I wasn’t exactly getting it wrong. Just that using carbonated mineral water directly without dilution might cause over stimulation. This undiluted method is best used sparingly, say once a month, and you need to do it quickly. But if you’re worried, just keep to any of the three methods discussed below.

1. Dunk your face in carbonated water
So the professional way is to use a bowl or basin that’s big enough to contain your face. Fill it with 1:1 ratio of carbonated water to normal tap water (or filtered water if you prefer).

Once you’re done cleansing your face, dunk your face in the bowl / basin for 10 to 20 seconds. Dab dry and proceed with your normal skin care.

Sounds like fun right? Well, it is! You’ll feel your face warming up to the bubbles fizzing on your skin. I’ll say it’s enjoyable but not quite as intense as using undiluted carbonated mineral water.

2. Splash carbonated water on your face
If your skin is more sensitive, you might want to splash the water onto your face instead of dunking in a bowl of the water. Splash the water a few times on your face but for no more than 20 seconds.

Again, proceed with your usual skin care afterwards.

3. Wipe face with carbonated water
Alternatively, wet a cotton pad with the blended water and wipe it all over your face like a toner. Then moisturize as per your usual routine.

Recommended frequency
I don’t have sensitive skin so I’ve been dunking my face in a bowl filled with the blended water. I can’t tell if my skin is cleaner but I definitely feel and look more refreshed. Also, it’s really quite fun and I encourage you to give it a try at least once.

You can use any brand of carbonated mineral water. I got myself sparkling water from Gerolsteiner. Next time I might try Perrier. It’s more expensive but it is said that the bubbles are larger and more long lasting. I wonder if that might cause the water to fizzle up more?

Anyway, if you’re still unsure as to how to dunk your face in the bubbly water, check out the video from Get It Beauty. You’ll get the explanation along with a demonstration. Just try not to gargle your mouth or drink the water at the same time. But if you do, just know the water is drinkable anyway. Just that it is salty.

Because carbonated mineral water thoroughly cleanses and removes impurities, it works like an exfoliator. This means you shouldn’t use it for more than twice a week. Anyway, the cost do add up so that frequency is just about right.

So are you interested to wash your face with carbonated mineral water? Or are you already washing your face like that? I’m also keen to know if any of the beauty salons here are already using carbonated mineral water in their treatments.


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