Tips to share: how to choose the right hair brush

A reader’s comment on my entry about cleaning hair brushes last week got me thinking about the different types of hair brushes available and the difference among them. To be frank, I have never thought much about hair brushes and am not exactly very knowledgeable or adventurous with trying new ones. But after doing some research, I found that there are indeed hair brushes that are designed for specific hair types and today, we’ll take a look at some of these hair brushes.

Nylon brushes
Nylon brushes are suitable for those blessed with a thick, full head of hair or those with normal hair. It’s important you use a hair brush that has bristles closer to one another made from nylon or any synthetic material. When the bristles are closer together you have more control over your hair when you comb and they get through to most parts of your mane, making sure your hair is untangled thoroughly. After brushing, you will also find that the hair will appear tamer and evenly smoothened out.

Boar bristled brushes
This is the perfect hair brush for those with fine or thinning hair. Boar bristled brushes are really gentle on the hair and are good for the scalp and hair because they close the cuticle layer on your scalp when you brush, and in turn creates shiny and smooth hair. Boar bristles are natural and because of that, they are sometimes too soft and some brushes mix them with a fair bit of nylon bristles so they don’t break while you comb your hair with it. It is also gentle enough to use to brush a child’s hair.

Combination of nylon and natural bristled brushes
Hair brushes that are a mixture of synthetic and natural bristles are rather common as this combination enables the brush to have a good hold on the hair and ensure a thorough, even brush-through. These types of brushes, especially when the bristles are closely packed together, are also good for thick hair and those with normal hair that don’t require special maintenance.

Brushes for styling and blow drying
The most efficient brushes for hair when blow drying would be brushes that are called Vent brushes or Thermal brushes. They look like cylindrical shaped brushes filled with bristles all round. These brushes ensure your hair is evenly heated when under the hair dryer, making it dry faster efficiently without over drying and damaging the hair. For ladies who blow dry their hair often, it is recommended to use these brushes to prevent long term drying out of hair. It can also be used to style subtle wavy hair if desired as well.

Metal brushes
Never, ever use a metal brush on your hair. Metal hair brushes are meant to comb wigs and artificial hair. I chose to include this type of brush because some girls wear hair extensions or wigs, and this would be the perfect brush to smooth out tangles and keep your artificial hair in good condition.

Why choosing the right brush will benefit you
While not having the right brush will not exactly harm your hair, but it would definitely help to protect your hair. Personally, I have not tried many hair brushes, and I use the nylon hair brush at the moment. The boar bristled hair brush sounds lovely to try, as my hair is fine and breaks easily, so I may be on the lookout for natural bristled hair brushes from now on to prevent hair breakage. I’m frankly quite sick of breaking hair strands from accidental roughness with my hair brush. Another hair brush I think would be good to add to a lady’s beauty stash would be those vent brushes for blow drying hair; since I have fine hair, it would definitely help to use a brush that shortens the time to dry the hair.

So what kind of hair brushes are you using? Would you fork out substantial money for a good hair brush?


  1. koonymarajameelah says:

    good brush helps comb hair well

  2. Cassie says:

    Yep, it does!

  3. Cooper says:

    It’s true, though I have never really thought about it much, a good brush can make all the difference. My mom shelled out about $100 for an Alexandre brush after trying it at her stylist’s; she now swears by it and claims it’s worth every single penny.
    Cooper last post is: America the Beautiful, Polish for Free

  4. Leila says:

    You have to try the tangleteezer brush! A little pricey (about 11GBP here in the UK last I checked), but it is totally worth it! Cuts through knots like butter and doesn’t damage your hair. In the beginning, I looked at every single hair that came out with it (as hair naturally does when you brush) and they were all from the root, no broken ones.

    I only use a different type of brush if I’m blow-drying since the tangleteezer is primarily a detangling, not styling, brush.

  5. Cassie says:

    I’m convinced, I’m on the lookout for hairbrushes now!

  6. Cassie says:

    Interesting. Will look out for that one! ?

  7. Swati says:

    I have the wooden quilled brush from body shop but it has a rubber base and frankly I am not so much in awe with the brushes. I find them difficult to use and frustrating to clean!!! and, its said that brushes shouldn’t be used on curly hair…no idea if its true or not!!!
    Swati last post is: Best way to deal with Dandruff?? {DIY}

  8. Cassie says:

    I do find cleaning brushes really troublesome too, honestly. But not sure if brushes are not suited for curly hair though.

  9. belladiorgirl says:

    Ah interesting! I must say I dont brush my hair often except after shower and when I am getting ready. But I will definitely invest on good brush. Thanks for a great article! ?

  10. Dora says:

    I miss a wooden Brush, one where there are little wooden sticks instead of bristles.. well is it wood? I love them. Boar Bristle brushes can lead to hair breakage for some people if used to frequently – and it did that for me as well. But I love mine, very cheap but still way better than any plastic brush. I find those wooden ones very soft on my hair as long as those “sticks” arent too near to each other.

    Dora =)

  11. ANDY MARTIN says:

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  12. Alexander says:

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