Skinactives Every Lipid Serum With Ceramide

I haven’t told you how great this Every Lipid Serum from Skinactives is and so I’ll do that today. This was a product the company sent me along with a ton of others after I first bought and reviewed their Antioxidant Booster at the beginning of the year. I like this serum when I first used it and was really sad to have to put it aside because I was testing a couple of other products in the last few months. So as soon as I was done with the testing of the products, I couldn’t wait to go back to using this again.

Formulated with no fillers
According to the description on Skinactives, this Every Lipid Serum contains 100% active ingredients with absolutely no fillers. It is formulated with every lipid your skin needs, including essential fatty acids (in rosehip oil), and other lipids your skin can synthesize but may not be making in sufficient amounts. It is specifically designed to help repair the skin barrier with squalane and ceramides and the serum will rejuvenate broken, dry skin that does not provide a good barrier against the environment. The serum has also been shown to regulate oil production in oily skin, making it an effective step in an acne control regimen.

Squalane to retain moisture

Ingredients: Squalane, Olea Europea (Olive) Fruit Extract, Rosehip (Rosa rubiginosa) Seed oil, Pomegrante (Punica granatum) Seed Oil, Lecithin (Non-GMO Soy), Cholesterol Oleyl Carbonate, Cholesteryl Nanoate, Cholesteryl Chloride, Astaxanthin, Tocotrienols, Lycopene, Tocopherol (Alpha-D-Tocopherol, Vitamin E), Lipoic Acid [R-(+)-], Xanthophyll (Lutein), Beta Carotene, Ceramide-3, Phytosterols, Gamma Oryzanol.

This is the first time I’ve noticed Squalane in a product. Squalane is derived from Squalene, but is much more stable against oxidation. Squalane is a natural emollient that imparts an elegant feel to formulations. It is excellent for use in skin care and will help skin to retain moisture and feel soft and conditioned without feeling greasy.

Cheap and effective
Okay, I’ll qualify that my review may not be entirely objective here given that I already love facial oils. But I really like how this serum plumps up my skin the morning after and I think it added a slight glow to my skin too. I used the word “think” only because it could also be a placebo effect. BUT, I definitely think this serum is a keeper because it’s so affordable! The 30ml is just US$18.50 and check out those ingredients! OMG right? This serum works great with other facial oils too; I sometimes mix it with a drop of the Skinactives Antioxidant Booster and sometimes even with Marie Veronique Organic’s Anti-Aging Oil. Mixing with other oils isn’t a necessity – I only do it because I want to.

Skinactives Antioxidant Booster
So far, I have good results using the facial oils from Skinactives. Beside the Every Lipid Serum that I use before bedtime, I also use the Skinactives Antioxidant Booster along with the DIY sun protection oil I concocted using Argan Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Astaxanthin in the day. While they’re oil, they don’t leave my face oily. In fact, I’ve discovered that my cheeks aren’t as dry these days using this combination under my sunscreen. Another oil I’ve purchased from Skinactives is the Emulator Oil, which is not as great and has already gone rancid (purchased since end of last year).

Pump don’t work well
The only gripe I have is that the pump don’t seem to work too well. I had some problems pumping out the Every Lipid Serum and when it worked, it leaked! But granted, the product is cheap and so I won’t complain too much. If any of you are keen to give this product a go, check it out at Even though the store is based in US, they provide reasonable shipping internationally too. And oh, if you’re new to face oil and like to know why it works well for all skin types, read this article at The Huffington Post.


  1. Eco Beauty says:

    Botani has olive squalene and I agree it gives it a light, velvety feel, like a luxurious oil. It makes my skin glow, too, but the botani serum sometimes gives me allergies.

    Anyway, I also tried the emulator and didn’t like it. For something too heavy, I found that it was not as moisturizing. The oil tends to just sit on the surface of the skin. I love the Anti-oxidant booster, though. It’s definitely helping in sun protection because my skin looks less patchy now. Thanks for recommending it! ?
    Eco Beauty last post is: DIY: Spoiled Milk in the Fridge? Soak your feet in it.

  2. Socialite Dreams says:

    never heard of them but sounds amazing, especially for winter when my skin turns to crap ? can’t wait to try some!
    Socialite Dreams last post is: For a Good Time , Call – Movie Review

  3. Crystal says:

    Hi Sesame!

    Thank you for your support; and from time to time I still come and visit your site for YOUR HELP on beauty! I’m not sure if I would use serums but, it’s always a good to try; however it’s hard since I need to use non-comedogenic stuff. : (

    Crystal last post is: Throw Caution to the Wind

  4. Sesame says:

    I’ve come across squalene often but not squalane though. They’re not exactly the same and the latter appears to be better.

    Emulator oil is quite rich yes…it’s okay but I found it a bit heavy. And yeah, I think the antioxidant booster does something to the skin. I love it!

  5. Sesame says:

    It appears to be good for dry skin. Give it a try if you’re looking for something for your skin…it’s affordable.

  6. Sesame says:

    This product appears to be good for acne prone skin too. But try it only if you feel comfortable.

  7. Eco Beauty says:

    Haha, I didn’t notice the “a” and “e” there! But thanks for letting me know, now I’m reading up on it. ?

  8. Nita says:

    Hi Sesame,
    I bought their antioxidant booster after read your review. I mixed it with pomegranate seed oil that I bought from there too. It works well to my skin. I love the result. It’s very affordable too. Can’t wait to try their other serums.

  9. Sesame says:

    It’s just a letter so most pple would have missed that. But interesting to know “a” is better than “e”. ?

  10. Sesame says:

    Oh glad you like the Antioxidant Booster too. I should have bought two of it instead of buying two of the Emulator Oil.

  11. Serina says:

    Hi Sesame, I’m interested in squalANE oil, especially the one by HABA but since they make it from shark liver oil, I’m scared it could contain traces of mercury… I tried hard to find if there’s any information about this online but could only find the type of squalENE (shark liver oil) used in vaccinations, which definitely contains mercury. Since HABA labelled it squalANE, which is different from the squalENE in vaccines, I’m thinking maybe HABA chemically changed the shark liver oil to be more stable and resistant to oxidation, thus getting rid of any mercury traces, but I’m not for certain as it might just be labelled squalANE for marketing purposes so they are able to sell it to countries where shark liver oil for cosmetic purposes are illegal. Do you know anything about mercury in squalANE oil from shark liver oil (preferably HABAs?)? Thanks! ?

  12. Sesame says:

    Sorry, I have no idea. Maybe you can check with them directly and ask for some material? Surely they can supply?

  13. BHRT for men New York City says:

    I’ve had that before. and I remember that its for slimming.

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