VMV Hypoallergenics Skin-Specialist: safe skin haven

I was pretty excited to learn that VMV Hypoallergenics Skin-Specialist Boutique has opened at ION Orchard. Although this is the first time I’m learning of VMV, this cosmeceutical brand with the world’s only validated hypoallergenic rating system has actually been around for over 30 years since 1979. And given that a number of you have told me that you’ve got sensitive skin, I’m guessing that skin care solutions that are safe and boast of a rate of less than 0.1% reported reactions with a rating system that show the number of allergens absent might get your interest too.

Back by evidence-based studies
With a wide range of hypoallergenicity-validated products to attend to every need of men, women and children of all ages, I’ve learnt that VMV Hypoallergencies is included as a safer product alternative in CAMP, the Contact Allergen Management Program of the American Contact Dermatitis Society. Their claims are also said to be backed up by evidence-based clinical studies. So VMV products are said to be as skin safe as you’ll ever see: Validated Hypoallergenic VH -76 (sans all 76 common allergens).

All ingredients tested for skin safety
Each individual raw material, ingredient, brush—every little thing that goes into or touches a product, and the product itself—is patch tested for skin safety in addition to what is described as a “dizzying barrage” of clinical tests, both in laboratories (in vitro) and on volunteers (in vivo), but never on animals. Plus, the non-comedogenic products are free of fragrances, dye, parabens, preservatives and phthalates.

Global presence
Besides Singapore, VMV Skin-Specialist Boutiques can be found in the United States, Italy, Mexico, Philippines, Thailand, and the Middle East, and its products are a Hollywood-favourite amongst celebrities such as Jennifer Garner and Selma Blair. It’s apparently popular and the brand has been featured in international magazines and TV programmes like Allure, Elle, Teen Vogue, Nylon US, Harper’s Bazaar, Fox News and NBC’s The Today Show.

Store impression
I couldn’t attend the media launch but I did pop by the store as a browsing customer about a week ago because I was in the vicinity. Well, I was surprised that it’s quite a boutique store in terms of its limited space and if I hadn’t read about the store concept, I really couldn’t tell how different their products are, compared to some of those available in the market. You can say I wasn’t really impressed. But to be fair, I was browsing really quickly and was only specifically interested in their liquid foundation.

Liquid foundation with SPF60
I’m on a hunt for a good natural liquid foundation but I held back my purchase because I wasn’t sure how the high SPF would complement my sunscreen. Anyway, it’s a good thing I didn’t buy the bottle at S$66 then because I realized that I now have a voucher to offset the purchase – which means, less heartache if the product turns out unsuitable for me.

Alcohol in some products
Meanwhile, I’ve received a bunch of samples, which I’m not keen to try because of some of the ingredients I spotted like paraffin, SLS and alcohol. I was kinda surprised that some of their products contain a high content of alcohol and the alcohol scent is rather strong too. If the products are all tested for safety, then this naturally implies that alcohol is skin safe. Well, whether or not it’s backed by studies, I’m still not keen to try products with a high alcohol content because I find them drying out my skin over time.

Availability and pricing
You can find VMV Hypoallergencies Skin-Specialist Boutique located at #B3-48 ION Orchard. Prices of their products start from S$15 for a soap and above S$100 for a facial serum.


  1. Kira says:

    Hi Sesame! I’ve been a fan of VMV since I was 12. I would recommend the Clark Skin Wash, Skin Savvy 60, the Red Better Acne Balm and the Id toner. Too bad I was leaving for Manila when they opened their stores there. I hope you get to review some of their products, I can’t wait to read about them ?

  2. Sesame says:

    Oh great to know their products work well for you! I’ll probably get the cosmetic stuff down the road. Will review when I do. ?

  3. Su Yi says:

    I am interested in their liquid foundation too! It would be great if you could do a review on that. TIA.

  4. EcoBeauty says:

    Haha, I’m interested to know how their liquid foundations perform, too. I’ve also read good reviews on their sunscreen (I think it’s called Armada).
    EcoBeauty last post is: InstaUpdates #1: Arm Candies, Smoothies and Random Outfits!

  5. Kira says:

    To Seasame and Vivi, the next time I go to Singapore let’s all hangout and have dinner ?
    Kira last post is: The Two Loves of My Life: P-nut and Komiki

  6. Kira says:

    Sorry I meant Sesame ?
    Kira last post is: The Two Loves of My Life: P-nut and Komiki

  7. Sesame says:

    Ok, will see how it goes.

  8. Sesame says:

    Unfortunately, I’m not so keen to try their sunscreen.

  9. Sesame says:

    Keep me posted when you come by. ?

  10. eve says:

    it really puzzles why even natural and organic skincare products would use alcohol in their ingredients, knowing very well that it can dry the skin eventually. It’s really hard to find an organic skincare cream without alcohol, though i manage to find one on iherb. I was contemplating gettin akin cream and lotions cos the samples i tried felt good and not drying, until i saw alcohol as a component. Sigh! This search can be so frustrating.

  11. Sesame says:

    I had the same gripe too and I agree it’s hard to find a good one without. At one stage, I even avoided plant alcohols but these days, I don’t avoid cos it’s too hard to avoid all.

  12. Rachel Ang says:

    Hi Sesame – Thanks for dropping by our store. To address your concern about the alcohol content of VMV products, do note that VMV uses only non-allergenic alcohol and it is further diluted in hydro-alcohol base ? Also, the fact that in 30 years, we’ve only had 0.1% reported reaction to our products makes us confident to say that our products are safe and effect. Do drop by the VMV Skintelligent Centre to find out VMV’s take on alcohol (link below). We hope to see you in our store soon!

    – Rachel Ang, Marketing Manager


  13. Sesame says:

    Hi Rachel, thanks for dropping a note. I did mention that it’s skin safe considering it’s used in your formulation that touts low allergic reactions. My concern is more with the alcohol drying out the skin in the long run.

  14. Sue says:

    Hi Sesame, thanks for mentioning this brand. Like you, I feel their ingredients lists for their cleansing products are bleah.

    There’re also ingredients like TEA( Triethanolamine), Coconut oil, Sodium Laureth Sulfate which can strip out the oils or irritate your skin.

    Their toners also have quite a few irritants like sodium bicarbonate, citric acid. They gave warnings about including AHAs in their toners but those can be really bad for sensitive skin!

    So is it just me or do I feel quite a few of their products are not really “value for money”?

  15. Sesame says:

    I feel the same as you…kinda surprised by their ingredient list actually.

  16. Sue says:

    Yep, the formulations are terribly old school and the price gouging is really obvious.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I’m currently using products from Physiogel (Lotion, Cream, Cleanser, AI Cream, AI Lotion, Intensive Cream) and they’re good; moisturising. I think you will like them! However, I haven’t seen any Physiogel Shampoo and/or Shower Cream in my country. Do you have it there?

  18. Sesame says:

    I don’t recall seeing the product here.

  19. Veron says:

    Hi ! do you know where is the VMV shop in Singapore ? the one at ION Basement is no longer there …. thanks ?

  20. Sesame says:

    If they’ve closed that one, I’m not sure where else the store is located.

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