From me to you: Merry Xmas & A Happy New Year

Merry Xmas

How’s your Christmas shopping doing so far? All done and all ready to party on? Well, I’ve had my Christmas highlight today and it’s just been awesome. Going forth, I haven’t planned anything and I guess it’ll just be some food tasting activities before I get my wisdom tooth removed. Here’s wishing all my readers an early Merry Christmas and also a Happy New Year. I have decided to take a blog hiatus during this stretch and we’ll catch up in the new year again. Since it’s my last post for the year, I’ll take the opportunity to reflect briefly upon the year that is about to past.

This has been a wonderful year for me because I’m finally leading a purpose driven life. As a result, I’ve cut down on blogging and at one point of time, had actually contemplated stopping altogether. However, I won’t deny that I love writing about beauty and fashion and so it’s been a bit of a tug of war for me at times. I want you to know that some of the comments and emails you’ve sent me have encouraged me and kept me going, even if I haven’t been responding to you. But here’s one I’ll like to share in this post because I found it rather precious – more so than receiving an award or getting featured in the press.

This is an extract from an email sent to me by Jocelyn, who works on handmade soaps. She had written to me three years ago to feature her products but I had declined then and given her some advice instead. Little did I know she actually took my words so seriously and this is what she wrote me recently:

A few years back I wrote to you about getting a review on my products. You gave me great advice, regarding where, how potential buyers can buy my soaps. So I’m back and got my website up, blogspot, facebook and youtube channel. Thank you so much for your encouraging words, I think maybe 3 years ago and I contribute part of my persistance due to your direction pointing.

I was quite impressed with the progress she’d made and I’ve even met up with her recently. I’ve always wondered what it really means when someone write to tell me that what I’ve blogged or featured have helped them. While this is not exactly a result of what I’ve blogged, it gives me great pleasure to know that my words had made some impact in someone’s life.

So while I’m away and you’ll like me to know how Viva Woman has helped or inspired you, do leave me your comments. That’ll make a great gift for me. (~_#k8SjZc9Dxk) Otherwise, have a blessed festive celebration ahead and all the best for the coming year! Enjoy and don’t overeat k?


  1. Nikki says:

    Merry Christmas to you and your family! :d

  2. Eco Beauty says:

    Hi Sesame, you’ve definitely inspired me in more than one ways. One is obviously in using natural and organic products. I’ve always wanted to make the shift but found so many other green blogs too stressful because of the ‘purist’ approach. But through your blog, I was able to make a smooth transition. ? It’s also due to your blog that I got inspired to start my own. Although my sporadic updates make it sometimes hard for me to believe that my blog had already turned 3 years old! I think sharing my knowledge has always been my passion and when I started my own blog, although it’s totally unrelated to what I do IRL and though I’ve handled other blogs in the past (for work), I found one of my true callings in life through EBS. You’ve helped me with some technical/marketing questions, too (not sure if you remember) and I’ll always be grateful for your honest and unselfish advice. ?

    Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed, peaceful and merry Christmas and New Year! ?
    Eco Beauty last post is: Christmas Wishlist 2012: Dear Santa, I hope I have been good enough this year

  3. Swati says:

    hi Sesame…I am pretty sure you have inspired more people than even you think ? I always strive to write like you and get the quality you have in your posts!! and, I am happy you are doing what you love and wish you a merry christmas and a very happy new year ?
    Swati last post is: Just Gossip Vol. 1 – Milestones This Year and Blogging Round Up of 2012!

  4. fwy says:

    I myself have benefited thru’ your blog. Like when you blog about Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil and till this day I am still using this product.

    Merry X’mas & Happy New Year to you & all in your family !!!

  5. Marla says:

    Merry Christmas to you also. Thank goodness I am done shopping. Just relaxing now.

  6. Nikki says:

    Merry Christmas Sesame ? Have a great day!
    Nikki last post is: AskMeMom: Second Trimester + Guess Baby AMW’s Gender!

  7. Sesame says:

    Merry Xmas to you and yours too!

  8. Sesame says:

    Thanks Vivi for your precious comment! I’m happy to know that you’ve found inspiration in EBS and I certainly hope to read more posts in the new year! ?

  9. Sesame says:

    Thanks Swati! Merry Xmas to you and your family!

  10. Sesame says:

    Thanks fwy! Glad you enjoyed using TP. It’s not bad really.

  11. Sesame says:

    Have fun, Marla!

  12. Sesame says:

    You too, Nikki! Take care of your li’ AMW!

  13. tiara wy says:

    Dear Sesame,

    I have been a silent reader of your blog this year and till now.

    I prefer your clean and straightforward writing style, and a certain warmth in your personality does come through your blog.

    In a way you are a teacher or at least an adviser. It is through your blog that I made a revelation about my skin. So these are oversue: Thank You Very Much, DuoXie, Muchos Gracias, Merci Beaucoup, Arigatougozaimatsu!!!

    A little late to wish you a Merry Christmas (since you do celebrate it). But not too late to wish that all your goals be achieved in 2013! Happy New Year!

  14. tiara wy says:


  15. Sesame says:

    Thanks Tiara! All the best to you in the coming year too. ?

  16. hafiz says:

    nice to see many things together here.

  17. Joe Strandell says:

    I love your blog! So many great articles… Happy New Years!

  18. Sesame says:


  19. Sesame says:

    Happy New Year!

  20. Kat says:

    Dear Sesame,
    Happy new year to you too. I love your blog. And was a little sad to hear that you thought about stopping the blogging thing altogether. When I started my own eco- lifestyle skincare blog (, there were very few bloggers I could relate to. You are one of them.

    Anyhow, I do hope you are taking good time out to rest and relax…don’t we all? And I do hope along the way that we get to meet up. Do drop me an email at Happy 2103! Kat

  21. Sesame says:

    Hi Kat, thanks for dropping your comment. Well, I still blog but just less frequently these days. I’ll stop by your blog soon.

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