Delicious portobello mushrooms that do wonders for your skin

baked portobello mushrooms
I absolutely love mushrooms and they are my regular lunch fix these days. I promise to show you the mushrooms in my beauty lunchbox series soon but first, these yummilicious portobello mushrooms! Meaty, tender and oh so succulent, they don’t just look good, they taste great! And today, I’ll show you the easiest way to prep these and get them into your mouth in 15 minutes! But be patient, before I show you how to make these, I’ll tell you why portobello mushrooms are a great source of plant protein good for our skin.

Lots of antioxidants and skin-beneficial vitamins
If you’re a vegetarian, consider including portobello mushrooms into your meals because they have a balance of protein and carbs, are low in fat, do not contain many calories and have a moderately high amount of fiber. While they may look dull, they actually pack as much antioxidants as red peppers. Added to that is their B, C and D vitamins, which can help defend skin from damage. They are also a good source of potassium and definitely are rich in zinc.

Protects your skin cells
You may also like to know that portobello mushrooms contain selenium which slows down skin aging by improving the skin’s quality and elasticity, and protects it from the sun. Finally, if you want rosier complexion, these mushrooms can help you because of their copper content that help to transport oxygen throughout our blood and improve the delivery of nutrients to our skin cells.

Convinced and ready to make them now?

Size matters
There are many ways to prepare portobello mushrooms but my favorite is to bake them. The large ones remind me of pizza because I can add different toppings to spice them up. But I prefer the medium-sized ones because they’re both easier to prepare and eat. The large ones do take a longer time to bake.

When I prepared the larger ones, I used tomato pasta sauce as a base but I skipped the sauce for the smaller ones. I only used five ingredients: wee bit of mozzarella cheese, chopped cherry tomatoes, chopped green pepper, cubed ham, and garlic (the most important). You can add some herbs or seasoning but I skipped all of that.

Wash and gently pat dry your mushroom, cut off the stem, then add the mixture of ingredients on top of the mushroom, with a drop or two of olive oil on top of the toppings. Grease your baking tray before laying all your mushrooms on it. All that should take about 5 minutes. Once done, just pop your tray into your preheat oven of 200° and bake for about 10 minutes. That’s it!

Absolutely juicy
So your portobello mushrooms are ready to eat after 15 minutes! Isn’t that so easy? Anyway, don’t worry if you spot water in your baking tray. It’s from the juicy mushroom and is of no concern. But the wetter your mushroom is, the more water it’ll secrete. This is why you’ll need to pat them dry.

I can’t say these portobello mushrooms are filling unless you eat a dozen of them all at once. They’re best served as a side dish to your main meal, as a snack or even as finger food for a small party. Whatever ways you wanna eat them, I guarantee you’ll love them—unless you hate mushrooms of course. o.O


  1. xin says:

    yum! i love portobello mushrooms but i dislike shitake. i will definitely try this during one of those carb-free days! ?

    p/s: would be yummy too if there’s some bacon bits in it
    xin last post is: Weekend Room Improvement Project – Installing LACK Wall Shelf from Ikea

  2. ktee says:

    Ah, i love all kinds of mushroom. I usually stir-fry or deep-fry (very sinful but my family can’t get enough of it!) I also like it Indian style where they include all the spices and coriander. Gosh, my mouth is watering at the thought of it.. Got to get some mushroom this weekend..

  3. Sesame says:

    You’ll love it. ?

  4. Sesame says:

    Oh Indian style? Sounds interesting! I recently sampled one fried with ginger and dark soy sauce. Very tasty!

  5. Sara says:

    Wow, this looks incredible! Thanks a lot for the inspiration. I adore mushrooms, and very soon I am going to prepare this meal. Thanks again!

  6. Sesame says:

    Glad you’re inspired. Hope you’ll like it. ?

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