5 Easy-To-Follow Korean Skin Brightening Habits Every Woman Should Know


  1. Michelle Allen says:

    I’ve always adored Koreans, be it cuisine or movie. And what I like about them is how they take care of their skin. I love their flawless tight skin and reading your blog is really satisfying. I’m glad I’m fond of fruits of any kind. Vitamin C really does a lot of great things to our body. It’s good to know that it also helps in keeping our skin healthy aside from helping our immune system. Also, I totally agree with exfoliating at night before bedtime and using strong brightening beauty products during night. Ever since it became my habit, I have seen great improvements to my skin. I think another thing that makes Korean’s skin healthy, bright and glowing is their fetish to fresh foods and eating more veggies. Timetable is a great ideal. However, I’ve never watched the show Get It Beauty, so I think this is the time where I’ll watch it. It’s worth giving a few minutes reading your blog, keep it up!

  2. Sesame says:

    Glad we share similar interest about Korea. I agree that their diet plays an important role in their good skin. That, genetics and weather too. I highly recommend watching Get It Beauty. It’s a treasure trove for Korean beauty tips.

  3. jessieroy says:

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  4. Peter says:

    Sharing this post to my Better-half. Great post

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