For a slimmer face contour

Got a puffy and round face?  Want a slimmer face contour?   Here’s very simple facial exercise to slim down those cheeks, and even reduce any double chin. 

Just take a sip of water and then gurgle X times.  X is your age multiply by 5.  Do that a few times everyday,  say during your shower or while brushing your teeth.  If you’re lazy, you can reduce the factor to multiply by 3.  Done everyday, results can be visible in about two months’ time.  Do note that you’ll need to slow down or stop once results are observed as overdoing can result in sunken cheeks!

However, if you’re really very lazy like me, you can always rely on creams. 

There are many products on the market these days that can give you a “smaller” pixie face.  For example, Clarins Shaping Facial Lift, Vanilla Brillance Cream or even Za Wonder Shaper For Face which I’m currently trying.  I seem to see some effects but I need to ascertain that it’s not purely a psychological effect before I post any reviews. 


  1. Joanne says:


    I am very interested if any of these products actually work. I have a round face and would love to make it appear sharper. If you know any other info about these products please share with us. Thanks.

    Joanne: Unfortunately, I did not use this for very long to tell the results…I think facial exercise might work better.

  2. chenyze says:

    heya! backreading a bit. you’ve got a really interesting blog!

    was wondering where you got that exercise thing from? cuz i wasn’t able to search for it.

    and is it gurgle or gargle? gurgle – like when you’re just rinsing the entire mouth? or do you have to actually tilt your head and use your throat? *confused*

    oh and how do you count? haha. thanks a lot! (=

    chenyze: I got this from a forum I think…but I saw it on a variety show once, it’s like rinsing with your mouth full of water and you will move the water from left to right and so forth. No, no tilting. The whole idea is to exercise the cheeks. Actually, can also do without water. I think you count each time you move your cheeks ah…not too sure but if you do it often enough, it should help to slim down. But I also understand cannot be too excessive.

  3. kar says:

    as soon as i read your blog, i started the excercise immediately haha. im that interested and desperate.

    did the excercise work for you?
    and how many times is a few times a day?

    Kar: I think it has some effects but I’ve since stopped cos my face is quite thin now…not entirely due to this contour exercise though…but cos I’ve lost some weight since I wrote this. When I tried it, I just do whenever I’m in the shower or when I remember.

  4. kar says:

    u know wat, ive read two questions from yahooanswers asking how to HAVe chubby cheeks. and some advised to gargle so that the cheeks will expand. i was mortified after i read it cos ive been gargling like multipl times a day!! are you a hundred percent sure about this? or am i making my cheeks fatter?

    Kar: I don’t know how gurgling can give chubby cheeks. You can run a check on the forums and some girls have slimmer cheeks doing this but perhaps not all. Anyway, no one can be 100% sure for anything. If you’re not comfortable then don’t continue doing this. That’s the safest.

  5. kar says:

    can you tell me the name of the sites? true, discontinuing would be the best but since im about 2wks into this gargling thing i dont wana ditch it ryt away.
    is gurgling any different from gargling?

    Kar: Check this thread at Flowerpod.

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