Complete guide to buying diamonds

If you like diamonds and are into buying them for the first time, you should familiarize yourself with a few essentials before making that purchase.

A great place to start your diamond education is to browse through some of the online diamond stores like  Not only is it a source to buy diamonds for engagement rings or wedding rings,  this site is also a great source for education about diamonds and contains an excellent buying guide to understanding the basics of diamonds. 

Information you can gleen include diamond shape, the four C’s of diamonds (cut, color, clarity, and carat weight), diamond brilliance, certification, and even diamond care.  Lessons also include an audiocast where their diamond experts explain the ten important things you should be aware before buying a diamond. 

There’s even advice on the right ring, right diamond and the price range to tap on.  Real useful stuff!


  1. msfairface says:

    really informative post! I wished I knew all these before my hubby got me the engagement ring! Oh yeah I am still trying to find out if there is any sites out there which can tell you how to ‘recycle’ your diamond rings as it is hard to place a resale value on diamonds.

    msfairface: I think you need to actually visit a jeweller to get it assessed. One of my friend used to do that and then had her old pieces re-made. I no longer contact her but I know she went to someone at Lucky Plaza back then. But I suppose with this, you need to trust the person.

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