Barbie Hsu tells you the optimum time for beauty sleep

Taiwanese celebrity Barbie Hsu (徐熙媛) recently unveiled her second beauty book (美容大王2) which I’ve yet to read.  The tips in her first beauty book were average but there were a few worth taking note, in particular the one about removing eye bags and dark under eye circles.

Her remedy is actually simple.  Nothing expensive or elaborate.  Just remove them via beauty sleep.  But it is not just about getting the normal eight hours of sleep.

According to her, the optimum time to sleep is between 11 pm and 3 am as that’s the best time for the body to rejuvenate.  She recommends sleeping during that optimum time for a week and the dark circles and bags will disappear.  To her, getting enough sleep is the cheapest and best way to protect the sensitive skin around the eyes as well as keep youthful features, besides just applying creams and lotions.

A practical tip isn’t it?

I did a bit of search on the Net and found a few articles that mentioned 11pm to 3am is indeed the best beauty sleep hours. In fact, one website even recommended starting our beauty sleep before 11 pm as between 11pm and 3am, our livers and gallbladders are cleansing and detoxifying and require the body to rest while they do so.

Maybe this explains why I don’t feel as tired when I wake up at 3am and continue throughout the day compared to when I interrupt my sleep by waking up at 1am and trying to sleep at 4am again?


  1. Anna says:

    well, i sleep till 12am and sometimes 1pm but i still have dark circles! lol

    Anna: I don’t think it’s the amount of time you sleep but rather the time you actually sleep. I tried sleeping within the optimum time for a week and my dark circles were noticeably lessened.

  2. charlene says:

    hai san cai i idolized your so beautiful in this pics. and also you are the most wonderful taiwanese actress in the taiwan ilovce yah from charlene T.lagria

  3. Mark says:

    How does the body know it is 11pm or 3am? What if you go to a few places that have different time zones? Does my body adjust if i sleep at a later time? Id love to receive a reply.

    Thank you.

    Mark: My understanding is that we all have what is call a circadian rhythm which is an internal biological clock that regulates a variety of biological processes according to an approximate 24-hour period. But circumstances like jet lag does affect that and may cause circadian rhythm disorders.

  4. Sandra says:

    Does this mean that you should wake up at 3 AM to start you day every day? what if you get very tired during the day? reply please…

  5. sesame says:

    No…it doesn’t mean that. It just means you should try to sleep by 10pm or 11pm as from then till 3am, the body recoups.

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