Take a skin diet

I’ve heard many women complaining that products that used to work well for them have stopped being effective after two bottles.  Or women who find that nothing seems to be working for their skin anymore or that their skin condition have suddenly worsened overnight.   

If you’ve encountered such a problem, stop trying to slap on more concentrated creams and lotions on your face or experiment with new products that promises to improve your specific problem.  Instead, switch to natural and water-based products and take a skin diet to reset your skin to its natural state. 

When products do not work well for our skin after awhile, it is likely because our skin have been overloaded with concentrated products over a long period of time.  In fact, loading our skin with too many products actually add more stress to our skin’s condition, leaving it weak and vulnerable to breakouts. 

Just think about the rich lotion,  the concentrated moisturiser, the greasy sunblock, the foundation and all the makeup that goes on your face each day.   Not forgetting we are always fond of experimenting with new products frequently on our fragile skin, not knowing if it can even absorb all the so-called goodness of those products.

A skin diet means that you minimize the number of products used, especially those rich and concentrated treatment creams and let your skin revert to its natural state.

By minimizing the intake of concentrated products, your skin will learn to be less reliant on such products and develop its own ability heal itself.  This will be beneficial and help the skin to better absorb the nutritious ingredients of the products when you resume your beauty regime again. 

Additionally, when your skin restores its natural state of balance, it will be less proned to react adversely due to changes in the environment.  Youl may even discover the true skin type you are born with and realised that certain products may actually be unsuitable for your skin type afterall.

So if you find your usual products are not working too well, it maybe time to take that skin diet. 

Start by cutting down on those concentrated anti-aging or skin whitening creams and go easy with just a simple regime.  Cleanse as usual, tone with a non-alcohol toner, and moisturise with a light water-based lotion.  Remember to still continue using the sunblock during the day.  Rest it for a week and do not perform any sort of treatments on your face.   No masks, no scrubs and no peels.  And if your skin condition is poor, you might want to extend this skin diet routine by another week before resuming to your normal routine.

Skin diets can be taken routinely, when your usual products seem to have lost its effectiveness or when you feel your skin condition is ailing despite the numerous quality products you’re using.

Remember, your skin needs a break too! 


  1. Ruby Lee says:

    Great advice. You just remind me to remove my make-up. ?

    Ruby: Glad you found it useful. ?

  2. domestic rat says:

    Like what we should do for our hair too? Use anti-residual shampoo for a while before continuing with our regular shampoo.

    DR: Yeah! ?

  3. msfairface says:

    oh yes I really agree with this post! Just like wearing contact lens everyday is bad for the eyes. Must let the eyes and skin breathe yeah? ?

    msff: Yesh! Simplicity is key!

  4. pertiegurlie says:

    This is so true. I noticed that my aunt (who has been slapping on Pond’s Cold Cream, and Olay creams since she was a teen) has very rough skin which she says is extremely sensitive as well.

    pertiegurlie: Maybe she has not been using the right products?

  5. Stephanie says:

    Thank you, that answers a lot of questions. after a while my mineral make up seems not to cover as well. It all makes sense now. Great post!

    Stephanie: Good to learn that you found the info useful.

  6. Jyoan says:

    Hi, I wonder if you will see this post, as this article is so long ago.

    I have been scouring pages after pages of your reviews tagged with “Face”, yet I can’t find anything that suits the description of “light, water-based lotion”, as you mentioned above.

    I would like to ask, what would you recommend as a light, water-based lotion? I am looking for one right now.

    I have young, sensitive, combination to dry skin.

    Thank you very much!

  7. Juny says:

    How long should the break be about typically?

  8. sesame says:

    Depends on your skin condition – can be 3 days on average. Some may stretch to 5 days but that could be too long for others.

  9. Fevrier says:

    Hi sesame.. I know this is an old post.. Just wondering about skin diet, does it mean no sunblock as well? Thanks in advance n btw….your blog ROCKS !!

  10. sesame says:

    If you’re indoors for most part, then having no sunblock for a day or two should be fine. Just keep away from the windows.

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