Shades for style & UV protection

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Even if you’re not a celebrity chased by the paparazzi, you can still put on these face-swallowing sunglasses for great style and sun protection. 

Obviously, the larger the frame, the more coverage you get.  Always choose shades that are labeled as blocking 99-100% of UV rays. Some manufacturers’ labels say “UV-400.” This is the same thing as 100% UV absorption.  In addition, wraparounds offer added protection because they wrap around the temples to prevent the sun’s rays from entering from the sides.

Fashion wise, retro shades and aviators are currently popular, so are white frames along with temple embellishments including rhinestones and laser cutouts.  Ensure however that you go for frames that flatter and balance your face shape rather than just blindly following the fashion trend.

Here are some tips for choosing sunglasses to suit different face shapes:

Oval face:
Experiment with oversize shapes and aviators, ensuring that the frames are not wider than the broadest part of the face. Wraparounds and square or rectangular styles are also best.  

Round face:
Make your face look longer and thinner by choosing sunglasses with wide frames and an angular or rectangular shape. Look for deep colours to minimize fullness.

Square face:
To soften and elongate your broad forehead and strong jaw,  try sunglasses that are curvy and wider than your face, and frames that are slightly rounded or oval to balance the features.

Heart-shaped face:
Try frames that minimize the width at the top of the face and add width below the eyes such as rimless triangle aviators. 

And remember.  Sunglasses don’t have to be costly in order to make you look good or offer you UV protection.  But of course to some, wearing an expensive brand of sunnies do make them feel better.

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  1. msfairface says:

    oh shades are the IN-est thing right now! I do agree about the cost and effectiveness. For guys who are constantly driving and need those shades to ward off the glares, a good pair can be easily found at the petrol kiosks with good UV protection. And the shades look good too!

    msff: Yes, sometimes we’re too sold on brands when in reality, the quality could be the same.

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