Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer

I was trying to order some new products from Burt’s Bees when I remembered that I still have an almost brand new Rasin Lip Shimmer in my drawer which was only used once.

Unfortunately, even though I’m very fond of Burt’s Bees products, I cannot say the same for their lip shimmers.  Like their original lip balm, the lip shimmers are made from natural ingredients like vitamin E, coconut plus sunflower oils to moisturize and highlight the lips, and actually come in eleven yummy shades.

I was really excited to try it at first but upon application, I found it rather different from my expectations. 

Even though it gave me the same tingle and my lips did feel somewhat moisturized, but somehow it didn’t look alright.  In fact, I thought it made my lips looked dry.  I had to put on additional lip balm to correct the drying look.  I also realised that the dark earthly shade of Raisin doesn’t work well and I’m probably better off with the lighter shades.

In fact, a colleague who bought one of their lip shimmers recently also had the same conclusion as me. She didn’t like it as well even though she loves Burt’s Bees lip balms.

So unlike customers who said they plan to buy all eleven shades, I’m definitely going to give all the rest a miss, even though each will only cost me S$8.50.


  1. doris says:

    Thanks for the tip… I will skip it then!

    Doris: I think the lip balms are good enough…

  2. zara's mama says:

    I totally agree with you. Burtsbees makes the best lipbalm (and only one suitable for me), but their lipstick some how feels quite dry on the lip..

  3. Irene says:

    Now, I read this. I too have a useless lip shimmer in my drawer.

  4. fwy says:

    Their products are available at Honey World 1st floor of Marina Square opposite Guardian Pharmacy. I had a couple of the lip shimmer once & quite like it. However, the price is quite expensive unless they are having a discount.

    fwy: Wow, you must show a lot to know all the places! I hardly visit Marina Square.

  5. spanishbeauty says:

    i got the “fig” shade in the gift bag i recieved from dj’s, but the shade looks funny on me because i’m fair. But it smells nice so mabey i’ll go check out the other shades to find a nicer colour for me

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