Mohop for new shoes everyday

How many ways can you wear your shoes?  Well, unless you own a pair of Mohop, I bet it’s only one way.

Unlike your normal shoes, Mohop shoes allow a wearer to customize her shoes by changing the ribbons that tie the shoes on.  Different lengths and styles of ribbons can be used to achieve a virtually infinite number of looks with just one pair of wooden bottoms.  Yes, that’s right!  Just about any woman can be Imelda Marcos without the need for deep pockets.  

Durably handcrafted with rubber soling made from recycled tires, a Finnish birch plywood core, topped with various select veneers completed by pretty graphics on the footbed, Mohop shoes comes in a range of heels and are comfortable for the feet. 

So if you’re a shoe lover who likes to wear a new pair of shoes everyday, you might want to check out their range. 

And for a limited time only, Mohop is offering free shipping worldwide for their Summer of 2007 collection.  Just enter the coupon code: SUMMER at checkout to enjoy the good deal.


  1. doris says:

    So cute those shoes.. will definitely check it out. Hey, thanks for dropping the comment on my blog. I stop using the inhaler after 3 days, got better but down with a little cough again last few days – argrrh! Hey, just wondering, where do you get these coupon codes?

    Doris: Got it from the site itself. Under their shopping cart. This site is doing a special promo.

  2. ruth says:

    thank you for sharing the post

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