Pedal Works: not for pedal but definitely for work


Are you a shoeaholic? You are? Well, I admire you. Because I find it difficult to buy shoes. Nah, I am no Miss Big Foot. Neither am I Miss Tiny Dainty Feet. But I just have very specific (read: boring) ideas about them. One, they must show my toes. Two, they must be comfortable to walk in. Three, they must look good on my feet. Four, they should make me look taller. Five, they must not cost too much. With these sort of criteria, I somehow end up buying similar looking shoes after awhile.

I remember years ago, I’d accompanied an ex-colleague on a shoe spree and ended up with a rather sexy looking pair of shoes from an upmarket shoe store. But after wearing it for a day, I asked her if she was willing to have my shoes for free. And while I really want a pair of boots badly, I haven’t been able to find a nice pair because I dislike the idea of the toe box! They’re completely alien to my toes because I’ve stopped wearing shoes with toe box in the last couple of years.

Pedal Works Shoes Black

Anyway, I needed a pair of black shoes for work because my old pair snapped and the one I have isn’t exactly comfortable. I’ve been looking out for a suitable pair for months but to no avail…until yesterday. It was one of those “not looking but just stumbled upon” moments.

I was at Thomson Plaza to get a toy for my son and I chanced upon Pedal Works. Okay, maybe some of you are turning up your noses already. Well, I wasn’t thinking I could find anything at all in the shop but boy, I was wrong! I love their designs and the shoes are pretty comfortable for me. I wore the black pair out today and my feet felt rather happy in them. They felt sturdy and were able to support my weight and strides very well. And the best part is that their soles are anti-slip and comfortable to walk for long hours.

Pedal Works Shoes Grey

Okay, I have no idea if the shoes are able to last well. Somehow, my shoes wear out really quickly when I use them daily – like two to three months only. And they’re not local brands. So I have to see if these can last a good six months as the SA had claimed. In addition, I found out they have varied sizes for big and small feet! Hey, if you’re a size 3, they have shoes for you!

Shoes from Pedal Works are made in Malaysia. Price wise, I think they’re in the mid range at $60+ & $70+. I believe they used to be cheaper. I was told that they can even customize designs but it will cost around double the price unless you’re a regular. In fact, their shoes seem quite popular because many of them were out of the sizes I wanted. Otherwise, I could have ended up with more. I saw this brown snake skin shoes that look exotic enough but too bad, they were out of my size.

Anyway, I haven’t been so shoe happy for a long time. Before I left the shop, I asked the SA about the frequency they bring in new designs and she chirped, “weekly”! On top of that, I learned that they’re going to open a new store at Harbourfront. Oh boy, I’m already excited! (#k8SjZc9Dxk_#k8SjZc9Dxk)


  1. Jyoan says:

    OH MY! This is my favourite too! Honestly, they are some kind of expensive, definitely not cheap. But I have PedalWorks shoes in different shapes and heel heights. I even buy different colours of the same model.
    Jyoan last post is: Illamasqua Powder Blush Duo in Lover and Hussy.

  2. mai says:

    Hahaha. i used to buy shoes from them n remembered travelling all the way from Boon Lay to Tiong Bahru since that’s the nearest outlet. Yup their shoes are very comfy indeed coz my feet are a rebel. Whenever i tried shoes, they fit alright but when i started wearing them for real, they will start to hate the shoes ? it was a nightmare therefore i usually wore the same shoe over n over till they snapped. Anyway i stopped buying from Pedal Works over time as their design was starting to look more auntie-ish (no pun intended ;p ). But the ones in your photos seemed good enuf for me to wear. Lol.

  3. Grace says:

    PedalWorks are my favorite. They always seem to fit my style.
    Grace last post is: Meladerm Cream in Depth

  4. fwy says:

    I have been buying for the past couple of months those low heel open toe slingback sandals from Charles & Keith because I really like them. However, C&K seems to be increasing their shoe prices gradually. A pair from their new collection used to cost around $30+++. Nowadays, those designs from their new collections fetches up to $46.90. I am still pondering whether I should get any since some of their popular designs sold out pretty fast even before their sales starts.

  5. xin says:

    i love pedal works! their shoes are really comfy (those with padded sole), and i like that their heels are thicker and sturdier. And, they actually last too. pedal works are not widely available in msia either, only a few locations they have it. but sometimes they have good sale ie 30-50% which i think it’s really really really worth it
    xin last post is: Lovely and Light – Melvita Argal Oil Review

  6. Corinna says:

    Pedal works have been around for a long time. I buy their shoes off and on as they lasts and they are comfy. However, they hardly change their designs. I still see a design I bought while I was pregnant with my 1st baby, she’s P5 now, in their shops!
    I wish they carried more new designs and their prices are also on the higher end, although, I’d take Pedal Works anytime over C&K. :p
    By the way, I also have the black pair you bought. I bought it quite a few months back and I wear it rather often, and its still in good condition!

  7. Winnie says:

    I love Pedalworks!! their shoes is suitable for my broad feet. My feet is not easy to get comfortable shoes. I wish i can wear flats to work though. Used to get from them at Boonlay before i got married.Then recently i got them at Eastpoint before they moved to White Sands. I think i also have the same black pair in the pictures. I love the cushions and the height that is not too high but still look professional for work.

    A friend recommended me to Alegra at Raffles place, the shoes are nice but again my feet hurt when I wear it out to work. Oh well.

  8. victoria says:

    i love Pedalworks as well! before i thought that they are absolutely no comfy, but was wrong. Now mainly them i buy.

  9. Sesame says:

    Yeah, I agree. Price is not that affordable.

  10. Sesame says:

    I used to look past them. Somehow they didn’t appeal much to me. But I decided to check out the store at TP and surprisingly, found designs that I like!

  11. Sesame says:

    Glad you’re a fan too. ?

  12. Sesame says:

    I’ve never bought anything from C&K. I wonder if their shoes are sturdy? I usually just step in, take a quick glance and then pop out without buying.

  13. Sesame says:

    Strange. I thought they would be more readily available since they’re made there.

  14. Sesame says:

    They hardly change their designs? I thought the SA said they’ve new designs weekly. Well, let’s hope for a change. ? And thanks for telling me that the pair is still in good condition.

  15. Sesame says:

    Think I have broad feet like you too! Yes, glad that the shoes are padded with some cushion…makes it easier to walk in.

  16. Sesame says:

    Glad you like them too. ?

  17. Sesame says:

    I’m looking to buy more from them too!

  18. 自由飞翔 says:

    pedal works在harbourfront centre开了新分行…

  19. Sesame says:

    Thanks for sharing! ?

  20. 自由飞翔 says:

    如果您觉得穿了pedal works的鞋,脚会pain〔指会割痛破皮〕的话,其实,您可以拿去任何一间pedal works分行跟店员说:他们会帮您弄的。
    tiong bahru-62753800
    thomson plaza-64543010
    harbourfront centre-62748283

  21. 自由飞翔 says:

    nomally,pedal works every week got coming new arrival….

  22. Jo says:

    i bought the brown pair of your black shoes today.. was eyeing the grey one as well…
    are you still loving them?

  23. Sesame says:

    Yes! I like the black one very much. The grey one feels a little high for me when I walk for too long. I think because the sole is thinner.

  24. Jo says:

    How often do you rotate your shoes to make them last longer?

  25. Sesame says:

    It depends. I don’t make a conscious effort to rotate but just wear the shoes to match my clothes.

  26. Jo says:

    i love to wear the same pair of shoes everyday =P
    they ‘die’ very fast

  27. Sesame says:

    Haha…I love to wear the same if it’s comfortable so I totally understand. ?

  28. Ash says:

    I just bought a 2-inch peep toe shoe from pedal works yesterday at harbourfront centre. This is the first time I bought shoe from pedal works. Love the comfy cushion padding. I asked the SA if the shoe is lasting. And she said it can last long. Just wondering if you are still wearing the black shoe you bought? If it has worn out, how long does it last?

  29. Sesame says:

    Yes, their shoes are lasting. I still wear it but not so much because I bought two pairs of shoes with shorter heels and prefer to use those.

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  31. PinkPomelo says:

    This is a paid blog post or sponsored, I believe.

    Because these shoes are absolutely horrible. I bought a pair 1 month ago. Only wore it 4 times – just drove to work, sat all day at the desk, drove back. And the heel has separated from the sole, the surface of the shoe is peeling… these are horribly made and for the price they charge, it’s daylight robbery.

  32. Sesame says:

    Please read my disclosure policy. I will clearly state if my posts are sponsored. You had lousy experience with the shoes…too bad for you. But stop making false accusations about my post just because my views are contrary to yours.

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