Great Etsy buys over the weekends

Handmade jewelries

I know I’ve written about Etsy being a great online marketplace for all handmade artsy bags, accessories, jewelries, clothings and many more.  Today I just want to highlight something I’ve just found out; that it’s even better to shop at Etsy during the weekends, particularly during Saturday nights. 

This is because many of the sellers run the Saturday Night Specials where their merchandise go for quite a massive discount.  In fact, some of the sales start from Friday, with sellers running Friday Happy Hour sale.  Whoo hoo!  I was really happy to score some good buys over this weekend due to these specials.

So go troll Etsy if you haven’t already.  I assure you that it is addictive.  But the finds are really worth the time. 

* Go to the forum, check under Promotions & Critiques to look for the Saturday Night Specials Official Thread every week.


  1. Minmin says:

    I also buy my stuffs from there too then later I found out that my fav. seller is from singapore, izel ang chainofbeads. Now i go direct for necklaces but still get others from Etsy too.

    Minmin: Yeah, it make sense to buy out of Singapore if the seller is here. The ones I like are based in States. But a few of them offer free shipping.

  2. domestic rat says:

    Ooh.. i didn’t know abt the weekend disc. Okay, I’m gg to give it a shot this wkend. I hv been eyeing smthng so let’s hope this one is on offer.

    DR: Yeah, check out if your fave designer runs this. Not all do though. But I have to warn you that the weekend loading time can get excruciating.

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