Shiseido Anessa for Yuri Ebihara


Here’s Yuri Ebihara (蛯原友里) looking gloriously hot and sexy in the Shiseido Anessa 2007 CM.

Even though she’s running at the beach clad only in her bikini, she has nothing to worry about because she has the whole range of Anessa suncare products to shield her skin from the harmful UV rays of the blazing sun.  Best part is that she can dip in the water without worrying about having her sunblock stripped off because products in the Annesa range are mostly water resistant and some are even waterproof.

You might be interested to know that Shiseido Anessa sunblocks are really popular in Japan and Taiwan now and what’s great about the range is that it’s made for the Asian tropical climate. 

Personally, I was quite confused by their array but a look at their website reveals that Anessa Perfect UV sunscreen SPF50+ is the strongest and recommended to be used when under maximum sun exposure.  Next in line is the Anessa Perfect Smooth Sunscreen SPF50+ for sports followed by Anessa Perfect Pearly Sunscreen SPF50+.  For daily use, Anessa Milky Sunscreen (for town) SPF32 is recommended.  Some of these probably requires a special cleanser so when purchasing, make sure you find that out.

Meanwhile, check out a group of Yuri Ebiharas frolicking at the beach front in their bikinis here.


  1. domestic rat says:

    *chuckles* Adverts sell and this is the one that got me interested in the sunblock but after gg thru the forum reviews, it doesn’t seem to be that good afterall.

    DR: I’m actually quite confused with the range because there are more range out in the market, some of which have received really good reviews. Some reviewers like the texture but some said it was too drying. I suppose it all depends.

  2. Tine says:

    I’m currently using the Anessa Perfect Smooth Sunscreen, and it’s fab. Cost me 3000yen (about RM90 at the time I bought it). Not too bad ?

    Tine: Good eh? Actually the name itself sounds good. Tempted to check it out.

  3. roy says:

    She’s still single I think? Probably very high maintenance though

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