Buy your vintage pieces wisely

Vintage diamond rings

With the growing popularity in vintage fashion, you’ll want to know the difference between what is really vintage and what is merely second-hand. 

Women who are looking at vintage fashion or accessories are really looking at unique, one-of-a-kind works of art that cannot be obtained from the mass market.  Say if they’re forking out substantial amounts for unique vintage diamond rings, it is imperative that they will have the assurance that their rings were made from old pieces that have retained their allure and value.  

Which is why in such a case, it is important that we buy only from jewelers whose diamonds have been analyzed and graded in certified laboratory by graduate gemologists.   These purchases should not only be beautifully packaged, but should include a detailed appraisal as well.  And better still if there is a guarantee and unconditional return policy. 


  1. bowerbirdvintage says:

    I’m recently engaged and thought briefly about a vintage engagement ring but your right – It’s a little risky to be honest – particularly with something so precious
    love your blog

    bowerbirdvintage: I suppose it’s risky if you don’t know the source or it isn’t reputable. And glad you enjoy reading my blog! ?

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